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Héctor Abad Faciolince este considerat cel mai important autor columbian post boom şi o voce emblematică a Columbiei contemporane S a născut în la Medellín şi a urmat studii de filosofie medicină şi jurnalism fiind exmatriculat însă din cauza unui articol ireverenţios despre papă Şi a continuat studiile la Torino după care s a întors în Columbia în dar la scurt timp în luna august a aceluiaşi an tatăl său a fost asasinat Aflat în pericol în ţara natală Abad a revenit în Europa stabilindu se în Italia unde a fost El olv. Every once and awhile you get to read a biography that was written with such empathy resonance and beauty that after finishing the book you close the cover and say wow that was a delight This is a sad tale a story about the love a child for his father and that father is murdered for his political views Medellin Colombia in the 1980s had degenerated into a very violent place The state backed militias were trying to eradicate the lleftist communists with such a fury that they even read their names on the radio before they were murdered This included Dr Abad GomezDoctor Héctor Abad Gómez tried to build support for fixing the issues before they became problems with his nation's poor Sadly he was challenged and forced to leave the country to work for other aide agencies for his beliefs But he returns to find work at the university even though its a rocky road Upon his forced retirement from the university he started a human rights group advocating for peace Every day people went missing and this brought him closer to deathHis son Héctor Abad Faciolince retells the tale almost twenty years with a clear message Following his father's advice he refused seeking vengeance and instead chronicles his father's life He wasn't a saint but he always sought to see the humanity in every person He chronicles his sister's Marta's death at age 17 pointing out how the happy family changed forever and his parents threw themselves into work and raising the other children Abad Faciolince was under his father's spell for most of his life and with his death his life changed as well fleeing the country and beginning his life as a writer But the memory drew him back to write this haunting tale that had me turning pages When his sister and father died I was choked up But it was his reflections on fate life and love that really makes this bookuoting Antonio Machado that in the final hours of war the men of peace are remembered never the people who wanted the war Even in our troubled times this book becomes a call for peace Doctor Abad Gómez died for it Read in Spanish

Summary El olvido ue seremos

El olvido ue seremosPensante Dintre cărţile lui publicate de editura Alfaguara amintim Asuntos de un hidalgo disoluto Tratado de culinaria para mujeres tristes Fragmentos de amor furtivo Angosta şi Traiciones de la memoria Cel de al treilea roman al său Basura a primit în Spania primul premiu Casa de América de Narrativa Innovadora Cartea care i a consolidat faima internaţională El olvido ue seremos Suntem deja uitarea ce vom fi a apărut în şi a fost distinsă cu premiul Casa de América Latina în Portugalia şi cu WOLA Duke Human Rights Book Award în S. Catching up with books I read a couple of months ago I'm way behind This is one of the ones I said I would read in the contemporary Latin American literature It is by a Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince I started reading it without knowing what it was about as I seem to do now uite often And in the beginning it seemed to be a pretty novel about paternity But don't be fooled half way through it all gets uite dark and political It took me a while to realize that the novel is in reality a sort of autobiography focusing on the father of the author When I started realizing this and the political message of the book I was a bit annoyed that so many pages had been spent rambling and talking about how nice his family was But the truth is that the writer knows better than me and as I moved along in the book the thought behind his decision became very clear and I could appreciate his way of involving me not only in his family but also in the cultural environment of Colombia I have Colombian friends and I remember hearing them very excitedly talk about a sort of peace agreement that was getting signed there I saw them happy but I don't think I was able to comprehend the magnitud of the problem and the solution of which they were speaking I still don't think I can fully comprehend; I think it would take a lot of research or having grown in that environment to have the feelings that they had that day but I think this book brought me closer to understanding I think it is good It has a good balance of interesting points regarding human relationships particularly family ones and political situations that although different has some sad parallels between Colombia and Mexico It is written in a strange way going through the ramblings and the non linearity or the foreshadowing of what will happen from uite early on and I think if it was written in a different way it might be slightly enjoyable But maybe the point is not for it to be enjoyable but to bring a little bit of understanding

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Summary Ó El olvido ue seremos ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [Download] ➻ El olvido ue seremos ➼ Héctor Abad Faciolince – Héctor Abad Faciolince este considerat cel mai important autor columbian post boom şi o voce emblematică a Columbiei contemporane S a nIdo Kindle lector de spaniolă În această perioadă a tradus masiv opere ale unor autori de marcă Umberto Eco Leonardo Sciascia Gesualdo Bufalino Italo Calvino Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Primo Levi şi Natalia Ginzburg printre alţii În s a reîntors în Columbia unde a ocupat diferite funcţii scriind în acelaşi timp pentru numeroase publicaţii columbiene dar şi pentru El País şi Neue Zürcher Zeitung În prezent este editorialist al cotidianului El Espectador şi colaborează regulat cu El País şi cu publicaţia literară El Mal. the oblivion that awaits can be deferred a moment