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Future Missionaries of America Download Ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú ➹ [Download] ➵ Future Missionaries of America By Matthew Vollmer ➼ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A waiter at Yellowstone National Park seeks consolation in the arms of his dead friend's girlfriend A young womanBrilliant debut collection Future Missionaries of America Taking us from a Seventh Day Adventist boarding school to a traveling exhibition of plasticine bodies from the moonlit paths of Yellowstone National Park to a uiet New Hampshire lakehouse Vollmer's twelve stories are at once sorrowful exuberant and absurdly comic. Everyone should read this the stories are written by a good friend of a good friend of mine He teaches at Virginia Tech and his mockery of the Emerging Church brings many thoughts to light about the way our generation has been raised to proselytize

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A widow retreating to a New Hampshire lake house finds her son living there with another man A temp in New York City distributes his will and testament to twenty seven strangers hoping to convince one of them to be its executor These are just some of the compellingly odd characters found in the pages of Matthew Vollmer's. From an interview I did for the Tottenville Review with Matthew VolmerMatthew Vollmer is the author of two short story collections the critically lauded Future Missionaries of America a beautifully crafted sampling of spiritual longing and religious legacies amidst the lives of contemporary Americans and still fresh from the presses Inscriptions for Headstones an ambitious poetic and really uite singular work There’s nothing else like it in the world Close on the heels of his latest Vollmer has co edited with David Shields FAKES An Anthology of Pseudo Interviews Faux Lectures uasi Letters “Found” Texts and Other Fraudulent Artifacts Given that Inscriptions is actually comprised of thirty “epitaphs” Vollmer seems especially interested in notions of authenticity and dare I say Truth I saw him read at powerHouse Books recently where among other things we talked and then talked over email about Truth Fakes and fraudulence in fiction plus his time spent at the Iowa Writers Workshop And I must say Vollmer strikes me one of the most dynamic and sincere conversationalists I’ve met in some time He means every last wordSCOTT CHESHIREThere’s something I find especially present about your stories or perhaps I mean of the characters’ lives in these stories and so one can’t use the story as a model for a character’s behavior and telegraph any sort of future like a boxer would a punch Does that make sense MATTHEW VOLLMERI think the thing that you seem to be responding to in a positive way is the exact thing that many readers resent in contemporary fiction ambiguity If I were to make a generalization about humanity and about the average story consuming person whether “story” exists as a poem play radio drama film or sitcom it would be that these story consumers prefer to have things wrapped up neatly Rarely do people want to be “left hanging” They want to know exactly “what happened” or have a sense of “what’s going to happen” In many ways the desire to consume and live out in our lives a coherent narrative is at the core of who we are of who we strive to become But in literary fiction or in stories that attempt to capture what “reality” looks like authors often seem to care less about wrapping things up neatly because so often in life that’s not how it workshttpwwwtottenvillereviewcoma co

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Future Missionaries of AmericaA waiter at Yellowstone National Park seeks consolation in the arms of his dead friend's girlfriend A young woman vacationing in Idaho becomes obsessed with a female poet and her adopted child Future Missionaries PDFEPUBA deadbeat bus driver with a gambling addiction watches his son attempt the impossible at the X Games. The run on sentences in these short stories are hard to stomach I don't think FMoA sucked but I can name other short story collections that have affected me I stopped FMoA after two stories and thought about getting a drinkThe first story about death sex and natural parks was a bit obvious Sleeping with your best friend's girlfriend cuts away to throbbing geisers cuts away to running through the woods cuts away to stinky sticky sex In my opinion you don't really need to draw the parallel between sex and geisers It's pretty much already drawnIf you can get past the run on sentences get caught up in the careening narrative and not hyperventilate the stories can be effective Plus could the title of the book and the cover art BE less appealing