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Gino Bartali is best known as an Italian cycling legend the man who not only won the Tour de France twice but also holds the record for the longest time span between victories During the 10 years that separated his hard won triumphs his actions both on and off the racecourse ensured him a permanent place in Italian hearts and mindsIn Road to Valor Aili and Andres McConnon chronicle Bartali's journey starting in impoverished rural Tuscany where a scrawny mischievous boy painstakingly saves his money to buy a bicycle and before long is racking up wins throughout the country At the age of 24 he stuns the world by winning the Tour de France and becomes an international sports icon But Mussolini's Fascists try to hijack his victory for propaganda purposes derailing Bartali's career and as the Nazis o Just days ago I finished reading the inspiring true story of the Italian cyclist Gino Bartali He won the Tour de France at the age of 24 and incredibly did it a second time in 1948 when he was 34 years old after the end of World War II At the advanced age of 34 many thought that Bartoli was too old to win the race But he did just that Moreover he had won the Giro d'Italia Tour of Italy two times in 1936 1937 and also in 1946 Bartali's life is a testimony to heroic athleticism and the unswerving conviction of his Catholic faith It was not unusual for him to attend Mass between stages in a race or to be reading about the lives of the saints Bartali was a champion athlete but also a man of faith The book is called Road to Valor and the authors are Aili and Adres McConnonThe story is divided into four sections Gino Bartali's early life before World War II his secret work to save Jews during the war the 1948 victory of the Tour de France after the war and an Epilogue Bartoli was only 24 years old when he won the Tour de France and became known on the national and international stage Sadly it was also a time when the Fascists led by Benito Mussolini tried to exploit Gino's win for political purposes The sporting win would have made for great propaganda to help push the Fascist ideology of the superman but Gino would not collaborate He didn't even mention Mussolini in his victory speech after the 1938 Tour de France Instead of the Fascist salute he made the Sign of the Cross He dedicated many of his wins to the Blessed Mother This must have irritated Il Duce It goes without saying that World War II cut short like it did for all Italians Bartali's cycling ambitionsWhen the Nazis occupied Italy Bartali accepted to undertake the dangerous activity of delivering forged documents for Jews whose lives were in danger He would hide the false identity papers in the seat of his bicycle and travel from Florence his hometown and go as far as Assisi to save Jewish lives Bartali even hid a family in his own cellar To make it look like he was training Bartali cycled wearing his racing jersey It helped that Bartali could easily pass checkpoints simply because he was a public figure Both German and Fascist soldiers recognized the great cyclist The secret operation saved some 800 livesAfter the suffering and destruction of the war Bartali tries to get his cycling career back in gear When he entered the Tour de France in 1948 few believed that he could win He was considered too old and his best days behind him Italians were worried about the problems caused by the war than sports There was much political instability Strikes and riots broke out after the attempted assassination of Palmiro Tagliatti the leader of the Italian Communist Party Even though the Christian Democrats had won the election most Italians didn't know who to trust after the war Nevertheless Bartali manages with some government support to enter the Tour de France Against all odds he manages to find the strength and stamina to win the race for the second time ten years after his first winTo get an idea of what Bartoli accomplished in 1948 it helps to know that the Tour de France is broken into 21 day long races over a 23 day period The distance covered is about 3500 kilometres Much of the route is hilly and mountainous When Bartali won the race for the second time he was 34 years old By that time he had married Adriana Bani in a simple ceremony in Florence The long race is an incredible accomplishment for a young athlete let alone an older one Road to Valor tells one of those great stories of love faith fatherhood courage and redemption in the face of suffering death and adversity Bartali gave the world an example of humanity and athleticism at its best Once I started reading this book I could not put it down until I completed itBartali in thanking his teammates after an almost impossible win in 1948 at the Tour de France sums it best Everyone in their life has his own particular way of expressing life's purpose the lawyer his elouence the painter his palette and the man of letters his pen from which the uick words of his story flow I have my bicycle About his dangerous underground work that not even his wife knew about to save Jewish lives he wisely observed If you're good at your sport they attach medals to your shirts and then they shine in some museum That which is earned by doing good deeds is attached to the soul and shines elsewhere Bartali never forgot his humble roots and his faith in GodBartali refused to play politics by siding with the Fascists He did not say so publicly However he let his silence speak He was a loyal member of the Catholic organization Catholic Action Living with Fascism Communism and Catholicism he was true to his faith before and after the war He was faithful to his wife family and friends He worked secretly with Cardinal Elia Della Costa of Florence to shelter and save thousands of Jews from being killed or sent to Nazi concentration camps The SS Germans and Black shirt Fascist had no compassion for Jews or anyone who helped them Many people including Bartali and leaders in the Catholic Church risked their lives to save Jews This is something that many still don't know about to this day Bartali has been recognized by Yad Vashem the World Holocaust Remembrance Center as Righteous Among the NationsWe don't know exactly just how much Bartali did to save Jewish lives because he would not talk about it Bartali like many Italians wanted to put the pain suffering death and destruction that the war had caused behind them He lived the life of a true hero not just for the Italians but for the world In saving the life of many Jews Bartali also saved his own life He rejected racial laws that tried to make Jews into inferior people Living the truth and doing good lasts beyond the grave Bartali's heroism in the face of evil is living proof of this

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Road to Valor A True Story of World War II Italy the Nazis and the Cyclist Who Inspired a NationCcupy Italy Bartali undertakes secret and dangerous activities to help those being targeted He shelters a family of Jews in an apartment he financed with his cycling winnings and is able to smuggle counterfeit identity documents hidden in his bicycle past Fascist and Nazi checkpoints because the soldiers recognize him as a national hero in trainingAfter the grueling wartime years Bartali fights to rebuild his career as Italy emerges from the rubble In 1948 the stakes are raised when midway through the Tour de France an assassination attempt in Rome sparks nationwide political protests and riots Despite numerous setbacks and a legendary snowstorm in the Alps the chain smoking Chianti loving 34 year old underdog comes back and wins the most difficult endurance competition on earth Bartali's inspir Superb book from start to finish about one of cycling's greatestThis book not only highlights Gino Bartali's successes and the difficulties that cyclists of his era had to overcome but Italy in the times before during and after WW2I thought he was a great cyclist before I read this book and I now regard him as marvellous human being

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Road to Valor Epub Ù the Nazis and the Cyclist Who Inspired a Nation ë ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Road to Valor: A True Story of World War II Italy, the Nazis, and the Cyclist Who Inspired a Nation By Join or create book clubs ✸ – Gino Bartali is best known as an ItalianIng performance helps unite his fractured homeland and restore pride and spirit to a country still reeling from war and despairSet in Italy and France against the turbulent backdrop of an unforgiving sport and threatening politics Road to Valor is the breathtaking account of one man's unsung heroism and his resilience in the face of adversity Based on nearly 10 years of research in Italy France and Israel including interviews with Bartali's family former teammates a Holocaust survivor Bartali saved and many others Road to Valor is the first book ever written about Bartali in English and the only book written in any language to fully explore the scope of Bartali's wartime work An epic tale of courage comeback and redemption it is the untold story of one of the greatest athletes of the 20th centur A remarkable amount of work must have gone into researching and writing this book and when you sift through the references at the back you can see that is the case Thorough doesn't justify itNot only that the book is well written and a real page turner if you have any interest in Italian history WW2 cycling or obviously Gino Bartali himself I was particularly pleased that the book remained relatively objective and non judgmental throughout despite many opportunities to indulgeHighly recommended