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Wild Children Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â [Read] ➬ Wild Children ➵ Richard Roberts – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Bad children are punished Be bad a child is told and you’ll be turned into an animal marked with your crimeThe Wild Children are forever young but that too can be a curseFive children eaVes of two brothers in the form of a beautiful flaming birdFinally the oldest child learns that what is right can be horribly wrongTogether they tell a sixth story of a Wild Girl who can’t speak for herself and doesn’t seem Wild at a. Richard Roberts writes fantasy focused around folk tales fairy tales and mythology He has had strange jobs such as breeding tarantulas and translating Japanese television to english And here we have Wild Children which shows how one can write such an interesting piece or workWhat caught my eye was the title I have four daughters 3 of 4 are wild the other one is watching her sisters learning to be wild Yeah I'm going to need stables to train my wild childrenIn Wild Children we meet children who are miss behaved in one way or another They are turned into an animal based on their behavior Donkeys Birds Cats Unicorn etc Now as owner ship of mainly the rich people they give us readers the story behind their characterMy favorite Wild Child is Jinx A black cat who is a wandering No owner and can see what others can't With a little bit of The Cat's Eye reference by Steven King The two birds Right and Left play a huge part through out Robert's wonderful storyIf you want fantasy Robert Richard has it covered Wild Children will bring out your animal as you tear through this novel I wonder what animal I would of became I was a devious SOB in middle school

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Learns that wrong can be right and her curse may be a blessingAnother is so Wild he must learn the simplest lesson to love someone elseAn eight year old girl must face fear and doubt as she dies of old ageLove and strangeness hit the li. How many of you have watched Pinocchio the Disney version Do you remember that for a good bit of the movie Pinocchio was half donkey and half um puppet Well this was the image that popped into mind when I read the descriptions of the Wild ChildrenThe Wild Children are part animal part child Sometimes they're almost all animal and sometimes they're almost all child They can be many things too such as Donkey Wolf Dove and even mythical ones like Unicorn They seem to come about by different ways too one village has a strange fountain of wild ness one city goes underground and some just occurThe book itself is split into Five Acts and a Denouement Act I also has two Scenes which all means that there are seven chapters in total The difference between the Acts is that each Act revolves around a different Wild Child The only connecting thread between them is that a Donkey Girl called Hind appears in every chapter And as you read and you realise that the real star of the story is HindEither her or Bray she also appears in than one ActNow I haven't given away a spoiler;What I love about the book is the discussion about the Wild Children The trials itself was ok but I did like the discussion about whether the Wild Children were evil and a temptation or angels especially for dove children or even just kids given a second chance Almost every character has a different opinion and no definitive answer is ever givenApart from this there's also a very interesting narrative of the discrimination against the Wild Children It really makes you visualise why people who look different are often discriminated againstThe only thing I didn't like was that Bray instantly fell in love with a side character in one chapter I wish it didn't happen because it didn't feel like Bray Why sueeze in a romanceBut overall it's a good book I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an enchanting readDisclaimer I got a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest reviewFirst published at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

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Wild ChildrenBad children are punished Be bad a child is told and you’ll be turned into an animal marked with your crimeThe Wild Children are forever young but that too can be a curseFive children each tell a different story of what they became One. Oh boyThe premise of this is fantastic Roberts has a great and wonderfully dark imagination It makes me think a bit of Pinnochio with the donkey childrenThen in the second part the world suddenly grows so much bigger and we discover that there's to the Wild Children that first seenNow for the problemsThe writing is unclear The setting is obviously not modern but I had a hard time getting a handle on when exactly we were It didn't help that at times word choices were shockingly modernThe narrative is vague circular hard to follow at times It's told in a somewhat conversational style with child narrators but stillI got tired of reading the same sentence three times in slightly different iterationsThen we get to Act Two and things go completely bonkers Suddenly there are creatures other than Wild Children; some children can steal pain from other children and sell it forsomething it's not entirely clearThe transformations themselves have something to do with sin or they don't it's unclearMaybe some of this gets cleared up but I'm not in the mood to wade through circuitous prose to get thereBut the premise was so wonderfully dark in a sort of fairy tale way The old sort of fairy tale where the wicked stepsisters get their eyes pecked out by birds SoI'll take a break and maybe I can eventually come back