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eBook Up the Rouge Paddling Detroit's Hidden River Painted Turtle Book

Download ePub ☆ Up the Rouge Paddling Detroit's Hidden River Painted Turtle Book · 119 pages ç eyltransferservices ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➾ Up the Rouge Paddling Detroit's Hidden River Painted Turtle Book Author Joel Thurtell –Es it a sanctuary During their trek the authors saw animals such as green and blue herons snapping turtles musk turtles mallards feral dogs and the first adult female common mergansers ever recorded in summertime in Wayne County Maps are included to help readers track their journeyUp the Rouge is a story about discovery a tale of adventure and an informative study of the environment The series of articles in the Detroit Free Press on which this volume is based won the Water Environment Federation's 2006 Harry E Schlenz Medal for Public Education Anyone interested in environmental issues or conservation of Michigan's waterways will appreciate this uniue and attractive volume This book was of great interest to me since I work across the street from the Rouge River There were a few factual errors I came across but overall I was impressed with their journey Up the Rouge

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Onal account of their journey narrated by Thurtell and heavily illustrated with Beck's evocative and eclectic photographsThurtell and Beck logged than sixty hours during the first week of June 2005 as they paddled their canoe up than 27 miles of the Rouge from Zug Island at the Detroit River to Nine Mile and Beech roads in Southfield Though the Rouge is heavily polluted by sewage and large sections of the 127 mile long river have been purposely made inaccessible to the public government agencies have spent 16 billion dollars trying to clean it up Thurtell and Beck show that despite its environmental contamination the Rouge is home to wildlife and that its very seclusion mak This is an interesting book chronicling the 5 day excursion of a reporter and photographer from the Detroit Free Press up the Rogue River a much abused and barely navigatable waterway that courses largely unnoticed through Detroit's greater metropolitan area The challenges faced on the first day of their journey reminded me very much of the industrial course in old video game Toobin' from the 1980s They paddled to avoid tugboats and barges in a concrete lined river channel surrounded by blast furnaces Further upstream they encountered a river chock full of logjams human waste abandoned cars and garbage Yet the accompanying photos were strangely beautiful In publishing their travel up Rogue Joel Thurtell and Patricia Beck hope to bring attention to this urban wilderness in hopes that citizen interest will heal the neglected river in way that the government's 13 billion dollar clean up effort has yet failed to accomplish The challenge of healing the Rouge will be formidable and will reuire a significant local commitment to make it a reality; but perhaps education about the river will lead to an appreciation of it was something other than a dumping ground for waste I am always hopeful about things Detroit; my hope for the future of the Rouge is no different

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Up the Rouge Paddling Detroit's Hidden River Painted Turtle BookThere is no river uite like Detroit's Rouge River Named by French explorers the Rouge's moniker was borrowed by Henry Ford for his huge automobile factory near the river's mouth The river is also home to two steel mills; cement gypsum and salt operations; and the largest single unit wastewater treatment plant in the country Although the Rouge is too polluted for public recreation and in places too log jammed for a motorboat Detroit Free Press reporter Joel Thurtell and photographer Patricia Beck decided to travel up the Rouge by canoe to explore not only the river's industrial side but also its beautiful and hidden urban wilderness Up the Rouge is the surprising and educati For the uninitiated the Rouge River is metropolitan Detroit’s very own River Styx a stagnant fetid malodorous hygienically uestionable stretch of water chock full of old cars abandoned water craft human excrement used condoms toilet paper and feminine napkins animal carcasses and an E coli level high enough to stagger a herd of rhino A friend once waded waist deep into it on the grounds of what used to be the Henry Ford Wildlife Preserve in Dearborn to retrieve a snagged arrow he used for bow fishing carp and wound up having to burn his jeans after some viral mutant strain of fungus began to grow on them Too much information? Maybe but it points to the undeniable truth that survival of the fittest has been replaced by survival of the filthiestColor author Joel Thurtell and photographer Patricia Beck foolish andor brave if nothing else as they brave the effluvium log jams feral dogs sketchy Murder City neighborhoods and their own gag reflexes in an attempt to navigate the Rouge in a canoe from its mouth near Zug Island to the southern border of Oakland County – about 27 miles in all – in five days rat fever be damned Other than battling the rodent population in the alleys behind Greektown it’s as close as we get to a safari around hereAlthough Thurtell strikes several bullet points no pun intended for the cleanup preservation and advocacy of the Rouge as a navigable waterway it’s done with unflinching candor No sugar coating here – perish the thought It’s never pretty when you’re paddling through the contents of recently flushed commodes but there’s something vaguely admirable about Thurtell’s single minded sense of purposeHere’s hoping he doesn’t wake up some morning with a third arm growing out of his back