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EBOOK ä EPUB The Hive ì ✓ BARRY LYGA ✓ ❰Epub❯ ➝ The Hive Author Barry Lyga – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Cassie McKinney has always believed in the Hive Social media used to be out of control after all People were torn apart by trolls and doxxers Even hackers like Cassie's dad were powerless Life With nowhere to turn she must learn to rely on herself and a group of Hive outcasts who may not be reliable as she slowly uncovers the truth about the machine behind the Hive New York Times bestselling authors Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden have teamed up for the first time to create a novel that's gripping terrifying and relevant every day based on a story proposal by Jennifer Beals and Tom Jacobson 35 StarsWhat a scarily believable future these authors have created for us A world where any comments on social media platforms can be deemed offensive and it's writer subject to Hive justice The common people can deliver the punishments to the offender when The Hive programme has determined that it is warranted There are a number of criminal levels and the Hive punishment can vary from being beaten up through to being killed on sight The concept was born from the explosion of offensive material and comments being published online and the increasing level of hate crimes that followed To be honest I found Cassie to be a bit of an egocentric brat and therefore very unlikeable Thankfully the story became about the political conspiracies underpinning this form of social justice That and I decidedly tuned her out to focus on the other parts of the story I thought the romance aspect was completely unnecessary I mean the girl is literally running for her life I hardly think someone's dreamy eyes are a factor for consideration under these trying circumstances I liked the snippets from her mother's point of view and the exploration of allowing people to learn from their mistakesA really intriguing concept that was part of uite a fascinating world It would have been great to have the dystopic elements slightly developed and be the focus of the story as I think this was definitely the engaging aspect of the novel

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Ly legal Entering her senior year of high school filled with grief over an unexpected loss Cassie is primed to lash out Egged on by new friends she makes an edgy joke online Cassie doubts anyone will notice But the Hive notices everything And as her viral comment whips an entire country into a frenzy the Hive demands retribution One moment Cassie is anonymous; the next she's infamous And running for her This book wasn't the best book I've ever read nor the worst book I ever read Very middle of the roadHere's a uick summation of what exactly The Hive is it's a program that is essentially SJW justice on steroids As in I don't like your opinion so that gives me the right to assaultmurder youAnd that's exactly what this book is all about Set in a near future where you a persecuted for having a difference in opinion for complaining that your life sucks or just for having a different sense of humor from the general population All us dark hud folks would probably be dead in this world Just sayingThe joke that got Cassie into trouble in the first place? Here it is she's talking about a the newborn grandson of the President that's all wrinkly and blotchy and people think the baby is ugly because it's not as if all newborns look like that right? Too bad the abortion didn't take #betterlucknextbabyNowI'm not offended by this joke I'm pro choice My issue though was throughout the entire book the main characters acted as if this were the funniest joke to ever grace the planet It just isn't funny from a humor standpoint Hellit's not even a joke It's just a post that makes fun of a newborn for looking like a newborn Also she's kinda saying that the world would be better off from an aesthetic standpoint if the kid had been aborted which is just in poor taste because common are you really that superficial? Fair warning if you don't like to read from an unlikable character's point of view avoid this book like the plague I have nothing against reading an unlikable character but Cassie oh boy she's just a raging bitch I had a really hard time forcing myself through this book because all she did was act like an entitled brat that could do no harm She admits she likes to tear down other people because I uote It feels damn good She hates her mother for no apparent reason and her mom is wonderful btw like she's supportive and wants the best for her daughter but isn't too pushy about it She's a straight up bitch to all the women in her life but as soon a a boy comes along she acts all meek and sweet When she's on the run from Hive Justice she blames everyone BUT herself for the shit she got herself into; she blames the girls she was hanging out with for goading her into making the post although she was the one to come up with type and post the um joke she actually wanted to post the joke before all the other girls so they wouldn't go viral instead of her and she blames her mother for well I don't know but she somehow blames her mother for the situation she's in as wellNow onto the little things that bothered me1 Mom Rachel is a classics professor at wait for it MicrosoftBuzzfeed University That's right That just made me laugh because honestly WTF2 Cassie considers compliments to be microaggressions Bitch give me a break 3 The authors seemed to consider study groups to be cheating?? 