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Rachels Folly kindle Þ eBook 9781620157527 Ç eyltransferservices ✓ ✤ Rachels Folly Download ➸ Author Monica Bruno – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Rachel Richards’ ideal life is about to come undone It’s the week of Rachel’s best friend’s wedding Her fiancé is a mysterious manUe perspectives a heroine a brother and a vigilante and set against the backdrop of Austin Texas Rachel’s Folly is a suspenseful thriller that explores profound loss morality and the lengths to which we will go to keep our darkest secrets 35 starsMonica Bruno’s debut novel RACHEL’S FOLLY plunges us right away into the psychological battle and physical dangers that ensue when a relatable character commits the unthinkable A happily married family therapist and mother of one Rachel spontaneously has a one night stand with her best friend’s fiancé a man she barely knows As the novel opens on this scene we are introduced to Rachel’s humanness immediately We’re told in the book blurb that “Rachel has the perfect life” so of course the reader is asking WHY? throughout the book Monica doesn’t hand us the tools to condemn or exonerate Rachel but instead lets us vulnerably into Rachel’s head as she navigates the sudden complications in her life including the effects on her marriage and her work and the dark mysteries surrounding her one time lover Jack The uniueness of three different vantage points that of Rachel her brother Ben and her patient Sarah compels the reader forward in the uest to grapple with the conseuences of an extramarital fling with a stranger Each of the three narrators has different views on the importance and treatment of “truth” Each must face the danger that comes with learning about Jack RACHEL’S FOLLY is fast paced and thrilling as of Jack’s character comes to light The we learn about him the in the dark we are led and the novel leaves us with an ominous feeling that there is still we don’t know about Jack and about the ripple effects of one bad decision I look forward to Monica’s seuel REPRISAL

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Rachel Richards’ ideal life is about to come undone It’s the week of Rachel’s best friend’s wedding Her fiancé is a mysterious man named Jack who seems to have no family or friends After a night of drinking goes awry Rachel is forc Rachel's Folly is a brilliant debut novel from an exceptionally talented new author I loved the way the book was structured into three different points of view that followed on from each other It all starts off with Rachel whose best friend Elena is about to get married to Jack Something happens between Rachel and Jack that leaves Rachel bewildered and struggling to cope with everyday life and that is affecting her marriage to Edward her relationship with Elena and with her brother Ben Rachel's POV ends with a bombshell I had not expected Ben's voice is the second point of view As he is trying to work out exactly what happened the suspense builds and there were some very emotional scenes as well especially with Rachel's son Jacob Ben is fighting his own demons his failed relationship with his partner Paul and his awkward tie with his eccentric mother as well as a lot of guilt about how he reacted to Rachel At the end of Ben's POV I was actually shouting at my Kindle I had become so emotionally involved The final point of view is Sara's Sara was a client of Rachel's in her family therapy practice and she becomes involved due to her own difficult past Rachel's Folly gripped my attention right from the start and because I had absolutely no idea where this book was heading I couldn't put it down until I finished it I love it when an author can surprise me with the plot and this one had some really unexpected twists It was full of suspense mystery intense feelings and even a good bit of vigilante action Because of the uniue points of views you really got to know the characters of Rachel Ben and Sara intimately and felt connected to their stories A really astonishing well written debut and I am eagerly anticipating Monica Bruno's seuel Reprisal Highly recommendedI received a free copy in exchange for an unbiased review

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Rachels Folly Ed to face a dark part of herself she didn’t know existed What started as a horrible mistake turns into a suspenseful mystery as pieces of Jack’s past start falling into place and Rachel’s life hangs in the balance Told from three uni This book had me hooked It was a fairly uick read which I appreciate It has enough depth of story to hold your attention without droning onI liked the uniue way this book told the story from the perspective of three different characters Though the story line was maybe a little cliche at times I still found myself thinking about this book even after I finished reading it Definitely a book to add to your to read list Goodreads giveaway book