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S community the children are safe for the time being But winter is coming Margaret and Artie have to get back home And when they do they must protect the rats who have helped them Everything depe. Read as a child and didn't realize it was a seuel at the time It was difficult to catch on but not to where I didn't enjoy the book

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R T Margaret and the Rats of NIMHNds on their silence but it's hard to evade uestions forever Children's Choices for IRACBCVOYA's Best Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Parenting Honorable R T PDF or Mention Reading Magic Award. Loved it cute friendship between Christopher and Artie Read it aloud to my 6 and 4 year oldsParts I skippededited parents might like to knowFat shaming of Margaret A lot of comments about her weight and how it’s good she slimmed down in the valleyThe scenes where Margaret is teased or bullied by her female schoolmates are a bit nasty Who needs thatMargaret isn’t all that kind to Artie specially at the startI think I made the parents a bit kind and loving too Can’t remember detailsNicodemus leaves the nest to see the ocean one last time and to die Yup Everyone is sad that they’ll never see him again as he intends to die by the sea I made it just that he was going to see the sea and then vaguely would make his way back perhaps by bird The last scene where Artie is at home was a bit redundant I remember this from my childhood reading too This time reading aloud I finished it in the valley where he saw the arrow from Christopher and knew he would come back and find him

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R T Margaret and the Rats of NIMH Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ R T Margaret and the Rats of NIMH ❤ Author Jane Leslie Conly – Eyltransferservices.co.uk When Margaret and her younger brother Artie get lost in the woods on a family camping When Margaret and her younger Margaret and eBook #10003 brother Artie get lost in the woods on a family camping trip they are rescued by rats the superintelligent rats of NIMH Taken into the rat'. I thought Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind was going to be my worst read of 2018 I WAS WRONG R T Margaret and the Rats of NIMH is almost unbelievably awful a boring plot massive plot holes uneven pacing characters that stray even farther from Robert C O'Brien's original creations than the second book new characters that are completely cringeworthy child abuse and bullying presented in an uncritical manner and a weirdstupid endingThe lowest of the low points for me is the manner in which the character Arthur age 6 or 7 perhaps is presented It is apparent from the beginning that he has disabilities he is nonverbal has a difficult time interacting with other people appears to face physical and intellectual challenges and struggles with chronic asthma His older sister Margaret age 10 bullies him throughout the entire book She repeatedly tells him he's faking for attention he could talk if he really wanted to she's going to abandon him in the forest if he doesdoesn't do X hits him when he tries defending a rat Margaret is mistreating and the list goes on Of course being lost in the woods ends up being a good thing for the little guy In addition to all this exercise Margaret is forcing on him that bucks him up and makes him stronger the rats from NIMH make a totally natural medicine for him from totally natural plants in their totally natural valley that magically cures him of his asthma Most of Arthur's other challenges melt away over their summer of living with the rats as well making for a very scientific argument for simple country life being slothful city living involving tv watching chip munching Pepsi drinking and medication taking This book is incredibly ignorant and ableist and I don't recommend it whatsoever I suggest reading Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and stopping there