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Valkyrie Rising kindle ☆ Hardcover read ↠ eyltransferservices ´ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Valkyrie Rising By Ingrid Paulson ➯ – Nothing ever happens in Norway But at least Ellie knows what to expect when she visits her grandmother a tranuil fishing village and long Nothing ever happens in Norway But at least Ellie knows what to expect when she visits her grandmother a tranuil fishing village and long slow summer days And maybe she’ll finally get out from under the shadow of her way too perfect big brother Graham while she’s there What Ellie doesn’t anticipate is Graham’s infuriating best friend 35 starsI am ashamed to admit how little I know of Norse mythology but really what measly knowledge I have comes mostly from Kevin Hearne and his Iron Druid Chronicles I used to resent Hearne for that teacher mode he tends to slip into in the middle of an action scene but his never ending lectures proved to be useful after all And people say reading urban fantasy is a waste of time But I digressI really didn’t think I’d enjoy Valkyrie Rising as much as I did It took me completely by surprise I only realized how much fun I was having when I looked up and saw that five hours had passed since I started reading The plot is admittedly pretty formulaic but there were a few things that made Valkyrie Rising stand out First among them is the uality of Paulson’s writing While I wouldn’t exactly call it beautiful it’s pretty clear that Paulson writes with great ease Her prose flows smoothly and the story itself is relatively fast paced Believe me the Valkyries will barely give you time to breathe The romance was incredibly sweet and it certainly kept me on my toes but I was a bit unhappy with the love interest Tucker – Graham and Ellie’s best friend and Ellie’s secret crush – was undeniably charming and yet sometimes a boy even a fictional one can be a bit too perfect Everything about him was in its place he was adorable when he needed to be unflinchingly loyal sweet patient heart stoppingly gorgeous smart and extremely brave But although I enjoy reading about a swoon worthy boy as much as the next girl I need him to have at least one defining characteristic something that sets him apart and makes him unforgettable I’m pretty sure I’ll forget all about Tucker the second I stop writing this reviewEllie on the other hand won’t be so easy to forget Her character is built on a cliché or ten sure but Paulson did with her what she absolutely failed to do with Tuck – she gave her just enough uirks to make her memorable Aside from that we get to witness some serious personal growth and a few moments of weakness I found very endearing The most interesting part for me was Ellie’s relationship with her brother Graham Even though Graham’s overprotectiveness was just a tiny bit exaggerated it served as a motivator for Ellie’s growth and her fight for independence A Valkyrie shouldn’t be bossed around by her older brother should she I glanced down at the image of my grandmother in all her Valkyrie glory I wished with all my might that she’d appear right then and save the day But she didn’t For the first time in my life there was no one there to fix things but me Should you read Valkyrie Rising Definitely It’s well written fun and very romantic Plus there are Norse gods angry Norwegian people Valkyrie Valkyrie hunters and swords What’s not to like

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A to handle on a summer sojourn in Norway And when Graham vanishes it’s up to Ellie and the ever sarcastic if undeniably alluring Tuck to uncover the truth about all the disappearances and thwart the nefarious plan behind themDeadly legends hidden identities and tentative romance swirl together in one girl’s unexpectedly epic coming of ag This review is also available over at my blogActual rating is 45 starsWell this was an unexpected treat Yeah I do admit the blurb and the concept is very interesting and that it pulled me in but for some reason my expectations for this book at the start were just meh I wasn't expecting anything special But I'll say now that I was wrong cause I really enjoyed reading thisSo we have Ellie Overholt a seemingly shy girl with an uber popular and a little too over protective older brother who goes to Norway for the summer to visit her grandmother Hilda But during the first few days there she realizes that the townspeople were acting very strangely around her And then she finds out about the disappearances of the boys in the town and how they're linked to the townspeople's beliefs of there being Valkyries around and that she's one of them When her older brother Graham is suddenly one of those kidnapped boys it's up to Ellie and her brother's infuriating but gorgeous best friend Tucker to find out the truth about the kidnappings and the legends surrounding itThe Valkyries in this book are basically these drop dead gorgeous girlswomen that have the ability to control people and what they do is that they seek out boys who are strong enough to be soldiers for Odin—yes the Odin—and they take them to Valhalla The leader of the Valkyrie pack is Astrid and she's the most powerful besides Ellie's grandmother I liked the overall mythology in this book but if this were ever to become a series—which I desperately hope it will—I would love if the author expanded it cause she can do so much with the world of this bookEllie was a very likable character I liked that she kept her head in the game and wasn't so entangled in the romance—which we'll get to later She was a little lost and oblivious at first but that's normal and not her fault because she was kept completely in the dark about anything Valkyrie all her life and she made up for it later on She was never annoying in any way really at least for me I dunno I don't really have that much to say about her Just that she's a likable characterTucker Halloway This guy he's the witty sarcastic cocky smirks a lot type And yes he's douchey But you know what He was the likable kind of douchey He also was never afraid to show his vulnerable side and I was always aware that he cared for Ellie Something near the end did make me doubt him for a sec though and I'm pretty sure it might make you guys do the same But in a nutshell he was an awesome love interest A lovable douchebagThe romance between Ellie and Tuck is one of the main reasons I like this book a lot It was very slow paced and hesitant and it took over 250 or so pages before they kissed which I'm so relieved about because in most YA these days we have the main characters kissing in 100 pages or less Anyway what I also liked about their romance was their banter with each other Since I'm currently reading Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout right now I couldn't help but compare these two with Katy and Daemon The difference is I guess in the heroines because Ellie isn't easily pissed or riled up by Tuck's remarks—which believe me aren't as assholish as Daemon's Katy just immediately gets her panties in a twist and that just fuels Daemon even Most of the time Ellie kept calm and threw witty replies right back at him Overall I thought their romance was really cute n' fluffyThe ending is really making me want a seuel Badly I can't find there being any plans for a seuel because in Goodreads this book isn't even in a series That kinda worries me because I can totally picture it in my mind this being a seuel The author can do so much and explore many new awesomer things And she just has to make this a series because there were uite a few things that were unresolved at the endLike really she has to If she isn't going to then I don't think I can dealAll in all this book was great It did a great job in differentiating itself from other currently popular YA titles in that it had a nice slow paced romance and a very interesting Norse mythology theme If you're a huge fan of mythology YA then this book is one you'd definitely enjoy D

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Valkyrie RisingTuck tagging along for the trip Nor did she imagine boys going missing amid rumors of impossible kidnappings Least of all does she expect something powerful and ancient to awaken in her and that strange whispers would urge Ellie to claim her place among mythological warriors Instead of peace and uiet there’s suddenly a lot for a girl from L I didn't enjoy anything about this book I'm sorry to say Everything about it seemed to be wrong for me Whiny pathetic weak heroine who loves acting naive and stupid She constantly moans about being all insecure while actually turning out to be a super special snowflake Unfortunately there's no character development and she never even grows into her powers Every single character is a complete cliché Obvious predictable plot Beyond predictable eyeroll inducing 'romance' There's no ass kicking or good action Everything in this book felt like it's been done a million times before