4 Cassie is so dumb sometimes like holy shit she straight up texts her locations to girl when she's on the run which both get raided and then she blames the guy who's been helping her out all along5 About a uarter of this book is dedicated to this one plot to take down the government and The Hive but they never use it Seriously this book could have been 100 pages shorter And now for the part you all knew was coming the neuroscience rant First off can I just ask why authors don't take five minutes to go to google and do some uick research into the neuroscience they want to usemention in their books? And why do they always inevitably write Oh well no one really knows how this partmechanism of the brain works? There are three major branches of science dedicated solely to the brain neuroscience my personal favourite if you couldn't tell cognitive science and psychology Brain science is way evolved than you may thinkWe know A LOT about what's going on up there It only takes a few clicks and so will you Effort people Effort Anyway in the book a detective tells mom Rachel that no one really knows how human memory works or why memories degrade while psychologically torturing her by the way so be prepared for some of that in the book False We know exactly how memories form and degrade Memories form through a complicated process called Long Term Potentiation LTP Ever heard Neurons that fire together wire together? That's what memory my dudes And how do they degrade well when you don't use the neural pathway dedicated to a certain memory it essentially dies not the whole neuron btw just the synapses or receptors et autres There Simple Google is a great tool you guysAnyway that's that I really have nothing else to say about this book Again it wasn't great but it wasn't horrible

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The HiveCassie McKinney has always believed in the Hive Social media used to be out of control after all People were torn apart by trolls and doxxers Even hackers like Cassie's dad were powerless against it But then the Hive came A better way to sanction people for what they do online Cause trouble get too many condemns and a crowd can come after you teach you a lesson in real life It's safer fairer and perfect Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest I really liked Barry Lyga's I Hunt Killers series it was dark and edgy in a way that few young adult books these days dare to be so when I saw that he was writing a dystopian thriller with his wife I was all over that like white on rice even though I tend to side eye a lot of dystopian novels with their outlandish concepts and lack of world building Color me shocked then when THE HIVE ended up being one of my new favorite young adult novels in recent history roping me in from start to finishTake caution when looking at the reviews for this book as there are a lot of people crying about the political content Honestly considering how obsessed conservative people are about snowflakes they can be remarkably sensitive Politics and books shouldn't be separate Books are the ideal platform to write about real world issues in allegorical format in the same way that George Orwell wrote his books to protest against and warn people about totalitarianism and communism #my2centsTHE HIVE is a book set in the near future under a Trump like president Everyone's connected to a government owned social media platform called BLIN that connects to all of their other social media outlets Users are encouraged to trend positive and going viral is still the ideal but there's a cost In addition to likes and reblogging users can also condemn And if you get condemned by enough users it triggers something called a Hive Alert subjecting the user to the vigilante justice of Internet mobsCassie is the daughter of a notorious hacker who is dead She talks to an AI version of him in her phone that they programmed together preferring this virtual version of her father to her real life mother After her father's death they became very poor which means a new home and also a new school Her salty personality bring her to the attention of the popular kids who are bemused by her bad attitude and want to indoctrinate her into their ranks One day while talking about ways to trend positive and go viral they think about ways to make fun of the new born baby of the President's favorite daughter cough Ivanka cough and Cassie makes one that's super edgy And then everything goes to heckThis book was amazing At first I found Cassie hard to like but she grew on me and her pain and angst was understandable I loved the portrayal of the Hive and the cautionary message of not just living your life through a screen but also allowing it to depersonalize other human beings and jumping on the bandwagon without knowing all the facts I think THE HIVE is especially relevant in today's age where Tweeting the wrong thing can cause you to lose your job and algorithms on YouTube propel you to ever radical content the videos you watch This is so much than your typical technology bad formula; the author actually seems familiar with hacking technology and coding and uses this knowledge to write a surprisingly deep and meaningful book about the looming horizons of technology's potential and what it could mean for us Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review  5 stars