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characters ë Small Teaching Online 105 ✓ [Reading] ➸ Small Teaching Online Author Flower Darby – Find out how to apply learning science in online classesThe concept of small teaching is simple small and strategic changes have enormous power to improve student learning Instructors face uniue and s Find Outlines practical and feasible applications of theoretical principles to help your online students learn It includes current best practices around educational technologies strategies to build community and collaboration and minor changes you can make in your online teaching practice small but impactful adjustments that result in significant learning gains Explains how you. Many of you out there in the world have kids who have been suddenly thrust into on line learning This book review is from the person on the other side of the screen a University ProfessorTeaching online is different than teaching in person just as it is different from the learner As the conductor of the experience several big issues show up right away The technology itself is cumbersome to use reuires constant fiddling and never uite operates the way that you need it to We'll think of the technology as the string section it must be in harmony even if it is in the background The second part of the experience is the students what we'll refer to as the brass section Students have figured out how to insert a screenshot of their frozen faces and for some reason they think we actually DO NOT notice this Last week I had to tell students that they can't stay in bed as I glimpsed the bare shoulders of a student who was presenting that day as he sat up in bed They chat they text they look at their phones they stare at the screen intently making it clear that they are looking at totally different things They get up and walk away They hold CONVERSATIONS with others in the room and think that in some way I can not see that this is occurring In other words they blast away with little regard if their actions are disruptive or if they are not learning As a faculty I get up in the morning and vainly rake away at my hair I'll be seen in my rooted glory for multiple hours every day from 830 am until 300 pm I change my background to give myself something new to see I fiddle with the technology learn how to play videos put students into breakout rooms and cold call a lot Over and over I say please mute or I am muting everyone or please unmute I point to the future and remind them that this current phase will end and that at some point this will be an interviewing story as they move off to look for jobs I check in on virtual office hours which no one attends or everyone attends I read the day's email's from the administration thanking me for doing a good job while notifying me of frozen hiring no merit increases and uestionable enrollment levels for the fall At the end of each day I check my flattened and rooted hair sign off of Zoom for another day and head off to check on my son's on line learning for the day I text myself what I need to do for the next day so I won't forget I remind myself what day of the week it is so that I don't goof up and open up the wrong Zoom class on a wrong day I read a few chapters of this book and vow to integrate of the concepts when I have time and when the hair gods are in my favor I head off to wash my hair as my headphones have flattened it into an unruly mess My ears hurt from listening all day to students who keep forgetting to use headphones and therefore are hard to hear causing me to strain My eyes are tired from staring into a screen all day and my brain is mush A few academic friends and I text briefly about the day's experience as the day closes but largely we are in this alone Us and the kids on the other side of the screen

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Can support your online students Helps your students find success in this non traditional learning environment Covers online and blended learning Addresses specific challenges that online instructors face in higher education Small Teaching Online presents research based teaching techniues from an online instructional design expert and the bestselling author of Small Teachin. As a former k12 teacher preparing to teach grad courses online for the first time I highly recommend this book Most of the suggested activities and applications are appealing and doable I also love the organized accessible way it's written

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Small Teaching OnlineFind out how to apply learning science in online classesThe concept of small teaching is simple small and strategic changes have enormous power to improve student learning Instructors face uniue and specific challenges when teaching an Small Teaching MOBI #190 online course This book offers small teaching strategies that will positively impact the online classroomThis book. I picked up this book because the original Small Teaching volume was so insightful to me Needless to say this one is not a revolutionary to me as the original one It's a bit shallow since all the principles that were thoroughly covered in the original are just simply mentioned without too much detail To be fair the author does recommend reading the original Small Teaching before getting into this one So this is a seuel than a stand alone book Otherwise I got a few useful tips that are easy to implement and use But I suspect this book will be most useful to novice online course designers and teachersDisclaimer I still find no value to discussion board that all these designers love so much So I did kinda skip the sections pertaining to that