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The Bones of Paradise kindle Ö Hardcover ✓ eyltransferservices · ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Bones of Paradise By Jonis Agee ❤ – The award winning author of The River Wife returns with a multi generational family saga set in the unforgiving Nebraska Sandhills The award winning author of The River Wife returns with a multi generational family saga set in the unforgiving Nebraska Sandhills in the years following the massacre at Wounded Knee an ambitious tale of history vengeance race guilt betrayal family and belonging filled with a vivid cast of characters shaped by violence love and a desperate loyalty to the landTen years after the 7th Calvary massacred than 200 Lakota men women and children at Wounded Knee J B Bennett a white rancher and Star a young Native American woman are murdered in a remote meadow on J B’s land The deaths bring together the scattered members of the Bennett family his cunning and I'm not a fan of mysteries or crime stories but I am a big fan of family sagas and historical fiction so it was this part of the book description that piued my interest It takes place in the Sand Hills of Nebraska in 1900 a decade after the horrific and shameful event in American history the massacre at Wounded Knee While time has passed what happened at Wounded Knee is ever present in the flashbacks in the thoughts of a slimy character who took part in it but most of all in the heart and soul of Rose a native Lakota Indian one of the strong women depicted here It is most elouently told in the words of the spirit of her dead sister StarIt's also the story of the Bennett family Drum Bennett the dictatorial heartless father who will only give land to his son JB Bennett for a dear price that separates him from a son and his wife Dulcinea It is Dulcinea who ultimately tries to pick up the pieces of this broken family The past the family secrets are slowly divulged While finding the murderer who kills two people at the beginning was central to the story there is so much It's bursting with history of the time and place It's heartbreaking and sickening as the massacre at Wounded Knee is described It's filled with hatred and love with the vile greed of some as well as goodness of others I'm glad that I didn't let the murder mystery part of this story keep me from reading it Thanks to William MorrowHarperCollins and Edelweiss

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Hard father Drum; his estranged wife Dulcinea; and his young sons Cullen and Hayward As the mystery of these twin deaths unfolds the history of the dysfunctional Bennett’s and their damning secrets are revealed exposing the conflicted heart of a nation caught between past and futureAt the center of The Bones of Paradise are two remarkable women Dulcinea returned after bitter years of self exile yearns for redemption and the courage to mend her broken family and reclaim the land that is rightfully hers Rose scarred by the terrible slaughters that have decimated and dislocated her people struggles to accept the death of her sister Star and refuses t The Wounded Knee Massacre occurred on 29 December 1890 near Wounded Knee Creek JB Bennett’s ranch is not terribly far from Wounded Knee Ten years have passed since that horrible day as JB rides with the thoughts in his mind centered on his wife Dulcinea whom he hasn’t seen in some time when he happens upon the lifeless body of a young Lakota girl Star He’s trying to figure out what to do about the girl worrying about when this happened or who or why when he sees Star’s murderer a moment of recognition passes briefly before JB joins the young Lakota girl in the afterlife “’My God how we are destroyed’ she whispered a line from some forgotten drama or maybe she had written it in her head as she entered the room where she had slept with JB all those years ago She had carried on an internal dialogue with her husband for so long that his death did not alter the conversation It merely expanded across time and space”With her two sons now fatherless Dulcinea returns to the ranch to re establish a relationship with her two sons Cullin and Hayward work the ranch and heal old wounds Drum JB’s father has other plans For Cullin for her and none of them include her staying on the ranch Drum isn’t alone in wanting her out of the picture whatever that takes “In the hills grudges never died they remained as they took place as the words were uttered since there was nowhere for them to go nothing to break them apart the soft edges of the hills offered nothing hard enough to smash the anger nothing sharp enough to cut through the Gordian knot so it lived fresh undeniable as the first day Nothing was allowed to die They marked time by the growing list of wrongs until its weight pulled them under and they vanished smothered with the breath of sand in their mouths”Drum sees perhaps his biggest mistake in his life was allowing his son JB to go away to school with his