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Ho Chi Minh A LifeY life of Ho Chi Minh the man generally recognized as the father of modern Vietnam Duiker provides star This book provides a detailed look at one of the most interesting leaders of the modern era Before picking it up I had no idea just how significant Vietnam has been in modern history and the huge part Ho Chi Minh had to play in it Compared with other leaders of the same period Ho Chi Minh is not what you expect him to be His insight and understanding of human politics and ability to forsee events as they would eventually unfold is remarkable The warmth and respect of those who met him was also a great surprise and his personal charisma is a re occurring theme throughout As far as wise men are concerned this biography left the same impression on me as Nelson Mandela's 'Long Walk to Freedom' and has many interesting parallels Under different circumstances Ho Chi Minh may have become a widely celebrated figure in World History

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To grasp the complicated causes and conseuences of the Vietnam War one must understand the extraordinar After a 35 year journey of discovery I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read and study several works of William J Duiker including this excellent compilation and exhaustive study of Ho Chi Minh perhaps one of the stellar figures of the 20th Century Ho Chi Minh was a Political Warrior and a master clandestine agent among many things however perhaps his most characteristic role was that of teacher Duiker takes the detailed path in understanding the man and the history that many Americans due to our typical xenophobic outlook on the world often disregard When Stalin responded to Sun Yatsen's reuest for help in casting off Colonialism in China he sent two teachers Mikhail Borodin and his Deputy Ho Chi Minh Druiker weaves the web of the fabric of the 20th Century in the world as he follows the footsteps left by this enigmatic figure Born in Central Vietnam Annam to a minor level Confucian Ho was educated and literate with the fire of youth in a time when colonialism was ravaging Indochina In response he chose a path of learning and teaching to build and develop political warfare into the most devastating form of political action the world has yet seen or will likely ever see To accomplish this in a single lifetime Ho's exploits stand alone as an exceptional man contributing significantly to the causes he most pursued However it is not nearly as simple as declaring Ho a superman Druiker digs through the incredibly dense propaganda cover stories conflicting accounts of events and the context of Ho's actions to reveal the intellectual depth that far exceeded those of his contemporaries and rivals alike Consider that for well over 30 years Ho as Nguyen Ai uoc eluded capture and almost certain execution by not just the French but uite literally every secret police force in the entire world He travelled the world meeting with the most significant leaders of the 20th century developing and perfecting his approach to bring about results from a situation considered hopeless His presence in these key world forums did much to alter the course of history though in small steps the Successful conclusion was built over a lifetime ending in a result he was not present to witness but which his devoted followers and students carried through to the final victory Often overlooked was Ho's participation in the early Soviet Revolution's system of education wrought by Lenin to solidify and unite the Revolutionary factions that had come together to create the Soviet Union Ho took the lessons from that intellectual pursuit to China where he helped lay the seeds of the success of the Kuomintang the Communist Chinese Party the Korean Communist Party and a number of other growing revolutionary organizations in the factionalized colonial empires Freuently researchers disregard Ho's ability to move within the top levels of the circles of the Comintern Such conclusions do not bear out when a study of Druiker's work is taken into the context Druiker's work is a must for any serious scholar's bookshelf and as a source of reference for any serious discussion on the times and events of the 20th Century in Asia

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EBOOK ´ EPUB Ho Chi Minh é FREE å JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS È ❴Download❵ ➻ Ho Chi Minh: A Life Author Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk To grasp the complicated causes and conseuences of the Vietnam War one must understand the extraordinary life of Ho Tling insights into Ho's true motivation as well as into the Soviet and Chinese roles in the Vietnam Wa The size of this book may appear daunting at first but the easy style of writing and the exacting detail of the research made it one of the best books I have had occasion to read Mr Duiker provides us with meticulous detail on the life of this enigimatic figure I am amazed that so much information on a life can be gleaned at such a distance in time and from so many countries Never did I feel lost or ever loose track of the salient character in the twists and turns of the history of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh's persistence in his ulimate goal the independence of Vietnam always at the forefront of his actions his dealings with the major players on the international scene his uniue travels so well documented and the authors interpretations of Ho Chi Minh's actions kept to a minimum because of the detail in which his work was described One very small critisim I would have liked a few dates especially the years of events in the last part of the book when events moved very uickly I came away from Ho Chi Minh with great admiration of his patience tolerance and vigilance ualities of which I suspect his biographer also pocesses