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kindle Ù 치즈인더트랩 Ú Soon Kki Doing So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later?Original webcomicThe first season of 치즈인더트랩 includes 46 chapter Do you like a good Josei and Slice of Life manga? Then this is for you Heck if you like good mature manga this is for you It starts out slow but oh boy does it grow on youId say this is for females but I would definitely think guys would like it too because it isn't frilly at allIt's main focus in my opinion is social interaction; how we see others how they see us how we act towards one another and our feelings amid all this social play MangaUpdates' rating is 91 which is high duh

kindle 치즈인더트랩

Download 치즈인더트랩 reader Á Å ❰PDF❯ ✅ 치즈인더트랩 Author Soon Kki – Having returned to college after a year long break Hong Sul a hard working over achiever inadvertently got on the wrong side of a suspiciously perfect senior named Yoo Jung From then on her life took Havin Having returned to college after a year long break Hong Sul a hard working over achiever inadvertently got on the wrong side of a suspi I love this webcomic LOVE IT Someone needs to license this and translate it and publish it so I can buy perfect Cheese in the Trap volumes that I can read whenever I want

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치즈인더트랩Ciously perfect senior named Yoo Jung From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung's This series leaves me with a lot of mixed feelings particularly because of the male lead who while interesting is also rather atypical of your run of the mill romantic interest primarily due to his sociopathic traitsHis mannerisms and thought processes are left in a grey area where we can't tell what the hell is going on with him the purpose of which being to maintain an aura of mystery and yet we're supposed to swoon? I don't think so I don't get this love of Jung in the fandom I can't tell if he really loves Sul or thinks of her as a possession And I don't see any real chemistry between the two There is definite tension but it seems almost predatorprey esue Sul also doesn't initiate much in the way of romantic gestures since she can't really trust Jung which I do give her props for despite his manipulationpseudo seduction tacticd IDK In Ho and Sul are a breath of fresh air as the series progresses as their relationship is of the bickering friends trope and you see them helping each other out and actually carrying about crap that happens on a personal level especially on In Ho's side and it seems way healthier Jung may need Sul to grow as a person and Sul could definitely use Jung's support as a strong successful male with financial clout but Jung also gives me the heebie jeebies like whoa The funny thing is Jung is most interesting at his most dysfunctional and honest moments but at the same time it's like I see him as a Dexter or Light anti herovillain character and I want him to step the hell away from Sul I worry that with the series ending in season 4 with such limited development in regards to Jung we'll get this last minute twist in the climax and then Sul makes a compromise and decides to stay with Jung anyway And In Ho gets relegated to permanent friend status Which is a loss of so much darn potential The author has definitely sacrificed Jung's character development to maintain an aura of mystery but leaving Sul and the readers in the dark means a deep and authentic relationship can't be built on all these half truths Comparatively no matter In Ho's issues his character and his intentions seem to ring far true Gah this series is entertaining but infuriating If I didn't like Sul and her character development I'd probably have dropped this already But now I'm attached and want to see what happens to her Arrrgh I don't see this ending well except for JungSul shippers Here's hoping there's fanfic out there that works out any rage from the future ending