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DOC µ READER Dime Store Magic Ë EYLTRANSFERSERVICES å [Reading] ➸ Dime Store Magic By Kelley Armstrong – Paige Winterbourne was always either too young or too rebellious to succeed her mother as leader of one of the world's most powerful elite organizations the American Coven of WiPaige Winterbourne was always either too young or too rebellious to succeed her mother as leader of one of the world's most powerful elite organizations the American Coven of Witches Now that she is twenty three and her mother is dead the Elders can no longer deny her But even Paige' The best part of reading this was doing a buddy read with the MacHalo group If you want to join a fun and active reading group join this one They are not crazy but definitely pushing the boundaries pretty hard You can even get away with barely participating like me and still be a happy memberOkay now that the commercial is overSo this book was about a witch Paige who has custody of a seriously bratty teenager who has strong magic Let's just say that rebellious bratty kids with the power to hex adults is a really really bad idea We learn this a few times when her little spells ended up in much bloodshedBut there are others who want bratty teen witch for their own and they are suing Paige for custody Yes this book is a custody battle And like all legal battles there will be lying scheming murder mayhem zombies and worst of all lawyersFor the first part of the book I was seriously wondering if I could get through it There were summons' legal maneuvering and depositions going on It was that same feeling as when we all got excited that the Star Wars franchise was going to make preuels and then we got senate meetings for two hoursOh my gosh could they ruin it any than this?Yes Yes they couldLuckily this was no regular legal battle though There was a hella lot killing going on So it wasn't too boring Just a bit boringSpeaking of boring our heroine meets her hero in the form of a young lawyer that is going to help her She describes him as looking bland She says that he's the kind of person you see and then forget a minute later I would also describe his personality as bland He's the kind of guy that won't laugh at a joke but will point out the scientific errors in it He's the kind of guy who will tell you when it is appropriate to use the word whom Stand back ladies he's takenYes our hero is a Hispanic version of Dwight I'm not sure about his stance on beetsMuch like Dwight though this guy grows on you He is always there for Paige when she needs him and he is very steady in every way I know I know your ovaries are probably uivering by now but like I said he's taken You missed your shotOverall when it came to rating this book and I was hovering over the stars when the two star rating came up as it was okay I felt like it completely captured my complex feelings over this book It's like a mind reader or somethingWill I read the next one? Maybe if it is with the group No if it is dependent upon my motivation to read it on my own

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Ll do anything to woo the young malleable and extremely powerful neophyte including commit murder and frame Paige for the crime It's an initiation into adulthood womanhood and the brutal side of magic that Paige will have to do everything within her power to make sure they both survi Been four years since I read the previous book So even though I don't remember the details I do remember the feeling after finishing Bitten and Stolen Books 1 2 Underwhelmed pretty much covers itFor some reason that I can't really explain I wasn't all that into Elena and Clay's story the way that most fans of the series were I liked the writing the world building the action but not the characters I didn't like them but I didn't dislike them either I just couldn't bring myself to care about what happens to them So it was with a heavy heart that I picked this one up considering that most readers found it to be a lesser instalment in the series after the werewolf stories And what do you know? I loved itYeap the odd one out once again forever alone call it what you want but I loved Dime Store Magic The funny thing is that the MC Paige was in the previous book as well and I can't even remember her I loved her in this one She's tough she's smart she's funny she's stubborn she's lost she's the girl next door and one that most readers will be able to relate toSavannah well She's 13 and a major pain in the ass A total brat and not in the endearing term of the word Reading about the two of them trying to understand each other hell to communicate was frustrating and the same time totally understandable Considering Savannah's upbringing and the events of the previous book it would have been completely unrealistic to have it any other wayLucas sigh I am alone in this one but I have a crush on him His looks are average Paige says that you wouldn't remember him 5 minutes after meeting him he is a total nerd he talks like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory he can't throw a punch to save his life but he is so ADORABLE He wants to make the world a better place and he offers his services to people in need something like the cloaked crusader in a permanent Clark Kent disguise according to PaigeKeep in mind that this is an UF not a PNR so don't expect much on romance Paige and Lucas do fall for each other but that's a very minor part of the story and it happens well past the first half of the bookWhat you can expect is a good written story with much information on the creatures of the Otherworld lots of action some funny moments and little romance thrown in to spice things up

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Dime Store MagicS wildest antics can't hold a candle to those of her new charge an orphan who is all too willing to use her budding powers for evil and evil is all too willing to claim her For this girl is being pursued by a dark faction of the supernatural underworld They are a vicious group who wi Well what can I say? I'm definitely hooked Even than what I want to admit Maybe it is because I was so sure I would not like this series Of course no complains from me as this series turned out to be a wonderful surprise which I was definitely not expectingEven though in this installment we get things from Paige's POV which I thought would be extremely boring as I did not liked her in the previous book we still get to read about this same world which is captivating me little by little I like that in a paranormal series to start book by book and get to know a bit of that new world with each new installment we get to read And I definitely love it when we get to read about a lot of different paranormal species in a same seriesThis installment is specifically about witches and sorcerers but we still get glimpses about the other species as well I thought it would't be interesting to read about them but it ended up being original and refreshing The author made a terrific work with the world building and the description of this two species so elaborated that I just got sucked into the story Read the whole book in a day couldn't put it downI'm just not giving 5 stars still because the endings in this series are always incomplete not exactly cliff hangers just torturing little details you wanna know about but you never do As we know there are still many books so I am not worried about it but I am a very curious person to be completely satisfied with a book without having all the information explained at the end I can understand cliff hangers because they are about situations and actions but in this case we just know somethings will come in the future and we just have to wait for the other books to see itJust wanna clarify that from now on I am a fan Just bring me books because I wont be able to stop with this series for a while