wife’s people All that learning accomplished in Drum’s eyes was to turn JB into someone too soft to properly run a ranch and he’s already done what he could to make sure that Cullin has what it takes to become the man that JB never was “People couldn’t help the pain that rode them like overbroke ponies and tired them too soon for the length of a lifeThere’s the will to contest and not only JB’s killer to find there’s Star’s death as well Star’s sister Rose a friend of Dulcinea’s wants answers She deserves them She knows of course she’ll need to find the answers herself; there won’t be anyone else out looking who cares about the death of a Lakota girl As days pass new people arrive to tend the ranch to try to convince Dulcinea of their trustworthiness to sell her an idea She waits each evening for the next day to be better but the that time passes the determined she is that this is now her life This ranch As she looks out at the beautiful sunsets the beauty of nature everywhere she looks inward as well and finds her home “Her faith had removed God dispersed him like seed or gravel It was not that God didn’t exist It was that he wasn’t alone but in pieces parts always whole sufficient always multiple So like the ancient Greeks she trod lightly carefully tried to give no offense to the land the sacred grass her feet crushed the ants hurriedly preparing caverns for the winter pushing tiny yellow boulders out of a hole the size of a bee’s leg Oh the offense to walk so clumsily through the world to crush and bring havoc that they couldn’t help”Like nature herself this story is sometimes violent ugly and filled with destruction born of hate and death and sometimes it takes sudden unexpected turns whipping you in another direction entirely but there are also moments of unexpected beauty that fill these pages

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The Bones of ParadiseO rest until she is avenged A kaleidoscopic portrait of misfits schemers chancers and dreamers Jonis Agee’s bold new novel is a panorama of America at the dawn of a new century A beautiful evocation of this magnificent blood soaked land its sweeping prairies seas of golden grass and sandy hills all at the mercy of two unpredictable and terrifying forces weather and lawlessness and the durable men and women who dared to tame it Intimate and epic The Bones of Paradise is a remarkable achievement a mystery a tragedy a romance and an unflagging exploration of the beauty and brutality tenderness and cruelty that defined the settling of the American west The Bones Of Time is a tale of two women during the aftermath of the Massacre of Wounded Knee in Pine Ridge South Dakota in 1890 in which or less 200 Indian people were shot by the 7th Cavalry of the US ArmyIn the Sand Hills of JB Bennett's farm a murdered Indian girl named Star is found dead by JB and upon investigation he gets shot as well And so does Graver who arrived upon the scene But Graver survived In a slow moving story spanning over historical fiction murder mystery western and family saga a drama unfolds in which lawlessness vengeance greed savage violence survival in an uncompromising natural world and stubbornness rule A ruthless land deal dictated the family's destiny and was ripped apart with JB's passing The two women Dulcinea the estranged wife of JB and her best friend Rose a native American women from the Lakota tribe set out to find the killer amidst dangerous circumstances for both Dulcinea's two young sons Cullen and Hayward will pay the ultimate price JB's father Drum Bennet with a notorious history buried in darkness ensured that the land would forever remain in the hands of his family and nothing stood in his way to accomplish his dreams Jonis Agee's first book The River Wife was one of the best books I've ever read In fact it is one of the books I give to my friends to read all the time Like this book The Bones Of Time is packed with pathos encapsulated in atmosphere and scenic splendor An incredibly gripping tale winds through the history of the South Dakota landscape where nobody could escape their own role in the writing of this family's story of hardship and hope Overall a wonderful deeply moving story in the literary fiction genre view spoiler Some of the events in the book did not make sense to me Instead of adding the WOW factor to the denouement it simply deflated the realism in my humble opinion Dulcinea's marriage as a plot factor in the final throws of the saga simply slaughtered the otherwise excellent story It did not fit in The storyline also jumped around too much in an effort to build the characters Although it was riveting to read it was also confusing and too disruptive Instead of indicating the jump from one character to another in the chapter headings it just happened without warning all over the book However I absolutely loved being part of the milieu learning about the history and lifestyle of a land I will never visit but captured my heart and imagination hide spoiler