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characters Pyramid AUTHOR ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à ➹ [Reading] ➻ Pyramid By ➮ – Through concise text and richly detailed black and white illustrations we come to know the philosophy of life aThrough concise text and richly detailed blac. In this book David Macaulay explains how Egyptian pyramids were constructed and although he has some fine pen and ink illustrations they aren't as detailed or comprehensive as his other fine books like Mill or CastleFirst the story seems just a little disjointed and jumps from one section to the next without much of a bridging narrative Second I'm not sure that some of the explanations are really geared for grade school students although I'm sure that many will instantly grasp what Macaulay is explaining For instance though the explanation how the surveyors determined true north is perfectly logical and clear it does reuire a passing acuaintance with the sidereal movement of stars in the skyThere are a number of interesting facts in the book how a newly constructed chamber would be filled with rubble and sand so workers and artist could finish the roof and ceiling and tops of columns I wonder why they didn't bother with scaffoldingI think what actually is missing is a definite story with characters that link the sections together In Mill it was the story of the Plimptons and the planning and construction of a water powered mill; in Castle it was the story of Lord Kevin LeStrange and the planning and construction of a castle in Aberwyvern Wales and the growth of a town around itOverall this is not one of David Macaulay's best books but it does give pretty decent idea of how the great pyramids were constructed

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K and white illustrations we come to know the. Even if you are familiar with Egyptian pyramid customs and construction the author brings everything together in a neat understandable story The book is short but not lacking in interesting facts as well as speculation Whether you agree with the construction techniue or not it was still an interesting read

characters Pyramid AUTHOR

Pyramid AUTHOR of life and death in ancient Egyp. Excellent little book Lovely illustrations Would recommend