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Antony and CleopatraE center of profound social change It is a narrative that crosses cultures and boundaries from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire Drawing on his prodigious knowledge of the ancient world and especially the periods military and political history Goldsworthy creates a singular portrait of two iconic lovers who were in his words first and foremost political animals With a close analysis of ancient sources and archaeological evidence G Antony and Cleopatra is another excellent work by Adrian Goldsworthy His grasp of the ancient world is stunning and his ability to relate its history to the modern reader is unmatched He brings Antony and Cleopatra to life as real people and dispels the incorrect assumptions and beliefs that surround them While they may have loved one another their relationship was much complicated and interesting Their political and in Antony's case psychological needs were always paramount Antony is revealed as a needy boy in a man's body who had little ability as a strategist and military commander but who had an enormous appetite for worldly pleasures Cleopatra is shown to have been very astute politically and whose primary goal was to remain in power and keep Egypt as independent as possible This book is a must read for all who are interested in ancient Rome the transition from Roman Republic to Empire Antony Cleopatra or Octavian Speaking of Octavian I can't help but wonder what would have happened if Cleopatra had tried to seduce him instead of Antony Considering Octavian's strict Roman elitism I doubt it would have gone well for Cleopatra

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The acclaimed historian reveals the truth behind the myths of antiuitys legendary lovers in this thoughtful deeply satisfying dual biographyPublishers Weekly starred review In Antony and Cleopatra preeminent historian Adrian Goldsworthy goes beyond the romantic narratives of Shakespeare and Hollywood to create a nuanced and historically acute portrayal of his subjects Set against the political backdrop of their time he presents two lives lived at th Based on primary sources wo a lot of speculation and addresses the romantic nonsense that's turned the pair into legendary lovers instead of what they certainly were ie perhaps in love but highly ambitious political and calculating operatives living and trying to survive during an extremely turbulent time of seemingly endless civil war in Rome and the incumbent economic and military stress exerted on all its provinces The background to both their lives and histories leading up to them the Ptolemy dynasty and Rome's use of client states and their rulers was particularly interesting And we're reminded that everything that's been recorded about Antony and Cleopatra was filtered through the lens of Caesar Augustus' the victor's long reign as emperor so it's difficult for us to judge the actual circumstances Well written and accessible to the layperson wsome knowledge of Roman history

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FREE EBOOK Ö EPUB Antony and Cleopatra ä Ø EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ✓ ❮Download❯ ➿ Antony and Cleopatra ➺ Author Join or create book clubs – The acclaimed historian reveals the truth behind the myths of antiuitys legendary lovers in this tOldsworthy explains why Cleopatra was often portrayed as an Egyptian even though she was Greek and argues that Antony had far less military experience than popular legend suggests At the same time Goldsworthy makes a persuasive case that Antony was a powerful Roman senator and political force in his own right A story of love politics and ambition Goldsworthys Antony and Cleopatradelivers a compelling reassessment of a major episode in ancient histor This is not a Taylor and Burton Cleopatranor is it ShakespeareFor those who have no knowledge of this time frame Mr Goldsworthy takes the reader to the origin of the political and social tormentor which these two characters would have to perform inBoth were overly ambitious which caused them to realized that Rome did not revolve around themOctavian was the master chess player He had tortured under CaesarHe was ambitious but surround himself with capable men Aggriba for oneCleopatra was skill at this game than the self absorbed AntonyI found myself interested in Cleo because of her skill of politics even to the endFirst Cesar who recognized this in her and then Antony who was naive but whom she could and did manipulate into doing her bidingAntony's fault was he failed to remember he was Roman and that RomeOctavian would not endure being challenged by any oneCould Cleopatra have seduced Octavian? Would he have allow her to do so? My bets on Octavian he was to young and not naiveROME and a EMPIRE was hisWhy take the risk?