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A favorite of film followers foryears James Bond is the hero loved by everyone Men want to be just like him women just want to be with him Moviegoers around the world have spent than billion to watch his adventures across the last five decades What's not to enjoy about such a glorious multitude of gadgets gals grand locations and grandiose schemes hatched by master villains and megalomaniacs Now James Bond. This book really isn't what most people would call a FA since most people think of FAs as Freuently Asked uestions The book is divided into chapters each chapter is in chronological order The information is presented both from the novels and from the films I will give a couple of examples The second chapter covers all the actors who played James Bond in order from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig It gives some history of the actors and how they came to play James Bond The next chapter is on the villains The first villain covered is Doctor Julius No First the author gives us the whole story of Dr No as imagined by Ian Fleming Then he gives us the differences in the film version After that he tell us about the actor who portrayed Dr No He continues this pattern for each of the villains The other chapters cover Girls Gadgets Buddies and Music for the James Bond films Then there are additional chapters covering in depth information on the Films and other Unofficial James Bond Projects Finally the author finishes up with a chapter on the people behind the films concentrating on the producers and directorsThe best way to read this book is just start at the beginning and read it straight though After you have read it all you will be able to jump around and get any specific facts that you are looking for The book is written in a light hearted manner and is very entertaining This book is the perfect companion the new James Bond Box Set of films that came out last fall Bond 50 The Complete 22 Film Collection which I received as a Christmas present from my lovely wife In fact as I was reading this book I had to stop and watch Thunderball againThe only gripe I have is that there aren't enough pictures I think that each of the major characters should have at least one picture Having the films close at hand mitigated that problem for me but you still might be googling some names just to give a face to the storyI give this book 4 stars out of 5 and would recommend it to anyone who is a real James Bond fan especially if you have the Bond 50 box setI received this book for free from NetGalleycom

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James Bond FAFA is a James Bond PDFEPUBbook that takes on the iconic cinema franchise that's lasted for so many years Sometimes serious as SPECTRE sometimes uirkier than but always informative this FA takes the reader behind the scenes as well as in front of the silver screen Everyone's included Connery Lazenby Moore Dalton Brosnan and Craig little known facts about TV's first shot at the same Bond story that was made. Everything you wanted to know about every Bond movie ever madeTom DeMichael has written a uick and easy reference on all things 007 He sets the stage by describing the author of the Bond books Ian Fleming This guy was the essential Bond without the killing he had the girls the alcohol and the military backgroundWith the uick nod to Fleming DeMichael jumps into the movies He highlights every actor ever to grace the screen as James Bond He gives their own background as actors and what they brought to the character Any list cannot be without its own best to worst and DeMichael shares his own opinion Of course Sean Connery tops the list but who follows may be surprising to someConnery set the stage and kept coming back to the role even after he said he was finished Of course the later efforts weren't as tight as Dr No or From Russia With Love Lazenby had no chance as the successor to Connery Moore brought a tounge in cheek uality to the character and you either love or hate his portrayal Dalton decided to leave the goofy ualities behind and added a brooding Bond to the masses Brosnan finally got his chance to play Bond and his was one of finesse Then there's Craig a human Bond if that's actually possibleEach chapter is given to specific aspects of the Bond franchise You'll read all about the many gadgets the villains the evil organizations the many many women and of course the cars The specifics for each and every one variesYou'll read details from every movie ever made including the spoof starring Peter Sellers up to the latest Skyfall If you haven't seen them you will be spoiledThis is a good book for any mild Bond fan You have 50 years of information to fit into 400 pages DeMichael does an admirable job even if his attempt at humor often falls flatThis book was provided for review at no cost by Applause Publishing

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James Bond FA Free download × 0 Ý ➽ [Download] ➺ James Bond FA By Tom DeMichael ➸ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A favorite of film followers for 50 years James Bond is the hero loved by everyone Men want to be just like him women just want to be with him Moviegoers around the world have spent than 5 billion to A favorite of Into two different films whatever happened to those wonderful cars and gizmos that thrilled everyone plus much It's a book for the casual as well as hardcore James Bond fan James Bond FA is filled with biographies synopses production stories and images and illustrations seldom seen in print leaving little else to be said about the world's favorite secret agent This book includes a foreword by Eunice Gayso. Everybody knows Bond James Bond but it seems nobody knows Bond uite as well as Tom DeMichael does because as the title of this book suggests he's collected pretty much everything there is to know about Bond between the two coversCovering essentially the first 50 years of Bond from the books through to Skyfall DeMichael covers the actors the gadgets the novels the villains and of course the girls in an entertaining prose that makes you feel as though you're sitting down discussing Moneypenny's favourite spy with an old friend over a martini or two shaken not stirred naturallyWhether you're a die hard Bond fan or have a passing interest there's plenty in this tome to keep you entertained and ensure that you'll never be stuck for an answer when the inevitable Bond uestion pops up in a pub uiz