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Penguin Classics Fear and Trembling Dialectical Lyric By Johannes De Silentio Penguin Pocket HardbacksLigion Kierkegaard himself made great sacrifices in order to dedicate his life entirely to his philosophy and to God The conviction shown in this religious polemic that a man can have an exceptional mission in life informed all Kierkegaard's later writings His 'teleological suspension Classics Fear and Trembling Dialectical PDFEPUB or of the ethical' challenged the contemporary views of Hegel's universal moral system and was also hugely influential for both protestant theology Classics Fear and PDF #180 and the existentialist movement Alastair Hannay's introduction evaluates Kierkegaard's philosophy and the ways in which it conflicted withaccepted contemporary view. Good book when it got delivered it was already used so I paid for a second hand book for its full price which had marks and was torn All the written in the book looks like it's all bold apart from the 1st page which is normal

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In Fear and Fear and Kindle #209 Trembling Sren Kierkegaard's infamous and controversial work made a lasting impression on both modern Protestant theology and existentialist philosophers such as Sartre and Camus This Penguin Classics edition is translated from the Danish with an introduction by Alistair Hannay Writing under the pseudonym of 'Johannes de silentio' Kierkegaard expounds his personal view of religion through a discussion of the scene in Genesis in which Abraham prepares to sacrifice his son Isaac at God's command Believing Abraham's unreserved Penguin Classics PDFEPUBobedience to be the essential leap of faith needed to make a full commitment to his re. I came to this from two different directions First many of my classmates read it in college while I was reading other things Second because Wittgenstein thought that Kierkegaard was the most important philosopher of the nineteenth century and I wanted a sense of why he would say thatFEAR AND TREMBLING is written putatively by Johannes de silentio SK's persona The use of that persona gives SK a certain amount of distance from the subject and provides a modulated tone Silent John offers us an indication of what SK's own posture will be with regard to the subject one that is simple on the surface but richly complex at its heartThe subject is faith the highest passion in a human being p 145 The test subject is Abraham and Isaac and SK's extended dilation on it reveals how complex and ultimately paradoxical that subject is Abraham's faith is at base unintelligible Examined aesthetically ethically and logically the subject eludes us Abraham is in one sense a murderer or better one prepared to be a murderer from one perspective His faith is being tested But why does Isaac have to suffer for Abraham's trial If Abraham accepts God's will and murders his son he has demonstrated his faith but how does that help Isaac If God provides another 'Isaac' in the form of a replacement son how does that help the current Isaac If Abraham's faith consists in his firm belief that God will save or replace Isaac how powerful is that faith—very very powerful or piece of cake powerful Ultimately the AbrahamIsaac story plunges us into the world of paradox which SK seems to suggest is ultimately the nature of true religious faith It is beyond man's comprehension though man is capable of exhibiting itSo why would Wittgenstein like this First because it shows the limits of language and hence the limits of ratiocination Second because it reinforces his own belief that the most important subjects in human life are beyond the reach of philosophy The unspoken is far important than the spoken Finally perhaps because this examination of the AbrahamIsaac situation offers an extended meditation on Hume's judgment that faith is beyond reason that it cannot by definition be subjected to rational debate and in effect constitutes a separate realm a realm of unspeakable importance but with the stress on 'unspeakable' as well as on 'importance' These insights anticipate Wittgenstein's and in Kierkegaard they are deployed with wit and skill and a profound thoughtfulnessNote on the Introduction by Alastair Hannay AH is a distinguished student of SK but I found the introduction to be confusing than SK's own text I think it should be seen as a commentary rather than an introduction and read after one completes SK's textHighly recommended

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Penguin Classics Fear and Trembling: Dialectical Lyric By Johannes De Silentio (Penguin Pocket Hardbacks) Read & Download ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê ➳ Penguin Classics Fear and Trembling: Dialectical Lyric By Johannes De SilentioS This edition also includes detailed notes to complement this groundbreaking analysis of religion and a new chronology Danish born Sren Kierkegaardwrote on a wide variety of themes including religion psychology and literature He is remembered for his philosophy which pioneered the idea of the Absurd and was influential and in the development of th century existentialism His other Classics Fear and Trembling Dialectical PDFEPUB or works include The Sickness unto Death EitherOr and Papers and Journals all of which are available in Penguin Classics If you enjoyed Fear and Trembling you might like Kierkegaard's The Sickness unto Death also available in Penguin Classic. Good