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Incinerator is the pulse pounding seuel to Crusher Niall Leonard's debut YA novel and an Edgar Award finalist for Best Young Adult NovelFollowing the bloody deaths o. Niall Leonard managed to keep me interested from the moment I read book one in this Crusher Series The magic of meant the final two books took over 3 months on a slow boat to reach me so I saved them for the magical day that is #BookFairiesOffline and was not disappointedThe books dont need to be read in order and could stand alone however I enjoyed reading them in order to find the continuing adventure of Finn thrown into a world of crime he never wanted however was very good at working within This book saw Finn running his own business and realising his once relationship with the Govnur was not going to disappearThese novels are fast flow well and are manage to get me sunk into Finns character uickly Highly recommend them

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IncineratorHis business partner and his lawyer vanishes with all his money Finn is dragged down into London's underworld once with only his fists and his wits to keep him aliv. It all started with the death of Finn Maguire's father who was found dead in a pool of blood on his kitchen table This began in Niall Leonard's debut YA novel Crusher which was great I rated 45 when I read it in January 2013 I was very excited to read this seuel since I liked reading Crusher and did find it extremely gut wrenching at a particular scene in that book which made me enjoy it Also it’s nice to see some thrillers for YA readers as well As I began Incinerator it definitely got me hooked and reading but as it progressed it did slow down some and then the scenes got extremely boring with lots of description Nonetheless it was only momentarily very short and I loved it I heard there's another book titled Shredder that is coming out in the UK soon I'll probably have to wait a little longer for CanadaAs the title is Incinerator I love that the title will speak for itself Crusher as well since I mentioned above that there was a scene that had me with a gut wrenching feeling Or for this novel fighting fire with fire moments Although in my copy it has the first chapter of Crusher after the story ends which states it as a companion novel I recommend first reading that before Incinerator There is sufficient backstory in Incinerator that it can be read on it's own The ending of Crusher however is often talked about at first in the beginning of Incinerator which would be a spoiler for me if I read it the other way around

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Free download Incinerator 107 ã ➿ [Download] ➽ Incinerator By Niall Leonard ➵ – Incinerator is the pulse pounding seuel to Crusher Niall Leonard's debut YA novel and an Edgar Award finalist for Best Young Adult NovelFollowing the bloody deaths of his mother and father Finn Maguir Incinerator is the pulse pouF his mother and father Finn Maguire is determined to make a fresh start running a boxing gym in the bruised and bitter heart of the city But when loan sharks target. So I know the blurb says that this is a seuel but the paper I received said it was a companion novel as does the back of the bookso I read it without reading the first book I can say that is not necessary to have read Crusher beforehand as I didn’t feel lost and everything is recapped for the most part without giving away too much of the previous storyIncinerator follows Finn Maguire as he begins to make his life into something He now has a gym of his own where his former boxing coach is his partner and closest friend However things don’t stay positive for long as a loan shark starts to lay pressure on Delroy and Finn and his lawyer goes missing with all of his money Overall the story had the makings of a great thriller but fell a little short of that mark The plot is fairly fast pace and aided with the rather large font size I zipped through this in about 5 hours The mystery wasn’t too hard to figure out but the plot threw in some interesting twists that made the process fairly enjoyableFinn had me a bit confused because I didn’t really know what to feel about him He’s definitely efficient and it’s always nice to have a main character who can handle himself in a sticky situationbut I don’t really feel like I know him He likes fighting he has an interest in Nicky andI don’t know His personality didn’t shine through and being that this is a first person novel I was really disappointed that the voice of the character was slightly generic I was impressed with his ability to get to the bottom of things but I was surprised that he was only arrested like twiceseriouslyOverall it’s a pretty decent mysterythriller and it’s certainly a very uick read however I’m not sure I’ll check out the companion novel