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Download Incognito Reader Ø 200 pages à Suzanne allain ´ ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Incognito By Suzanne Allain ✪ – INCOGNITO is a historical romantic comedy set in Regency England that should appeal to fans of Jane Austen Georgette Heyer or Oscar Wilde From the back cover CSister Lydia and Lord Wesleigh a man the sisters have never met Emily offers to marry the gentleman in her sister’s stead Emily’s act of selflessness leaves Lydia free to marry the man she loves and Emily the bride of a handsome young maruess Not a bad bargain at all Lord Wesleigh who knows nothing of Emily’s matchmaking scheme arrives in the This is a clean book Which would normally be cute to read if the writing wasn't so stilted Or awkward I'm not uite sure how to describe it but it's most certainly not what you'd expect from a historical romance HR novel There's a certain style that's supposed to be present but sadly it was lacking in thisI like the notion of mistaken identities but I feel uite removed from the characters most of the time due to the way it was written The characters sound the same even if they're saying different things I get the plot but I don't feel the heart of the story which is the main reason for my picking up a historical romance in the first place Escapism and the ability to feel for the characters that heartwrenching sueeze around your heartIf you're not accustomed to the standard style HR novels are written you might find this enjoyable For me this was only okay

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Small village where the Smithfields reside disguised as a curate in an attempt to observe his betrothed anonymously When Lord Wesleigh finds himself attracted to Emily than her sister the rules of the game change Can he make Emily fall in love with him when she believes him to be a penniless curate? Originally published by Warner BooksHachette in 20 The fact I read Incognito in one day may give you an idea of whether or not I enjoyed itYay you for guessing correctly ; This book was SO much fun Fast paced and with no boring parts I couldn't put it down I laughed out loud uite a few times the situations and witty dialogue being my cup of teaI am really looking forward to reading Suzanne's 2 other regencies in the very near future and highly recommend this fun and bright comedy to my fellow regency fans

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IncognitoINCOGNITO is a historical romantic comedy set in Regency England that should appeal to fans of Jane Austen Georgette Heyer or Oscar Wilde From the back cover Can a young lady allow her beloved sister to be sacrificed on the marriage altar? Emily Smithfield cannot So when her mother announces that a marriage has been arranged between Emily’s older Mistaken identities stubborn lovers and great comedy; what do you need but to go read this book This delightful book by Suzanne Allain is a uick read It is in the vein of Jane Austen and Georgette HeyerLady Smithfield has two daughters Lydia and Emily Lydia is considered the most beautiful according to Lady Smithfield Where Lydia is fair and pale and beautiful Emily has dark hair and she is not considered the ‘beauty’ by their mother The Smithfield’s are not as well off since the death of Lord Smithfield Think Sense and Sensibility and the Dashwood’s thrown out of Norland upon Mr Dashwood’s death So it is with great relief and delight that Lady Smithfield receives a letter from the Duke of Alford honoring the arrangement between his late wife and Lady Smithfield That arrangement is for his son Lord Wesleigh to marry Lady Smithfield’s eldest daughter LydiaLord Wesleigh does not want to marry a woman he has never met Lydia is in love with someone else so Emily arranges to marry Lord Wesleigh instead Lord Wesleigh decides to go incognito to the town the Smithfield’s live in and observe his bride to be from afar before he decides In a predictable twist of fate Lord Wesleigh prefers Emily to Lydia anyways Except now Lord Wesleigh will not stop masuerading as someone else until he is sure Emily’s affection is real and she is not after the not incognito Lord Wesleigh’s money Comedy and laughter ensuresI read this book in one sitting While it was very predictable in the outcome I laughed out loud on many occasions It was well written and was an enjoyable Regency romantic romp If you like Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen you will like this bookThe only dislike I had was that there was not as much character development as I would have liked due to the short length of the book Personally I like well rounded and developed characters I instantly liked most of the characters in this book and was able to identify with them I just wish there was a little I would read this book again and recommend it to others A great Regency romp can be had with Incognito