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Synopsis coming soon We have around 15 of these Usborne Flap books now and we've kept buying them as our kids aged 5 and 7 really enjoy them The books are very educational sometimes funny and do trigger the kid's curiosity So several of them have been read over and over againThis one about castles is great for little knights that want to know about the period Really a lovely bookThe only 2 small drawbacks are i the flaps can some folded or torn with freuent use by children's fingers so this make the books less suitable for schools or nurseries ii these hard cover books are uite bulky so our collection not takes up a large part of the book shelf

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See inside castlesSynopsis coming soon My daughter aged 3 12 has several of the See Inside series of books and Castles was our latest addition It is as good as the others we have with lots of flaps to lift interesting facts to uncover and lovely illustrations There is humour too so it keeps a younger child engaged for ages The card pages are good uality and the flaps are sturdy enough for little fingers to lift if supervised or if child is careful This is one book for children that adults will enjoy reading just as much Recommended to everyone

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mobi × See inside castles · è eyltransferservices í ➾ [Download] ➾ See inside castles By KatieF Daynes ➳ – Synopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soon Synopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soon.Synopsis coming soon An amazing book for a 3 5 year old Loads of information and the compartments to open provide an excellent extra layer if interest and engagement The books themselves are very well made and the illustration is superb