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No Way OutAmazing Books No Way Out By Fern M Received an ARC thanks to Goodreads This is the first Fern Michaels I ever read I didn’t hate the story but I wasn’t really into the story For me there’s a little bit too much small town romanticism Mitchel in most cases is a raging drunk asshole that certainly doesn’t change his ways over night Blue lives definitely matter in this book I actually commented at one point “maga people must love this” There was hope for Ellie’s story I genuinely was invested in what she was running from But the ending and resolution of her story the center of the plot was a major letdownIf you like breezy reads with a tinge of conservative values this might be for you As an ARC I noted a couple spots where editing or proofreading could be cleaned up

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No Way Out Ebook â 368 pages ✓ [Ebook] ➧ No Way Out By Fern Michaels – Amazing Books No Way Out By Fern Michaels This is the best favorite book with over 521 readers online here Amazing books, No Way Out By Fern Michaels This is the best favorite book with over readers online here.Ichaels This is the best favorite I've never read Fern Michaels before but I'd classify No Way Out as a cozy It started out very interesting with a young woman who never left her house I wanted to know why and what she was afraid ofA second thread involves a case of domestic abuse in the neighborhoodWhat could have been a really suspenseful read turned into a everything works out in the end sort of book That's fine but building so much suspense and curiosity and then having half the characters reform completely makes the original suspense feel falseI didn't hate it but it isn't really a genre I enjoy; however it should appeal to those who are already fans of Fern MichaelsNetGalleyKensington BooksCozy March 30 2021 Print length 322 pages

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Book with over readers online here Received a free copy from a giveaway and thought I was going to be in for a treat based on the book description Aside from proofreading and editing what this book really needs is an updated description “Ellie” is of a secondary character and not the story’s protagonist That role belongs to Colleen This book reads like an author’s first attempt at writing a novel I was shocked to see that she has written well over 100 and is on the NYT best sellers list