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DOC ´ READER Clariel The Lost Abhorsen 9780061561559 FREE ↠ [Ebook] ➩ Clariel The Lost Abhorsen By Garth Nix – Sixteen year old Clariel is not adjusting well to her new life in the city of Belisaere the capital of the Old Kingdom She misses roaming freely within the forests of EstwaH and make her escape But events spin rapidly out of control Clariel finds herself trapped than ever until help comes from an unlikely source But the help comes at a terrible cost Clariel must uestion the motivations and secret hearts of everyone around her and it is herself she must uestion most of allThis is an alternative edition of ASIN BKKF Garth Nix wrote a new Abhorsen book And not only that there’s going to be yet another new Abhorsen book after this one How exciting is thatOne of the things I really liked about the book was the portrayal of the main character’s sexuality People keep running around and being like ‘marriage dating these are the most important things’ and instead she’s ‘how do you have time for this; people are trying to kill us’ and also 'my career is far important to me than any possibility of romance’ I feel like these are both sensible viewpoints and things we could see of in YA

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O her maid to the sinister Guildmaster Kilp Clariel can see her freedom slipping away It seems too that the city itself is descending into chaos as the ancient rules binding Abhorsen King and Clayr appear to be disintegratingWith the discovery of a dangerous Free Magic creature loose in the city Clariel is given the chance both to prove her wort First of all let me get this out of the way everyone calling Clariel the character names can shut the hell up I'm pissed as hell at the number of people writing her off as a bitch whiny self centered etc especially when that's the extent of their critiue of the book It smells of misogyny and it needs to stopNow as for the bookI've been waiting for this book for a long time pretty much since I read the original trilogy and first came across rumors that this was in the works It had a high standard to meet as the Abhorsen books are some of the best YA I've ever read The thing is from the time the first few chapters came out as a sampler I've had an inkling that this wasn't going to match its predecessors And sadly I was rightI came out of this book with the strong impression that I'd read an early draft not a finished product It has a lot of the hallmarks of an under revised work too many characters who wind up too under used uneven pacing blocky infodumps awkward and jarring switches out of the third person limited POV Even on a sentence level it felt in need of editing there were far too many Clariel felt x because y type lines which with another pass could have been smoothed out into something much less amateur Top that off with the fact that the book ends before the most interesting and novel part of Clariel's story and well this wasn't at all what I've been waiting for It felt like Nix had been writing himself back into the Old Kingdom as an exercise he's not written in it for 10 years after all and somehow that freewrite got bound and publishedThe thing that makes this all the frustrating is that there is a lot of potential here Clariel herself holds most of it she's a berserker she's got an aptitude for necromancy and we all know she's destined to be Chlorr of the Mask in LiraelAbhorsen her story could be either a fascinating story of villainous descent or a tragedy of losing a sense of self or both Also she's canonically asexual and aromantic which makes her dear to me in particular Then there's the world we've actually never seen a fully functional Old Kingdom; even in Lirael and Abhorsen it's still being rebuilt and in Sabriel it's the nation wide euivalent of a ghost town Nix had a distinct opportunity here to explore what an entire country filled with necromancers Clayr and Charter Mages would look like and he wrote pretty much all three of those groups out of it The only necromancers we see are the Abhorsens none of whom actually go into Death not even ONE antagonistic necromancer anywhere; the Clayr don't really show up at all and Charter Magic is out of fashion in the society so doesn't play a part further Clariel doesn't have a strong aptitude for the Charter so even though she's supposedly learning it the reader never really gets to see it used Ancelstierre plays no role in this story at all which is understandable but regrettable The land beyond the Rift has the potential to be involved but isn't All this leaves the Old Kingdom feeling a great deal generic than it does in the original trilogy and instead of the sense of coming back to a fantasy world I loved I wound up with the sense that a bait and switch had been performedI wanted to enjoy this book really I did but all the things that I enjoyed about the original trilogy were absent My hopes are still up for the promised post Abhorsen fifth volume especially as it's less likely to have the 'writing onesself into the world' feeling that this did by dint of coming soon hopefully after Clariel And hey maybe Nix will get back into the swing of things and someday we'll get a seuel to this book or a preuel about some of the fascinating history it mentioned lady pirates on the Ratterlin Mistress Ader as Abhorsen I'd love on both I still want from this world and from Nix as an author; it just happens that this didn't hit the mark at allA couple of final notesuibbles under the cutview spoiler Aunt Lemmin and the princess were both criminally under usedover mentioned Honestly by the end I expected them to be the same person since otherwise there wouldn't really be enough time to develop two and I anticipated both being involved in the end Aaaaaand then they both wound up offscreen The villainous plot Really didn't have enough stakes to it at all I mean this is a preuel by in world chronology but in publication it's directly following the book that ended with BINDING ORANNIS And all we get here is a vague background attempt to break the Charter Really gotta say though I still love the complete lack of gender roles in this world Ladies are everywhere and doing everything and that's great there was a brief mention Clariel almost hugging Belatiel to let out some feeling that she had long suppressed which really bothered me; see above re her being really firmly defined as aro ace That line came off as a half assed retraction of that orientation and felt a little like a betrayal no seriously I want to know what's beyond the Rift NIX SEUEL PLEASE hide spoiler

