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READER ☆ DOC Mona Lisa A Life Discovered ¶ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES Ò [Reading] ➿ Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered ➶ Join or create book clubs – Everybody knows her smile but no one knows her story Meet the flesh and blood woman who became one of the most famous artisticIfe a time poised between the medieval and the modern a vibrant city bursting into fullest bloom and a culture that redefined the possibilities of manand of woman Mona Lisa is a readable and affectionate my search for story for art lovers and anyone interested in glorious and gory Florence in the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries and in the divine Leonardo in particularHaless assiduous research has made it possible for us to know Mona Lisa just a bit enough to wonder if this otherwise ordinary Florentine housewife could ever have imagined her portrait enchanting millions for centuries USATODAYc Interesting story although than some of it speculative What is astounding is the book is totally devoid of images

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Ost renowned painter of her time choose her as his model? What became of her? And why does her smile enchant us still? Dianne Hales author of La Bella Lingua became obsessed with finding the real Mona Lisa on repeated trips to Florence In Mona Lisa A Life Discovered she takes readers with her to meet Lisas descendants; uncover her familys long and colorful history; and explore the neighborhoods where she lived as a girl a wife and a mother In the process we can participate in Lisas daily rituals; understand her personal relationships; and see hear smell and taste her Florence Hales brings to l If you want to read a book about the actual life of the subject of Leonardo's famous painting you may be stuck with this one But it's not what one might expect Ostensibly a biography about Monna Lisa Gherardini for whom one naturally supposes sources are scant it's like the author's uest for this person She apparently thinks a lot of herself because she talks about I a lot I skimmed pages at a time looking for some place where she didn't talk about herself Even when she gets to someplace that appears safe from her like talking about Leonardo himself she has to inject herself Since his childhood nature served as Leonardo's greatest classroom I picture a boy pockets crammed with stones and leaves alone but never lonely Who cares what she thinks? That's not footnoted it doesn't belong in a biography either of Leonardo or Lisa She thinks of herself than either of them A few pages later she starts chapter 4 One Sunday morning I awaken in an apartment I've rented WHO CARES? Not only is the author self obsessed she's not a very good writer She has no felicity of expression and her paragraphs are far too long for the modern reader A accurate title would be All About Dianne Hales with Incidental Remarks about Leonardo and the Mona Lisa

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Mona Lisa A Life DiscoveredEverybody knows her smile but no one knows her story Meet the flesh and blood woman who became one of the most famous artistic subjects of all timeMona LisaA genius immortalized her A French king paid a fortune for her An emperor coveted her Every yearthan nine million visitors trek to view her portrait in the Louvre Yet while everyone recognizes her smile hardly anyone knows her story Combining history whimsical biography personal travelogue and love letter to ItalyMona Lisa is an entertaining Publishers Weekly book of discovery about the worlds most recognized face Who was she? Why did the m I got this book to assist my 10 year old daughter on a Faces of History project she did through our homeschool community Classical ConversationsIt was above her reading level and with some adult content some just complicated stuff and some regarding sexual relationships of the time mild content just not stuff for 10 year olds So I read sections that pertained to her report and through others to help find informationMy daughter wrote on the main theme that there must have been something special about Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo if•her father would sell off some of his family pride land when they had so little left to their claim of nobiitylanded gentry to secure her marriage;•if her husband married her with no dowry and just a small plot of land worth much less than a proper dowry;•if Leonardo chose to paint her portrait while turning down the commissions of royalty•If Leonardo's portrait of her has captivated people so greatly and for so longThe books is fascinating and I loved the ins and outs of the adventure Dianne Hales takes us on as we discover intimate details of Lisa's life and her time and place in history It's what some would call a living book such a refreshing break from the boring and dull accounts found in textbooks and most other reference books we could findI did not read it straight through but plan to soon What I did read through at least half of it was fantasticIf you want information about the most likely woman of the famous portrait want a great look at life in Florence in the mid 1500s to mid 1600s or looking for just a good history and travel based read get this book