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The Hoffa Wars: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hoffa summary ¼ 9 Ï ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ The Hoffa Wars: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hoffa Author Dan E Moldea – Details Hoffa's role in the Teamsters' power struggles and the corruption conspiracy and violence that led to his disappeErs' power struggles and the corruption conspiracy an. Bought this to top up on the information that I received in They Tell Me you Paint Houses Frank Sheeran The Irishman's biography and confession to the Hoffa Killing not to mention Crazy Joe Gallo and other civilian gangland executionsHe also mentioned that he murdered some German POWs in Italy during WWII where he spent nearly a year at the Front under fire when the norm was about thirty days It was perfect finishing school for his future career with the Teamsters It was Hoffa who asked the uestion above when Sheeran was recommended to him as a possible Teamsters enforcer by Russell Buffalino Capo of the Buffalo area Cosa Nostra He already knew Sheeran and was impressed with his huge size demeanour and ability to keep his trap shut Sheeran had also picked up some Italian in Italy during the war which endeared him to Buffalino and the Gumbas Sheeran's reply to Hoffa was Yeah and I also do a bit of carpentry work on the side This meaning that he could take care of the disposal of the victims if reuired Hoffa hired him Sheeran went on the rise to head one of the Teamsters Locals and also unmade man with the Good Fellas at the highest level I bought the Moldea book to better understand the Union side of Sheeran's business If you want to do the same you wont be disappointed The violence is mind blowing No Teamster Local was without a Mafia boss or somebody related or associated to one Dissent was sorted out with base ball bats golf clubs guns and dynamite and this over a 40 year period Riding on top of all this was Hoffa who became the provider of investment capital to the Mob filched from the Teamster's Pension Funds and used to provide capital to the Mob for investment in Las Vegas casinos among other things There is further evidence here that the Mafia Hoffa and company were involved in the Kennedy Assassination which Sheeran mentioned in his book All very believable as Robert Kennedy was about get Hoffa and by association Mafia figures like Carlos Marcello and Santo Traficante Kennedy had to go Once Johnston was in the White House the investigations dropped enormously and although Hoffa was eventually jailed for 13 years for jury tampering he was pardoned by the Nixon administration after the payment of bribes to the Nixon war chest The Union was rotten to the core as was the Nixon Administration as we all know But for Watergate God knows where Nixon would have dragged America Read this if you are interested in American labour history the corruption within the Nixon Administration and the long shadow the MOB cast into every business and political party in America

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Wars The ePUB #180 Details Hoffa's role in the Teamst. LOVED IT

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The Hoffa Wars The Rise and Fall of Jimmy HoffaD violence that led The Hoffa Epubto his disappearanc. There was a lot of information in this book regarding Jimmy Hoffa's rise and fall So much that the chapters we're too long I needed a score card to keep track of all the details in the too long chapters which made it hard to read I have read plenty of books with this much information that were organized better