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ePub ñ なまいきざかり 1 õ Miyuki Mitsubachi

ePub ñ なまいきざかり 1 õ Miyuki Mitsubachi ?されるうちに、由希はいつの間にか? ド直球★バスケ部青春ラブコメ第1巻 actual rating is 35

ePub なまいきざかり 1

kindle × なまいきざかり 1 ß 188 pages ´ [KINDLE] ✽ なまいきざかり 1 ❁ Miyuki Mitsubachi – バスケ部マネージャーの由希は、キャプテンにひそかな片想い中。ところが、生意気な後輩男子・成瀬に弱みを握られて大ピンチ バスケ部マネージャーの由希は、キャプテンにひそかな片想い中。ところ? 15 starsMajority would say this is like Kaichou wa Maid sama with the MC being open about his Obsession with the heroine Me don't even try to compare Naruse with prince UsuiThis manga seems less fun in my opinion AND story progress is much faster but at the moment seems a bit still Romance is 'meh' I feel like this manga was trying copy some stuff from Kaichou wa Maid sama but failed miserably I'd rather re read Kaichou wa Maid sama because it is much enjoyable than this mangaBONUSHeheheI love you Usui 3

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なまいきざかり 1??、生意気な後輩男子・成瀬に弱みを握られて大ピンチ強引な成瀬に振り? read up to chapter 33 sigh the manga is still ongoing