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Private investigators Liz Talbot and Nate Andrews are all set to enjoy some uality time on the beach That’s until they get the news about Darius Darius DeAndre Baker star of the hit TV show Main Street USA has had enough of the Hollywood highlife After ten years of visiting everyone else’s hometown he returns to his own Stella Maris South Carolin I received this ARC for a honest reviewI have been reading this series and was excited to receive this ARC Liz hears about the case of Trina Lynn Causby from her friend Moon who's dating Liz's very good friend Sonny Moon just knows that Sonny wanted her to tell Liz something about this case and Liz can't mention any names about who she heard it from So from the beginning we are drawn into this who killed Trina caseThe clues and suspects wind around and around and just when you're sure you know whodunnit you find out who really whodunnit and it sure was a complete surprise to me Lowcountry Boomerang is well thought out and very well written Such an enjoyable read I hope the author writes fast for the next one it's going to be hard to wait

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Lowcountry Boomerang Liz Talbot Mystery #8A But the moving trucks have barely unloaded when Trina Lynn Causby Darius’s high school girlfriend turns up dead and the entire town reels as Darius is arrestedDespite the mounting evidence against him Liz and Nate believe Darius is innocent They dig through a scandalously long list of suspects including Darius’s three ex wives who have all arri I always enjoy a visit to Stella Maris South Carolina Catching up with Liz Talbot her husband Nate and their friends and families is always interesting In this outing Liz and Nate are hired to find evidence that Darius Baker did not kill Trina Lynn Causby There might be a lot of evidence against him but Liz and Nate are sure he is innocent and the case is looking like someone has it out for Darius There are many suspects for the murder but none seem really strong enough so Liz keeps digging putting herself in danger as she gets closer to the truthPrivate investigator Liz is a wonderful character Not only is she smart but she is genuine cares about family friends and the environment especially the island She pursues leads without judgment following the clues and leads she and Nate uncover Some of the trails they follow seem improbable but when everything fits together they were right on The many characters in Stella Maris have become friends to this reader I love Liz's family and her parents specifically her father are always good for a laugh In this book Sonny her contact on the police force is unable to contact her or work with her so you know something is going on Of course Carol Liz's friendly ghost is on hand to help with the investigation She is still protecting Stella Maris so Darius was her assignment in this story Liz just had to figure out what he has to do with the care of the island This was a well written and plotted book as I have come to expect from Susan M Boyer I love her descriptions of the area especially as I will be there next year and will be checking out some of the area described The mystery was interesting and had me reading this one in one day I was not able to figure out who the culprit was which always makes for an interesting read As the conclusion is presented I was surprised about the killer but the reveal and finale was very well done I definitely recommend this book to cozy mystery lovers especially those who enjoy Southern Mysteries The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon reuest The rating ideas and opinions shared are my own

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Lowcountry Boomerang Liz Talbot Mystery #8 doc ✓ 270 pages Download ½ eyltransferservices Ì ❰Download❯ ➹ Lowcountry Boomerang Liz Talbot Mystery #8 Author Susan M. Boyer – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Private investigators Liz Talbot and Nate Andrews arVed in Stella Maris and his love child with Trina LynnBut Trina Lynn led a complicated life She had at least one stalker and two suitors one with a jealous wife who recently made a deliciously outrageous scene when Trina Lynn turned up at a charity ballAs the danger mounts Liz and Nate race to find a killer and clear Darius’s name and keep him aliv Review to comeuick thoughtsTotally enjoyed this book Do not read when hungry The food descriptions are torture when hungryenjoyable mystery