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Download Book ☆ Rhythms of Grace É How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel ¶ Eyltransferservices Ë ❮Download❯ ➻ Rhythms of Grace: How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel Author Mike Cosper –Worship is all about the gospel Mike Cosper ultimately answers the uestion What is worship I read this with some of the worship leaders from my church It's a solid and accessible overview of the theology of worship pitched for those involved with leading congregational worshipCosper retells the big story of Scripture with worship as the lens then works through some of the key patterns insights and discussions from church history Each chapter has substance enough to prompt reflection but the overall pace is brisk and someone new to theology shouldn't get bogged down Towards the end there are lots of points of practical applicationMuch will be familiar here for anyone who's already done some reading in the area but chapters like the 'Worship One Two Three' have a clarity that elevates the book a good way beyond merely a beginner text I've been leading worship for many years and there was plenty that edified meThis is now one of my go to recommendations for people looking for a one stop primer in the theology of worship

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Is it singing? A church service? All of life? Helping Christians thinktheologically about Mike Cosper's Rhythms of Grace How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel is an exposition on Christian worship as it unfolds the story of the gospel from the Old Testament to New Cosper places gospel as the center of worship In Eden Adam and Eve were made to worship God wholly and fully but that worship became broken by sin God being merciful made the nation of Israel the beacon of worship in the wilderness and tabernacled in the midst of them God put his presence in the temple later on so that His chosen nation can have access to Him But sin prevailed in the midst of the Israelite's worship It was Jesus God enfleshed who offered up His body as a sacrifice so that the unholy can worship the Holy God This Cosper's narrations of the gospel story is a poignant reminder for us to center our worship in the gospel

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Rhythms of Grace How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the GospelThe nature of true worship Rhythms of Grace shows how the gospel is all about worship and GENRE Christian ministry worshipSIZE 223 pages Just 10 chapters and 3 Appendices I read through the whole thing in 2 days and again slowly over the course of several weeksWHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?The gospel is all about worship once broken by sin restored in Jesus Worship whether scattered or gathered is all about rehearsing the gospel story and being shaped by itAmazingly Mike starts not by defining worship Instead for the first 4 chapters he walks the reader through how the Bible describes worship from Eden the wilderness in Israel and then in Jesus biblical theologyChapter 5 is the clincher where Mike unpacks the Worship 1 2 3″ paradigm he uses to summarise what worship means for the local church first described in this interview Basically worship has one object the Triune God two contexts gathered and scattered and three audiences God himself the gathered church and the watching world With this paradigm Mike shows how many of our disagreements about worship comes from overemphasising one of these aspects For exampleYou'll find that many of the heated battles of the worship wars erupt when these categories get confused For instance the well intentioned seeker sensitive movement seems to have lost sight of the church as an audience in worship and a crucial one Those who would rather lie in bed and watch The Masters on Sunday have lost sight of the call to gather with God's church Those who compartmentalize their church life from their hellish secular life forget that they are living sacrifices and all of life is an act of worship p86Chapters 6 8 focuses on defining and fleshing out gathered worship as spiritual formation as historically rooted in the story of the church as an opportunity to rehearse the gospel story he terms it rhythms of grace hence the title Chapters 9 10 address singing as worship and the pastoral responsibility of planning and leading worshipThe appendices are also helpful as they include sample service orders from a few different churches a list of recommended resources and a discussion about audiosound engineering in gathered worship with a rocket of an anecdote in itEASY TO READ?Yes for me Mike writes creatively and spins wonderful prose throughout the book to describe and explain the nature of true worship and to answer uestions about itIf you're not a worship leader or church musician some of the terms and references may be a bit new as Mike assumes the reader is aware of things like worship wars and other in house concepts But he does try to explain each new term as it comes up and his storytelling style is definitely easier to digest than the academic styles of Bryan Chappell DA Carson and David PetersonWHAT I APPRECIATEDI finished this book loving Jesus our true worship leader and inspired to press on in retelling the gospel story when we gather as a churchReading the first four chapters of the book is biblical theology at its breathtaking best imaginatively told and left me numerous times grateful for God's redemptive plan throughout history If that's where the book ended it would already have been a worthwhile readWhen tackling contentious issues of musical style sound vision etc Mike has a gracious tone coupled with a rapier wit that leaves you embarrassed to disagree with him and appreciative of the wisdom he's curated from many helpful thinkers I particularly appreciated his great explanation of John 424′s worship in Spirit and in Truth his critiue of the Temple Model of worship planning leading people into the throne room of God in music his appeal for worship planning and leading to be seen as a pastoral task his appeal for repetition and using non singing elements in gathered worship eg prayers creeds readingsMost churches lack any real theology for worship and most church leaders don't know why the church is gathering and what the goal is Mike gives a concise yet thorough primer rooted in Scripture and history to answer all this He doesn't answer every uestion in depth and you don't get a stand alone one sentence definition of worship But after reading this book you'll definitely understand worship from a biblical gospel centred historically rooted and theologically grounded perspectiveWHO I'D RECOMMEND IT TOAnyone remotely interested in what we should do when we gather as Christians especially worship leaders This is one of those 10 out of 10 books that I wish I had read when I first started out serving in music ministry I'd rate it even higher than books like Worship Matters and Worship by the Book just because I think it's a accessible read and is so gospel saturatedNOTABLE UOTESOn worshipThe story of worship as told in the Bible defines worship in a radically different and surprising way It's a story that surprises us because we discover that it doesn't primarily feature us The star of the story is God who is at the center of all worship but is also at its origins in history and its origins in our hearts The story of worship like the story of the gospel is all about GodThe story of God and Israel is the story of God and us The bleary hope sung by the patriarchs became a tearful slave song in Egypt and in the deserts on the other side of the Red Sea another movement of the song began God lives with Israel was the title of the movement Its rhythms were carved into the fles