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Theodore Rex mobi â Audio CD Ô ❮Reading❯ ➽ Theodore Rex (Theodore Roosevelt Series Book 2) ➶ Author Join or create book clubs – Theodore Rexis the storynever fully told beforeof Theodore Roosevelts two world changing terms as President of the United States A hundred years before the catastChief executives he rallied a stricken nation with his superhuman energy charm and political skills He proceeded to combat the problems of race and labor relations and trust control while making the Panama Canal possible and winning the Nobel Peace Prize But his most h Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris is a very good book detailing the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt It is a well written informative and detailed work outlining the effect that Roosevelt had upon both the office of the President and the United StatesTheodore Roosevelt was a politican of firm views A supporter of the market system who nevertheless saw its flaws and ineuities he worked to reform a system which seemed stacked in the favour of cartels and monopolies A Republican who was not afraid to challenge his own party on a variety of issues although this ultimately caused problems and storred up resentments for the future and was willing to use his undoubted popularity to appeal to the wider electorate in order to bring about change A conservationist and a global statesman whose actions and measures preserved millions of acres of wilderness but who was also one of the driving forces behind that great monument to industrial progress the Panama CanalOverall an excellent book examining the extraordinary presidency of a remarkable man

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Istoric achievement remains his creation of a national conservation policy and his monument millions of acres of protected parks and forest Theodore Rex ends with TR leaving office still only fifty years old his future reputation secure as one of our greatest presidents Edmund Morris writes an excellent book on Theodore Roosevelt's presidency He comes across as probably the best US Presidentbeing probably Democrat than Republican in his ideas and used Congress to get those ideas passed as well as using executive powers to by pass Congress when necessary He was not anti business just against businesses using their power unfairly and he was not pro labour per se just wanted labour to be treated fairly He set the USA on course to become the world power that it now isA book is well worth reading giving and insight to Roosevelt's opinion of Germany and Japan that were becoming aggressive and an interesting episode is the tactics used to put a stop to illegal Japanese immigration

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Theodore Rex Theodore Roosevelt Series Book 2Theodore Rexis the storynever fully told beforeof Theodore Roosevelts two world changing terms as President of the United States A hundred years before the catastrophe of September 11 2001 TR succeeded to power in the aftermath of an act of terrorism Youngest of all our This second book in the series by Edmund Morris on the life of Theodore Roosevelt focuses on his two terms as President of the United States Roosevelt did not actually serve two terms as President at least not as we recon it today His first term was in his ascension to the Presidency when William McKinley was assassinated only six months into his second term TR thus was elected in his own right as President to only one term Recognizing the custom that a President only serve two terms in office the 22nd amendment limited the President to two terms had not been enacted yet TR vowed upon his election to President in his own right that he would not seek a second term The fact that he remained true to his word even though he was extremely popular and could have been reelected easily to a second term is an indicator of the character of Theodore RooseveltRoosevelt was a political paradox As a Republican he favored a strong national defense and was responsible for modernizing and increasing the size of the United States Navy He also strongly favored capitalism and was against any hints of socialism in any form yet he was pivotal in ushering out the era of laissez faire economics and fought for stronger government regulation of business through the new Interstate Commerce Act of which he was a major driving force In direct opposition to Republican doctrine both of his era and today he favored a much stronger centralized governmentAbove all Roosevelt was both a man of strong character and moral values and he was a man of action