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Trusting the Currents Book Ä 290 pages Download ´ Eyltransferservices ↠ ❴Reading❵ ➹ Trusting the Currents Author Lynnda Pollio – Some moments change everything you become Author Lynnda Pollio’s life as a busy New Yorker abruptly changes when sheLiving messages of faith courage forgiveness and the uneasy search for one’s place in life Beginning at age eleven with the arrival of beautiful mysterious cousin Jenny and her shadowy stepfather Uncle Joe Trusting the Currents explores Addie Mae’s reluctant awakening As Jenny the story’s mystical center introduces Addie Mae to the spiritual world a caring teacher Miss Blanchard guides Addie Mae with the power of reading Romantic love enters her life for the first time with Rawley and we experience how Addie Mae’s emerging sense of self compels her to a life alter I call myself a spiritual rather than religious person and I think there's definitely about our reality than what we see with our eyes So much of what we learn in life happens when we look below the surface of thing and trust the forces physical and spiritual that are there to guide us We're really not alone when it comes down to it and we can find solace in the most unusual of places

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Some moments change everything you become Author Lynnda Pollio’s life as a busy New Yorker abruptly changes when she unexpectedly hears the mystical elderly voice of Addie Mae Aubrey a Southern African American woman Her first words “It’s not what happened to me that matters” begin a spirited remembering of Addie Mae’s teenage years in the late 1930s rural south and the hard learned wisdom Addie Mae asks Lynnda to share As women from different times and places together they embark on an uncommon journey Narrated by Addie Mae Aubrey Trusting the Currents carries This novel was straight soul food I am so excited to tell you about it It's like nothing I've ever read before in fictional form Trusting the Currents is a brilliantly conceived novel in which the author channeled the spirit of her character onto the page And what a beautiful story she had to tell Addie Mae is struggling to find herself in a way that I think all women could relate to how to separate what the heart wants from what the soul is destined for how to let go of the ones we love so tenderly not only to live our lives to the fullest but allow them to as well how to make peace with one's spirit and find consolation with nature and God without dependence on others I loved everything about this novel Jenny is my favorite character She is like a goddess spirit full of wisdom Many of the passages in this book I marked with my e reader highlighter just so I could go back and revisit them because they spoke such truth If you're looking for a story that will leave you changed afterwards in the best way discover this novel

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Trusting the CurrentsIng decision Throughout the story her mother remains an unwavering source of love even when fear and evil shake their lives Unfathomable loss and rising trust in the “Invisibles” not only transforms Addie Mae’s budding life but leads to the author’s own spiritual awakening This unlikely pair becomes partners in showing us how to trust our own life currents Trusting the Currents represents a new literary genre of conscious storytelling engaging high spiritual freuencies that resonate with the reader’s heart guiding them deep into their own truth and transformatio Trusting the Currents is a remarkable novel It was originally sent to me by Lynnda Pollio for consideration in my Go Indie Now Bibliotherapy Box and I immediately knew that the book would change my life Through this book Pollio has created a new genre of Visionary Fiction and embedded in the writing are energetic freuencies that help to expand the reader's consciousness Reading a novel should always be an experience and Pollio's writing has taken it to the next levelI connected with Addice throughout the novel due to all of the life changes that she was experiencing and how small events in her life changed who she was Reading is truly a form of healing and by transporting the reader into the novel Pollio was able to heal them simply by having them read her words Spirituality is all around us just waiting to be grasped and Trusting the C urrents is a great door opener to those who are interested in learning about spiritual awakening and the power that is in all of us