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Clariel The Lost AbhorsenSixteen year old Clariel is not adjusting well to her new life in the city of Belisaere the capital of the Old Kingdom She misses roaming freely within the forests of Estwael and she feels trapped within the stone city Clariel The PDFEPUB or walls And in Belisaere she is forced to follow the plans plots and demands of everyone from her parents t This book was hard to read but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking ofGarth Nix’s writing was the best it’s ever been It’s not my favorite style but I like it nonetheless The plot was engaging the pacing was good – not fantastic but not widely variable or unbearably slow – and the worldbuilding was as usual wonderfulThis was hard for me to read because Clariel reminded me a lot of myself when I was youngerMy parents took me out of the public school system after 8th grade and enrolled me in a private school for 9th grade They destroyed my social support and threw my academics off track and I’ve never let them forget that they deliberately ignored me and my protests through the whole processThe whole time I was reading this book every time Clariel expressed her single minded desire to go back home it was very hard to not throw all my support behind her I was never uiet about the fact that I didn’t want to be in private school; it was obnoxious and unkind to the friends I made that year but for me leaving was the most important thing in the world and I was never going to let anyone forget thatBut what I learned at that school was that I didn’t know myself as well as I thought I did When you spend your whole life in one environment it’s very hard to separate yourself from your surroundings And for all that we strive to make our environments suit us we often grow and learn about ourselves in unfamiliar settingsMany of the assumptions I’d made about myself through life were proven wrong in 9th grade – that I couldn’t make friends that I could be a one woman island against the world but also the idea that I should force myself to talk to people even when I wasn’t comfortable Hell I developed most of my social skills that yearSo it was very very hard for me to not root for Clariel in her uest to get back to the forests; it was eually hard for me to disapprove of her parents’ arguments that she would grow to like Belisaere make friends and adapt to the new environmentI don’t agree with the people whose reactions to the book were negative because Clariel’s character was selfish impulsive and unwise for the decisions she made and the beings she trusted Not because it’s untrue it is very true in fact but because I myself contemplated doing things relatively as drastic as what she did and if I’d had backbone and been less indecisive I would have gone through with them – and they would had backfired as dramatically as Clariel’s actions didAnd that’s what I think Garth Nix was trying to portray with this book that period in every person’s life when they’re forced out of their comfort zone and into alien environments forced to interact with new people; and how their reactions and ultimate success or failure with the change is influenced so much by who they are and who surrounds them and does or doesn’t support themAnd part of the reason I think this worked so well was that this book is the other side of the Old Kingdom Universe coin a foil to the first three books Sabriel Lirael and Abhorsen tell the stories of young women who haven’t found their places yet who are thrown out of their comfort zones into truly brutal environments and forced with very little support to discover their destinies and save the world – and they succeed spectacularlyBut the exact opposite happens to Clariel – the environment she’s forced into isn’t hostile; she has a multitude of possible friends and mentors numerous new skills she could learn and become competent at The possibilities are endless her future completely in her handsAnd the tragedy of it all is that even with all this potential Clariel is still completely isolated and fails miserably at anything she attempts Her friends and mentors have their own agendas; she is given no time to adjust to Belisaere before being given responsibility far beyond her capabilities; and her own stubborn loner personality prevents her from reaching out to the right people asking for help at the right times – even recognizing possible dangers until it’s too late Out of the perfect situation is created the perfect stormSo of course the pacing of the story is going to be rough of course the best characters are going to be underutilized – if the story had been steadier if the right characters had been present then Clariel wouldn’t have turned out the way she didThe people who are supposed to be role models whose jobs it is to take care of the Kingdom and its people are so wrapped up in their own wants their own personal grudges that a very stable situation turns to shit in a matter of weeks They have all the resources all the energy and all the time in the world to do their jobs and they waste all of it completely And Clariel is caught in the middle of this whole mess disoriented and alone and the story shows thatAnother complaint I saw was that this wasn’t a whole story that it felt like a rough draft that was missing a good conclusion and a good protagonist And they’re right this wasn’t a complete story and it did lack a sympathetic protagonist Clariel isn’t a full story it’s a snippet a couple weeks pulled from history to help us understand how things were and how they came to be what they are now No the story didn’t finished we didn’t get to see all of Clariel’s history only the beginning of her descent into the horrifying Greater Dead creature we saw in Lirael and Abhorsen But that’s the point Nix purposefully leaves the rest of the story untold forcing us to imagine how far both ClarielChlorr and the Old Kingdom have come in the intervening 600 years One of my complaints about Sabriel is that we were told very little about how the Old Kingdom was in Touchstone’s time forced again to imagine how it was and how it came to be what it was in Sabriel’s time I think Clariel fulfills that role – it creates a third point of reference so that we can better track the changes to the Old Kingdom over timeThat’s why the book was so worldbuilding heavy and why Clariel’s story took a backseat at times to the machinations and worries of other characters This book was the tale of a participant in a larger story a few weeks during a minor crisis – in a history of the Old Kingdom Clariel daughter of Jaciel and Harven would be a footnote perhaps not even given a paragraph in the chapter of the 1300s AWThis story is completely Clariel’s her point of view on full display and her experiences in detail But it’s also not hers at all because she’s only one cog in the greater political and magical machines of the Old KingdomSo don’t be so hard on the book – it wasn’t supposed to be a regular book and I don’t think it would’ve been any good if Nix had written it as suchPre read obsessive updating has been deleted to save characters but I've kept the art linksTons of art Also the new cover artist Sebastian Ciaffaglione is on tumblr He's been posting some Old Kingdom art along with original and other series' art A Sabriel sketch and some back cover monsters Lirael and Sabriel The British hardcover art for Across The Wall Sabriel Sabriel and all nine gates of Death traveled by Lirael and illustrated by Laura Tolton the Great Art on Laura Tolton the Great's tumblr and a whole blog of art And to the user named Astarael I shall share with you creations regarding our shared bell and my tumblr url Will I do this for anybody else with a bell themed goodreads name No Nobody talks about the bells at all it's annoying And lastly art