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doc ✓ The Blue Castle Mass Market Paperback × eyltransferservices ´ [Download] ➵ The Blue Castle Author L.M. Montgomery – An unforgettable story of courage and romance Will Valancy Stirling ever escape her strict family and find true loveValancy Stirling is 29 uMother and meddlesome aunt she finds her only consolation in the forbidden books of John Foster and her daydreams of the Blue Castle a place where all her dreams come true and she can be who she truly Escapism at its best This was my very first book by LM Montgomery and I loved itI guess there's hardly anyone who doesn't entertain a wishful thinking of Just Getting Away From It All time and again especially during this time of crisis and uarantine Woods water pure air a lovely cabin no demands from society or from tiresome family members experiencing the change of seasons on your doorstep BLISS rightAnd 29 year old Valancy Stirling the long suffering grey mouse and overlooked old maid of the Clan Stirling has all the reasons in the world to try to escape into a fantasy world of her own “Valancy herself had never uite relinuished a certain pitiful shamed little hope that Romance would come her way yet—never until this wet horrible morning when she wakened to the fact that she was twenty nine and unsought by any man Ay there lay the sting Valancy did not mind so much being an old maid After all she thought being an old maid couldn’t possibly be as dreadful as being married to an Uncle Wellignton or an Uncle Benjamin or even an Uncle Herbert What hurt her was that she had never had a chance to be anything but an old maid”If you think Fanny Price is lonely downtrodden and has a hard time of it away from her Family among her relatives in Mansfield Park you ain't seen nothin' Clan Stirling can give a run for their money to all them Bertrams and Mrs Norris any time and teach a thing or two about how to make someone feel like a nonentityPLUS believe it or not Valancy may very well be even shy and uavering than Fanny “The only thing she really enjoyed was a funeral You knew where you were with a corpse Nothing could happen to it But while there was life there was fear”She has no love no prospects no hope things will get any better The only consolation she has is her fantasy place which she calls The Blue Castle and occasionally reading the books of John Foster on nature though even something like reading is frowned upon by her mother who considers this as most things in life having anything to do with joy and happiness a sin It is uite a turn up for the books when Valancy after much hesitation and further uavering she decides to sneak off to the local doctor her family disapproves of because she has some alarming chest pains finds out from the doctor that she has only a year to live This has all the deliberating effect on the girl she and the readers could wish for and the first time in her life Valancy starts to live and shakes off all the terrifying people things and conventions as well as her fears that kept her shackled to a life of misery “Rebellion flamed up in her soul as the dark hours passed by – not because she had no future but because she had no past”She finds friendship love and peace and her Perfect Blue Castle and I don't think I need to put this under a spoiler tag because you can all see it coming from almost the very beginning things just turn out all right at the end HAPPY SIGH

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Wants to be After getting shocking news from the doctor she The Blue Kindle rebels against her family and discovers a surprising new world full of love and adventures far beyond her most secret dream Once upon a timethere lived a beautiful young woman named Valancy Stirling She was tall with black raven hair large brown slanted eyes and pale white skin that gleamed in the moonlight and gave her an ethereal dreamlike appearance Valancy was the mistress of the Blue Castle in Spain; a big imposing majestic structure of elegance and grandness resplendent in blue Everything wonderful and beautiful was in that castle She had everything she wanted from glamorous jewels to gorgeous dresses and plenty of fun adventure and romance Valancy had a prince too of course A red haired and blue eyed mysterious hero with a twisted grin unkempt appearance and kind amiable ways With him she was happier than she'd ever dreamed was possible He was everything her heart had always desired and One of her favourite escapes too was reading John Foster's nature books which truly freed her soul and let her marvel and wonder over nature's beautiful gifts With John Foster one felt such a oneness with nature and a satisfying sense of well being that it was impossible to resist dreamingOne letter It was all it took One letter from Dr Trent to Valancy telling her she was dying of heart disease was enough to make her break free from the miserable predictable and insupportable pattern of her life and start living her own In her Blue Castle With her prince And she lived happily ever after Spoilers sectionview spoilerOmgomgomgomg when I found out that Barney was not only a millionaire's son BUT ALSO JOHN FOSTER AAAHHHHH I think that was the best part of the book That and his love declaration of course Dear me I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was Valancy who proposed to Barney and he just casually accepted That was a fun twist I thought I totally loved this book Will definitely re read hide spoiler

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The Blue CastleAn unforgettable story of courage and romance Will Valancy Stirling ever escape her strict family and find true loveValancy Stirling is unmarried and has never been in love Living with her overbearing An independent story from the author of Anne of Green Gables written for an older audience An important and underrated part of the Montgomery collection in this story a young woman young by our standards an old maid in her time rebels against her oppressive family and a conservative society to achieve a few basic but essential moments of happiness On the surface this may look like flowers and fluff but for the time this was a subversively pre feminist novel Valancy becomes psychologically and sexually independent finds her own voice and claims a corner of the world and its scruffy male inhabitant for herself This book had a big impact on me in college and is still important as realistic fantasy for women living in strict conservative societies patriarchal Japan for example Montgomery's work is constantly under estimated and the way the books are marketed doesn't help the flowery script the swoony illustrations There are many layers at work in her stories and some pioneering feminist concepts tucked in between the deep appreciation of nature the commentary on the stuffy contemporary society of her day and the delightful well drawn characters