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review Away AUTHOR Jane Urquhart ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » ❰Download❯ ✤ Away Author Jane Urquhart – A stunning evocative novel set in Ireland and Canada Away traces a family’s complex and layered past The narrative unfolds with shimmering clarity and takes us froA stunning evocative novel set in Ireland and Canada Away traces a family’s complex and layered past The narrative unfolds with shimmering clarity and takes us from the harsh northern Irish coast in the s to the uarantine stations at Grosse I. Not a bad novel but in the end I got annoyed with how she wouldn't write a simple sentence No kettles boil; it's always symphonies of misty steam swirling and dancing up past the kitchen window obscuring her view like the hot version of the frost on this January morning reminding her of the way the sprites danced also elusive to view also form changing also obstructing the clarity of sight but of the mind's sight instead of the eye's Beautiful for awhile but bloody annoying soon enough

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T day Graceful and moving Away unites the personal and the political as it explores the most private often darkest corners of our emotions where the things that root us to ourselves endure Powerful intricate lyrical Away is an unforgettable nov. This book felt like a book you would be forced to read in high school a Canadian high school specifically It was somewhat engaging but about halfway through I was nearing boredom The beginning was very interesting with the hint of the supernatural but the whole fact that Mary's away ness permeated the text made it lose realism for me and made me scoff at times The parts I liked were about the men; they were so level headed and interesting whereas the women were flighty and powerless I didn't empathize with them at all which may have been why I grew bored I'm not a fan of magical realism the neither here nor there aspect of Mary and Eileen's whatever it was made the woman seem kind of stupid almost juvenile The men don't believe in it and the women confound them and with good reason Uruart's works are not high on my list after this

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Away AUTHOR Jane UrquhaSle and the barely hospitable land of the Canadian Shield from the flourishing town of Port Hope to the flooded streets of Montreal from Ottawa at the time of Confederation to a large windowed house at the edge of a Great Lake during the presen. I would say this is Jane Uruhart at her best but then I say that about every one of her books This is also a book I re read every couple of years when I want to center myself a book where my point of convergence places me firmly in time and out of time There is something that is sheer poetry about every word she writes This one in particular feels like reading a lovely elegiac poem to Canada and to IrelandThrough Uruhart's poetic vision we are introduced to 4 generations of Irish following them from pre famine Ireland through emigration and eventual settlement on the shores of Lake Ontario The story begins with a love affair and ends with heartbreak a perfect circle of life painted with an artist's eye for vision The story is rich with history and mythology of both the Irish and the Canadian landscapes landscapes of fact of heart and of mind