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FREE READ ô Continental Crimes ½ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ Continental Crimes Author Martin Edwards – A man is forbidden to uncover the secret of the tower in a fairy tale castle by the Rhine A headless corpse is found in a secret garden in Paris – belonging to the city’s chief of police And a dro A man iO wonder why his socialite friends at the Villa Almirante are so unconcerned by his deathThese are three of the scenarios in this new collection of vintage crime stories Detective stories from the golden age and beyond have used European settings – cosmopolitan cities rural idyll. I received an e ARC of this collection of short mystery stories through NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press This book is part of the British Library Crime Classics series Thank you for the opportunity to read this collection35 starsOne of the interesting aspects of this collection of short stories featuring crime scenes taking place in locations other than “standard” British areas was how many of the authors I was not familiar with If you enjoy trying out the writings of new authors these short stories might give you new avenues of exploration I enjoyed most of the stories so would give the collection a 35 star rating; it was too good for just three neutral stars but not uite enough to round up to four so I was stuck in star rating limbo landThere are fourteen stories Here they are listed in the order in which they appear in the book with title and author plus any additional information I found most interesting to meThe New Catacomb by Arthur Conan Doyle – written during the time when Holmes had “died” so this does not feature the famous pairA Bracelet at Bruges by Arnold BennettThe Secret Garden by G K Chesterton – a Father Brown impossible storyThe Secret of the Magnifiue by E Phillip OppenheimPetit Jean by Ian HayThe Lover of St Lys by F Tennyson Jesse – first appeared in a magazine in 1919Popeau Intervenes by Marie Belloc Lowndes – created her Belgian ex policeman ex spy Hercules Popeau before Agatha Christie began writing about her own extremely similar character uite interesting don’t you thinkThe Perfect Murder by Stacy Aumonier – a favorite author for me Christopher Fowler states Aumonier’s stories should be considered classics Story first appeared in The Strand magazine in 1926The Room in the Tower by J Jefferson FarjeonThe Ten Franc Counter by H de Vere Stacpoole – first appeared in a magazine in 1926Have You Got Everything You Want By Agatha Christie – main character is Parker Pyne with the initial appearance in 1933The Long Dinner by H C Bailey – a Reggie Fortune story in a collection from 1935The Packet Boat Murder by Josephine BellVilla Almirante by Michael GilbertThere is definitely something here for most readers who have a decided fondness for the Classic Age of mystery novels Once again Martin Edwards has put together a themed collection this time to delight lovers of both short stories and continental European locations as well


A man is forbidden to uncover the secret of the tower in a fairy tale castle by the Rhine A headless corpse is found in a secret garden in Paris – belonging to the city’s chief of police And a drowned man is fished from the sea off the Italian Riviera leaving the carabinieri t. Netgalley Arc received by the Publisher Poisoned Pen Press in exchange for an honest review crime writers had long understood that foreign settings fascinated their readers People who had little or no prospect of ever being able to afford to travel extensively took pleasure in experiencing something of the appeal of exotic locales while devouring a good mystery this was so even in the Victorian and Edwardian erasHere you have a book to enlighten as well as to entertain In this collection of British vintage crime stories dating from the 1890s to the 1960s we are leaving parochial England behind visiting continental settings such as France Germany Italy Belgium and The collection includes 14 short stories by well known authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle Agatha Christie GK Chesterton and Arnold Bennett and to me at least less familiar writers like J Jefferson Farjeon H de Vere Stacpoole F Tennyson Jesse alThe book starts with a concise but interesting introduction by the editor Martin Edwards about the history of British crime fiction writers borrowing continental locations for some of their works As a big plus we are offered a short commentary about the author and the story at the beginning of each piece which I found very helpful for getting the right perspective Despite it being an anthology of crime fiction I don't really take any risks by calling it lovely and recommend the stories as an easy read for the summer and for all seasons

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Continental CrimesS and crumbling chateaux – to explore timeless themes of revenge deception murder and hauntingIncluding lesser known stories by Agatha Christie Arthur Conan Doyle GK Chesterton J Jefferson Farjeon and other classic writers this collection reveals many hidden gems of British crime. There is a lot of really good material in this book even though some of it appears rather dated