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Seduced in the Dark Book ì 505 pages í [Ebook] ➦ Seduced in the Dark Author C.J. Roberts – BOOK TWO OF THE DARK DUETThe exciting titillating and action filled conclusion to Captive in the DarkWhat is the price of redemptionRescued from sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer Caleb BOOK TWO OF THCarries the weight of a debt that must be paid in bloodThe road has been long and fraught with uncertainty but for Caleb and Livvie it’s all coming to an endCan he surrender the woman he loves for the sake of vengeance ‘If it be thus to dream still let me sleep’ – William ShakespeareAt long last the much anticipated second instalment of the Dark Duet and if you thought Captive in the Dark took your breath away then Seduced in the Dark will stop your heartIt’s such an incredible story with so many unexpected unforeseen twists that even up until the last few pages I couldn’t see how it would end There’s such great depth to the story that you just don’t find very often in a lot of sex slavery style novels – it’s intricately woven and shocking and stopped me in my tracks Everything got dropped – the need to finish this novel to find out how it could possibly end was just all consumingI’d read CJ Roberts saying somewhere that these 2 books were designed to be read with a break in between so with that in mind I didn’t reread Captive and went straight into this one The story is told in 2 different timelines and alternating POV’s It’s a little confusing to begin with but the story is so dynamic you’re soon sucked in and it may start out slowly but it gathers pace like a runaway trainWe start with Olivia incarcerated in the present in a mental institution being interrogated by the FBI by an agent with his own dark sexual proclivities sometime after the events of the book and also the story is told in retrospect as we pick up Olivia and Caleb where we left them at the end of CaptiveAt the start of this book Olivia is a lifetime away from the person she was at the beginning of Captive – she’s been bitchslapped into womanhood by her experiences Caleb despite his feelings for Olivia is still consumed by his burning desire for revenge He’s extremely conflicted giving Olivia constantly mixed messages – sometimes he is just her Master but in the dark he is Caleb and he cares deeply for her Caleb is a man who has been razed by pain grief and suffering and honed into what he is by lust rage and the need to survive He may be a monster but monsters are made not born and he is the sum total of his lifetime of awful experiences but does the cruelty done to him justify the cruelty he deals out Despite her injuries Caleb continues with Olivia’s sex slave training but he’s inconsistent despite his burning need for vengeance and he’s also training Olivia to pick and choose her battles – to accept the ones she can’t win and to fight the ones she can She has grown up so fast has a backbone of steel and an undeniable spirit and she knows she loves Caleb with her heart of hearts – she doesn’t believe for a second that Caleb has broken her down and built her back up to believe she loves him Caleb denies this – for a long time vengeance seems to be the only thing he can understand and he tries to convince Olivia that she doesn’t really love himTo go further into this would just spoil the plot and it’s such an amazing story you just have to experience it and run the gamut of emotions for yourself It’s such a rush of anguish despair hope and love Of course as this is a sex slavery story there’s scenes of abuse and non consensual sexual acts so be aware of this before you embark on this and this book absolutely does not stand alone You MUST read Captive in the Dark firstThis is going to be a very hard act to follow both for me as a reader and for CJ Roberts as an author and I feel a book hangover coming on already but I do look forward to whatever her deviant twisted brilliant mind can come up with next5 stars exemplary dark eroticaFor of my reviews please visit my Sinfully Sexy Book Blog

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Or will he make the ultimate sacrificeuote It seemed to Caleb the nature of human beings revolved around one empirical truth we want what we cannot have For Eve it was the fruit of the forbidden tree For Caleb it was Livv “I've been doing this a long time manipulating people to get my way That's why you think you love me Because I've broken you down and built you back up to believe it It wasn't an accident Once you leave this behind you'll see that Caleb” After all these is it possible for her to move on Is he a monster “Once upon a time Caleb held me captive in the dark now he used it to seduce me”Olivia “She kisses my scars and I create new ones for her”Calebimage error

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Seduced in the DarkBOOK TWO OF THE DARK DUETThe exciting titillating and action filled conclusion to Captive in the DarkWhat is the price of redemptionRescued from Seduced in MOBI #190 sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer Caleb 5 DARK EMOTIONALLY MINDFUCKING STARS “Some stories aren’t black and white” WOW This series blew me away I can barely process thought after reading this book CJ Roberts has written an outstanding novel with a twisted and yet beautiful love story multi layered complex characters that will test the boundaries of your heart and mind a plot that will captivate and disturb you but at the same time leave you unable to turn away and a raw gritty brutal world of betrayal revenge honor lust and love It seduced me and it sickened me I felt emotionally drained utterly mindfucked and yet ultimately somehow completely at peace Definitely one of my top favorite reads of the year This book is INTENSE It is raw deeply disturbing and dark and yet strangely heart warming despite my reading most of it with my heart lodged firmly in my throat This book stripped my emotions bare My heart ached to the point of physical pain and my mind was toyed with to the point where I could barely trust anything I was thinkingIt is a sweeping epic emotional rollercoaster full of unexpected twists and turns This is a book about the world of sex trafficking – there are instances of abuse rape slavery BDSM for real though – no safe word no consent no way out There is no way to sugar coat that and the author never shies away from telling it exactly how it is In many ways I found what happened in this book disturbing than the first one Sometimes I would just sit there with my hand over my mouth after scenes going ‘Oh My God Did I really just read that” and yet at the same time this book opened my heart and mind to things I never thought I could possibly acceptThis book starts off four months after the end of book 1 Captive in the Dark I won’t say anything about the plot because honestly anything I say would spoil WAY too much Suffice it to say that I LOVED the ending That alone should tell you all you need to know about it This book has lots of perspectives and lots of timelines but primarily we have a dual story line told through a mix of memories that fill in the blanks of events in the past 4 months as well as a present day story line And just like with book 1 we have both Livvie and Caleb’s POVs as well as a new one I’ll let you find out about on your ownThe story builds And I mean it BUILDS Towards the final 75% I honestly felt like I couldn’t breathe Couldn’t think I just sat there with tears in my eyes watching all the pieces of this intricate horrific heart wrenching story come together By the end I was pretty much just sobbing uncontrollably It was the perfect ending My heart felt battered and bruised but I was just so incredibly happyLivvie had grown a lot in this book I loved her in book 1 but she blew me away in book 2 Her inner strength and the depth of her understanding and compassion was absolutely beautiful Her uncrushable spirit was what got me through reading some of the darker scenes She saw Caleb for who he really was And she knew what she really felt for him She saw the man behind the monster and was perceptive forgiving and caring enough to understand why he was the way he was “I wanted Caleb I knew it was stupid I knew he was a terrible person who’d done terrible things I knew he didn’t deserve me or my love I didn’t care During the course of our time together I’d fall in love with my captor I ‘d fallen in love with his smell and his taste; his smile kindness and yes even his cruelty because I knew it was a part of himI wanted him to know I wanted him to know everything and I wanted it to mean something to him I wanted him to choose me and accept me I wanted him to leave everything behind and love me” Caleb Caleb Caleb the “monster with a heart of gold” He is pretty much the epitome of a conflicted deeply tortured character with possibly one of THE most horrific and heart breaking back stories I’ve ever read He was cruel but yet kind; brutal and yet caring and his journey was him finding out which side of him was dominant – the man inside or the monster he showed the world “He had told her he wasn’t her Prince Charming but what he hasn’t said was he wished he could be Once upon a time he may have been normal Before he had been stolen before the beatings and the rapes and the killing – he could have been something different than what he was”“He didn’t like the feelings running through him trying to find the exact moment in which he’d lost control and fallen under the spell of the woman who was supposed to be his captive” There were many MANY times when I uestioned whether or not anything he could ever do could possibly redeem him in my eyes There were times I hated him utterly and completely with every fiber of my being But then his tenderness would hit my heart so deep I knew I just couldn’t stop myself from loving himHis journey in this book was heart breaking as he struggled between being true to his heart and being true to the intense loyalty he felt for the man that raised him I got caught up in his struggle – at times I wanted to believe in him and he made me fall in love with his humanity – with the tender caring side of him that he couldn't hide from Livvie despite his best efforts but then the harsh brutal switch from that to cold hearted trainer would rip my heart out and I’d spiral back into confusion betrayal and uncertaintyIts hard because you find yourself genuinely honestly full heartedly sympathizing with someone involved in human trafficking and murder But at the same time you have to consider that he too was violated for years It was what he grew up with and the only world he knew Nothing of what he does is out of outright cruelty But the tricky part is that that isn’t a justification but it still makes you uestion everything you are feeling Its very thought provoking Can there ever be redemption for violation There is no black and white answer “Every time I think you’re coming around every time I let myself hope you crush me You rip everything out Sometimes I think I fucking hate you Sometimes I know I hate you And Still Still Caleb – I love you I put my faith in you I believe you when you say its going to be alright”“Live for me Kitten Be all those things you’d never be with me Go to school Meet a normal boy and fall in love Forget me” SOBThere were times when I’d swoon over how much I wanted them to find a way out of their horrible situation and just end up happily together and then at other times the reality of their world of what was actually happening would just jolt into me and make me sick to my stomach And yet against every piece of sane judgement in my mind I desperately with all my freaking heart wanted them to be togetherCJ Roberts is an absolutely BRILLIANT and phenomenally talented author Her words just seep into your soul dragging you right into the story They make you uestion everything you thought you were sure about and leave hungry for The writing style is captivating and enthralling and the flow of the story is perfect It opened my mind than any book I’ve ever read and I know this is one of those stories that has left a mark on my heart and will not be forgottenIf you can maintain an open mind this is one of THOSE amazing series that will stay with you long after you close the pages of the bookThis is absolutely NOT a stand alone YOU MUST READ BOOK 1Captive in the Dark FIRSTCASTING See aboveFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page