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read doc ò The Third Daughter ☆ Paperback º ❮Read❯ ➪ The Third Daughter Author Talia Carner – From the author of Jerusalem Maiden comes a remarkable story inspired by little known true events about the thousands of young Jewish women who were trafficked into prostitution aFrom the author of Jerusalem Maiden comes a remarkable story inspired by little known true events about the thousands of young Jewish women who were trafficked into prostitution at the turn of the 20th century and whose subjugation helped build Buenos AiresThe turn of the 20th century finds fourteen year old Batya in the Russian countryside fleeing   with her family endless pogroms Desperate her father leaps at the opportunity to marry Batya to a worldly wealthy stranger who can guarantee his daughter an easy life and passage to America Feeling like a princess in a Talia Carner has written a raw heartbreaking disturbing and important story One of the things I like most about historical fiction is it is an engaging and entertaining way to learn about our past This book spotlights a part of history I was not previously aware of Thousands of eastern European women at the turn of the 20th century being tricked into moving to South America where they will work as prostitutes anti Semitism was prevalent in Eastern Europe and these young girls and their families were hopeful for a better life in the Americas There is no way to paint this desolate situation in a good light but this book handled it with a loving and gentle hand This book was not always easy to read but I believe it is so necessary because human trafficking is still going on And these girl’s deserve to have their stories told Batya and her family are living a life of poverty in Russia When a stranger approaches offering Batya a Life of riches filled with big mansions and society events The family feels as though this could be their way out The only thing is that young Batya will move to Argentina on her own and in a couple years at the age of 16 she will marry this man When Batya arrives in Argentina she realizes all the promises were falls and she finds herself in a life full of beatings rape and prostitution Batya was such a sympathetic character my heart could not help but break for her She was so strong so determined and so angry I loved the bond she found with the other girls in the house and I admired how she never lost her desire to reunite with her family She was also extremely resourceful eventually finding love and even becoming a well known tango dancer This was such an important story about a determined girl and her relentless fight for a better lifeThis book in three emojis 🌎 💃🏼 💪🏻

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M to bring her family to America where they will be safe from the anti Semitism that plagues Russia Just as Batya is becoming a known tango dancer  she gets an unexpected but dangerous opportunity to help bring down the criminal network that has enslaved so many young women and has been instrumental in developing Buenos Aires into   a major metropolisA powerful story of finding courage in the face of danger and hope in the face of despair The Third Daughter brings to life a dark period of Jewish history and gives a voice to victims whose truth deserves to finally be to The Third Daughter is a book all historical fiction fans must read It's the story of a young Jewish girl at the turn of the century who at 14 leaves her impoverished family with a fast talking man who swears to her father that he'll marry her when she turns 16 Her father desperate for his daughter Batya to have a better life allows this man to take her to Buenos Aires to live and be his high society wife Although this fast talking man is no friend or future husband to Batya he's a trafficker taking young women out of Russia to a life of prostitution and degradation Once in Buenos Aires Batya realizes he's lied to her and there is no fancy mansion or life of high society only the beatings starvation and captivity of prostitution With no way to escape and the fear of what would happen if she were to escape with no where to go she begins accepting her new life and she becomes strong independent and angry With no way out and no money she has no choice but to accept her fate and do what she can to live long enough to hopefully be reunited with her father and sisters in Russia The sisters in the house become her only friends and she begins to learn how to play the game and survive Then one day a stranger walks into the house and chooses Batya to spend time with he's not like all the other men she realizes and he wants to help her but she's got to break the rules and even steal from her pimp to receive this help Can she do this? Is this stranger just another customer or is he different and really wants to help? Can she trust someone after years of not being able to trust anyone in her life? This is a period in history I'd never heard about Thousands and thousands of young female Russian Jews are being trafficked for their use in the sex trade of South America These girls are scared lonely and stuck they have no way to escape their lives of shame once kidnapped The suicide rate among them is high I found the author did an excellent job of describing the conditions and hardships these women lived through The book does have some graphic rape and abuse scenes so if you're triggered by such content this may not be the book for you I feel the author had to be so graphic in order to convey to the reader just how bad these girls had it once kidnapped The story is unbelievable but based on true facts it's heartbreaking but also a story of survival and strength and it's beautifully written I've never read anything by Talia Carner but after reading this one I'll definitely search out others by her She definitely did her research and I feel she's taken a horrible time in history and written a raw emotional and moving book I couldn't put the book down and ended up finishing it in less than a day As disturbing as the story is at times I feel it's an important story to share This book will definitely stay with me for a while this is a part of history we all need to know about as trafficking is still prevalent in today's world and only with stories like this will we be able to understand the extent of the problem that's been going on for hundreds of years I highly recommend this oneit will break your heart yet show the resilience of these young women in a time when society forgot about them Happy Reading

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The Third DaughterFairytale Batya leaves her old life behind as she is whisked away to a new world But soon she discovers that she’s entered a waking nightmare Her new “husband” does indeed bring her to America Buenos Aires a vibrant growing city in which prostitution is not only legal but deeply embedded in the culture And now Batya is one of thousands of women tricked and sold into the oldest profession in the worldAs the years pass Batya forms deep bonds with her “sisters” in the brothel as well as some men who are both kind and cruel Through it all she holds onto one drea This historical fiction is based on a near century long practice of a legalized union of pimps in Buenos Aires luring and kidnapping hundreds of thousands of struggling and starving girls and women from Eastern Europe under the false pretenses of marriage or employment in hopes of saving their families back home only to sell them into prostitution This was a difficult story to read a young girl in desperate circumstances finds herself betrothed to man and whisked away from her family that very night to begin her journey to what they have all been led to believe will be a life of privilege and wealthBatya only 14 uickly learns that she and her family have been lied to and her only goal is to find a way to save her family The reader is given a look into brothel life in Buenos Aires and the levels of corruption and contemptThis is a fast paced read and a sure fire recommendation for any reader who loves historical fiction Thank you to the publisher and to Edelweiss for the e arc in exchange for my honest review