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Trollkarlens hattTavaan piiritykseen ja muumitalosta tulee viidakko Muumimamma saa takaisin käsilaukkunsa hän järjestää suuren ilojuhlan ja Muumilaaksoon saapuu taikur As a child I loved The Moomins and as an adult I adore them and I think my obsession with them has gone just one step further I mean I have Moomin candles a tea caddy plushes a bag various mugs and a beautiful Moomin poster right above my bookcase They shaped my childhood and if one needs an excuse to visit Covent Garden in London The Moomin shop is a good enough reason in my humble opinionThis book is beautifully presented with a pull out map of Moominland in it which just adds to the magic The stories are gorgeously written allowing one to feel they are on an adventure with Moomin and his dear friends Reading this book has made me want to watch The Moomins original TV series again This was a delightful trip down memory lane and I intend to read from Tove Jannsson in the near future

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U taikuuksien ja omituisuuksien temmellyskentäksi Outoja pilviä liikkuu taivaalla; yhtäkkiä Muumipeikko on kummituseläin Joudutaan hattivattien kammot Marketed as a standalone novel although it is technically part 3 of a series Finn Family Moomintroll is one of those books written for children but that endures as a classic for all ages I'm not sure if it's the uirky characters the wonderful illustrations or the imagination poured into the story that does it but this book has been immensely popular for a long time It also inspired much of the first season of the 1990's cartoon adaptation for televisionThe book consists of several chapters containing the misadventures of Moomin a child growing up with his friends in a fantasy world where magic and strange occurrences are a regular thing As fun as the stories themselves are the endearing characters and good moral lessons make this book much deeper than initial appearances would imply One of the biggest themes is that the characters who would be expected the most to be villainous are not really so scary after all and that doing good for others makes everyone happy Sounds childish and like common sense ideas but the book puts it all together in a very memorable wayWhether it's encountering a mysterious sorcerer who rides a black panther and hunts for rare gemstones or fearing a terrifying monster that freezes anything it touches iFinn Family Moomintroll is full of surprises and it's easy to see why it has been around as long as it has while still inspiring new media adaptations and gaining fans the world over At first I had no real interest in reading this book but I'm glad I gave it a chance

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EPUB ç MOBI Trollkarlens hatt í FREE º EYLTRANSFERSERVICES Î [Reading] ➶ Trollkarlens hatt By Tove Jansson – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Muumipeikko ja hänen ystävänsä löytävät vuoren huipulta korkean mustan hatun He vievät sen kotiin aavistamatta että hatun takia Muumilaakso muuMuumipeikko ja hänen ystävänsä löytävät vuoren huipulta korkean mustan hatun He vievät sen kotiin aavistamatta että hatun takia Muumilaakso muuttu Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend A charming return to the land of Moomin Valley in which Moomintroll and his friends discover a Hobgoblin's magical top hat Delightful mayhem ensues