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Perception and Imaging Photography as a Way of SeeingOf perception memory color time space shapes illusion and Imaging Photography as a Epubsubliminals rhetoric personality style and photo critiue Unlike any other book Perception and Imaging will give you an extensive understanding of how photography relates to art design advertising psychology and philosophy as well as what makes photography uniue among the image making disciplines Whether you are a beginner or a professional this information will help you appreciate photography not simply as a mastering of techniue and composition but as a way of truly seeing es. If I were advising any photography student on the selection of one book to purchase and to keep in their permanent library it would probably be Perception and Imaging by John Suler and Richard D Zakia There are thousands of books and magazines that will teach you the technical aspects of the craft – fstops shutter speeds lens selection etc – and those are all good things to know on the way to becoming a good craftsman There are also an eual number of books that will teach you much about composition and lighting helping you to raise your craft to the level of art But there are few resources which attempt to take the student to the next and final level of visual artistry which is to gain an understanding of the meaning andor purpose of their creative imagery and Suler and Zakia’s Perception and Imaging is the most comprehensive such book imaginable If there is a gap in this reference tome I have yet to find itFrom the basics of Figure and Ground explanation to a discussion on Memory and Association and on through to Rhetoric and Personality Suler and Zakia give us concise explanations of how these elements affect our creative process while simultaneously affecting the perceptions of those who view our resultant imagery Best of all they accomplish this in clear simple language presented in easily digestible bites You can open this book to any random page and in a few minute’s reading gain an understanding of one important aspect of how effective imagery is made and why imagery elicits the emotional responses from us that it so obviously does Undoubtedly you will feel compelled to read both forward and backward from this point to round out your understanding of this new idea and Perception and Imaging never fails to deliver And finally if like me you are daunted by a book with too many words and the threat of information overload Perception and Imaging contains a liberal dose of illustrative figures to effectively translate the instructional text into meaningful imagery As well the margins of the text are inhabited by a plethora of uotes often as humorous as they are relevant Who else but Suler and Zakia would think to uote Mae West in a book about photographyThough I’ve only begun to tap the full depths of wisdom contained in this book my favorite uote is a rephrasing of a uote by Nietsche which now reads “The most intelligible part of a visual language is not the elements but the tone force modulation tempo in which a group of visual elements are arranged and displayed – that is the music behind the elements the emotion behind the music everything that cannot be visualized” I will be absorbing that thought into my photography for the rest of my career

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When Imaging Photography as a PDFEPUB or you look at an image what do Imaging Photography Epub #226 you see think and feel How do you want your audience to react when they view your work For over Perception and Epubyears the late Richard Zakia helped photographers enrich their creative vision through his classic book Perception and Imaging Now he is joined by co author John Suler who and Imaging Photography ePUB #180 extensively studied and worked with images throughout his career as a clinical psychologist Together they present their insights into the principles. A fascinating look into the world of photography Created with a keen insight this highly informative book is a gem for both professional and novice photographers alike

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Free read Ð Perception and Imaging: Photography as a Way of Seeing 102 à [Download] ➼ Perception and Imaging: Photography as a Way of Seeing Author Join or create book clubs – When you look at an image what do you see think and feel How do you want your audience to react wPecially now in the digital age – New sections about photo sharing in social media and online groups devoted to photography critiue – Includes inspirational images from some of the world’s most well known photographers including Henri Cartier Bresson Man Ray and Ansel Adams – A comprehensive discussion of the decisive moment photo its vital ingredients and why some consider it the essence of photography – New sections about body language in photographs camera angles aspect ratios self portraits and selfies and how memory and personality affect photograp. Excellent book interesting from the first to the last page The authors transpose and apply to photography and visual arts in general the principles of psychology offering the readers as photographers and whatever their level of skills tools that will make it easier for them to produce uality photographs and as viewers understand the reasons why they find an image to be pleasing while another even perhaps similar is displeasingNo subject is left out of this book and particularly interesting is the chapter dedicated to the digital and the new world of online images its sharing understanding and criticismTo read and keep close for freuent consultation