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Book ↠ Stalin's Spy Æ Richard Sorge and the Tokyo Espionage Ring ´ Eyltransferservices ë ❮Download❯ ➽ Stalin's Spy: Richard Sorge and the Tokyo Espionage Ring Author Robert Whymant – Provides a compelling study of the Ed Soviet intelligence in 1920 and led a life of espionage for the Russians i The book was excellentIt shows what real spies were really likeVery ordinary even sordid peopleOne does have to feel sorry for Sorge thoughWorking for a tyrant like Stalin but keeping his faith right to the very end even though hiswarnings were ignored by Moscow Highly recommended

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Provides a compelling study of the life and career of Richard Sorge who enter Richard Sorgethe man who changed the course of historymy favourite spyBorn in 1896 at Baku Azerbaijan to a German father and a Russian motherSorge grew up as a loyal citizen of imperial Germany and upon the outbreak of First World War enrolled in Kaiser's armyIt was while recuperating from a battle wound that he came under communist influenceSoon after Germany's surrender he joined communist party and later went on to become a comintern agent Impressed by his activities Sorge was recruited into the GRU by Jan Karlovich Berzin founder and its headAfter completing his posting in Shanghai China Sorge was assigned to Tokyo Things were hotting up for the RussiansAfter the Mukden incident in September 1931the Japanese army invaded Manchuria and the buffer zone which shielded Soviet Far East ceased to existNow Kwantung Army stood at its very door step In Germany Hitler had come to powerGermany and Japan were trying to forge closer ties which could lead to an encircling alliance Hence Sorge was told to penetrate the German Embassy by his Soviet masters For this purpose he started perfecting a journalistic coverTook up the job of Tokyo correspondent of German paper Frankfurter Zeitung and also got a accredition to the German Embassy in Tokyo Then reinforced his bonafides by taking Nazi party membership In Tokyo Sorge befriended ColEugen Ott the German military attache who later became the ambassador and won his trustSoon Ott started passing confidential information to his friendAfter the outbreak of war in Europe in September 1939 Sorge worked in the Press section of the Embassy GRU now had eyes in the Nazi citadel and access to information of crucial importance to Soviet strategic planningSorge's bonhomie with the German Embassy officials in Tokyo helped him to know Hitlers's biggest secretNazi Gernany was planning to invade Soviet UnionThe information was first brought to his notice by LtCol Erwin Scholl who succeded Ott to the post of Military Attache This report was later confirmed by Ambassador Ott Sorge promptly informed his Soviet mastersBut Stalin contemptously brushed aside this report and later paid a heavy price for doing soAnother important contact that Sorge cultivated in Japan was Ozaki Hotsumi with whom he became friendly at Shanghai Hotsumi a journalist working for Japanese daily Asahi had many contacts in Nipponese Government circlesWith the help of this wily Japanese Sorge informed Moscow of how Germany and Japan were co ordinating their policies On 27 September 1940 Japan signed Tripartite Pact joined Rome Berlin AxisThe pact designed to ensure mutual security of Axis powers ;howeverGermany had other designs Berlin wanted to harness Tokyo in its global strategy to contain her adversaries Soviet Union had a cause for concern On June 22 1941Hitler launched Operation Barbarossathe invasion of Soviet UnionImmediately the Nazi Foreign Minister Hans Joachim Ribbentrop started putting pressure on Tokyo He wanted Japan to renounce its neutrality pact with Russsia and fall on her rearIt was now that Sorge scored the biggest intelligence triumphs of his career Sorge through his Japanese contact Hotsumi endeavoured to find out for his Soviet masters how Japan would react to this proposalTokyo procrastinated adopted a policy of cautious opportunism Besides relations with Western powers deteriorated when US imposed an oil embargo on August 1 1941Attempts to resolve the dispute through diplomatic means failedKonoye Government resigned and war party under Hideki Tojo assumed power October 161941This made war with US certainThe Soviet Far East for a while would be safe from the depredations of Kwantung ArmyBy mid October 1941Sorge's radioman tapped out in Morse code to Moscow of these political developments which had a profound historical impact Wehrmacht's armoured spearheads were now within the striking distance of Moscow as Stalin started denuding Far Eastern front According to John Keegan in his 'Second World War the force withdrawn amounted to 10 divisions 1000 tanks and 1000 aircraft in October and NovemberThe redeployed Siberian divisions managed to contain the German drive to take the Soviet Capital Later Marshal Zhukov used them to launch a massive counter offensive which evicted the German invaders from the approaches to MoscowUndoubtedly Sorge's information was instrumental in saving Soviet capital which otherwise would have been difficult to defendThis brings to my mind what Napoleon had said two centuries ago one spy in the right place is worth 20000 men in the fieldTokyo spy net work which worked flawlessly impeccably was betrayed to Tokko Japanese special Police by Ito Ritsu a communist turned police agent Tokko apprehended few members of the spy network a trail which led to Ozaki and SorgeAfter a trial which lasted for two years both died in the gallows of Sugamo prison on Nov71944The author has written a spicy account of Sorge's life Many pages of the book is filled with lurid details of this remarkable agent's private life which I found boring In the foreward Mr Whymant says this is by no means a final book on Richard Sorge I wonder what details on him need to be unraveledOn the whole a well written bookuse of Japanese words has made the prose uite colourful

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Stalin's Spy Richard Sorge and the Tokyo Espionage RingN the Tokyo Spy Ring where he was embraced by the Germans as a Nazi journalis One blurb on the cover says riveting but I found most of it to be uite less than that One problem is the many names often code names etc to keep track of ; if you're not reading the whole thing in one sitting it is sometimes difficult to follow The author makes a decision earlier on in the book to refer to Sorge's self testimony after being arrested instead of using the texts in uestion as having been revealed later or words to that effect This alone takes away some of the forward interest in the story