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FREE READER ´ DOC Up the Seine Without a Paddle The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw #2 ↠ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Up the Seine Without a Paddle The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw #2 By Eliza Watson – What do you do wheWhat do you do when the City of Love doesn't love you?Caity Shaw takes on Paris and her next event planner job with a bit confidence which is immediately shot down when she's forced to take responsibility for a six year old brat They're kicked out of a famous museum and she goes from being a glamorous event planner for a funeral directors' group to a reluctant au pair Just what she doesn't need as she struggles to This is the second book in The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw series and is if possible even better than the firstIt just makes such deliciously compulsive reading and is a perfect comfort read when you’re feeling a little down Eliza Watson’s writing style is so easygoing and personal with the first person approach to this novel it feels like you’re the main character’s confidant and have a ringside seat to all her shenanigans in this latest bookCaity the main character in uestion is naturally upbeat and sweet but she’s not long out of an abusive relationship and is trying to re establish her identity after being told for so long that everything about her was wrong The hardest part to this venture that she doesn’t really know who she is as a person but she’s building bridges with her family and is working on her genealogy to see if finding her roots helps her figure out who she isCaity began the search for her grandmother’s past in the first book of the series Flying by the Seat of my Knickers but this book doesn’t have a huge amount of development on that front but I was delighted to learn that the next book is due out in July 2017 so there’s a promise of alreadyThe beauty of this book is the character development Caity is gaining a little self confidence now she’s having some little wins in her new job With this self confidence however she’s starting to chip away at the walls she had to build around herself to survive her abuse relationship and the breakup – it’s painful to read but very cathartic The pace of this book sets the tone for what I think we can expect from the rest of the series the pace at which our heroine is getting her life back together suggests that we have a few books ahead of us before we can reach what I hope pray beg possibly bribe will be a final happy endingThis all sounds heavy and depressing but this book is wonderfully fun humorous and light hearted Caity is working her second ever job as an event plannercoordinator and though she’s finding her feet in this industry you can never predict what’s going to happen next The author herself is an event planner and you can feel the authenticity of a lot of the issues the main characters face there’s something about knowing that all these hilarious disasters are probably loosely based on real life events that makes them extra funnyThe one thing to realise about this series so far at least is that it isn’t really a romance – sure there are some fuzzy feelings but it’s just about a woman rebuilding her life and how she learns to cope under pressure all over againI would recommend this book for fans of travel and light humour it’s so easy and comforting to read that I would put this on a list of holiday readsReviewed by Nia at wwwwhisperingstoriescom

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Er's mysterious past uncovering secrets that could tear Caity's family apart Declan reveals his own secret which might bring Caity and him closer despite her attempts to keep an emotional distance from the charming womanizer However the only way to help Declan open up and heal might be to confide in him about her pastCaity finally has faith in herself can she learn to have faith that others won't judge her mistakes I really enjoyed the second installment in this series These books are uick reads that keep your interest the entire time Caity is working her second ever travel event in Paris Declan the one who recommended her and her possible love interest from the last book is along as well Caity learns about event planning and is starting to grow in her confidence Well when she isn't stuck playing nanny to the funeral director's son Meanwhile Declan opens up about his past and Caity is wondering if she can trust him with her own story She's also trying to get up the confidence to tell her sister Caity annoyed me at certain parts in this book with her desire to push Declan to open up while concealing her own past She also overreacted to a lot of situations Some of that was understandable with the relationship she just got out of The first book's summary gave me the impression that the series was a lot focused on uncovering Caity's grandmother's history That storyline takes of a back burner than I had expected However these were minor complaints I still really enjoyed this book These are likable characters the locations are interesting and detailed and the pace is uick Looking forward to reading the third

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Up the Seine Without a Paddle The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw #2Regain self esteem whittled away by an emotionally abusive ex boyfriendDeclan Caity's hot Irish coworker helps her maintain her sanity and sense of humor when she is repeatedly thrown out of places in Paris He also perpetuates her facade as an experienced planner a goal she'll never achieve if she's spending her days at puppet shows Caity and Declan spend evenings exploring Paris and researching her Irish grandmoth This was a wonderful sweet second book in the Caity Shaw series While not as hysterically funny as the first book this brought out all the feels you can think of humor sorrow and love I fell in love with the setting of Paris and the way it was described by the author makes me wish I could go tomorrowCaity Shaw is in Paris once again working with her good friend Declan for an event specifically for funeral directors While not so enthused by some of the morbid attractions on the group's tours she is even less so about her spontaneous role as au pair to one of the director's young son Henry While taking care of Henry she is kicked out of two buildings walked to a different hotel and snuggled by a dog named Esme Needless to say Caity is having a wild time in Paris but now the uestion is what will happen from here with Declan?I really liked this chapter in Caity's life because it showed a much serious side of her We see of her PTSD coming out from her past abusive relationship with her ex and she becomes stronger as she works through her anxiety Declan also is serious in this book It's revealed why he is so hands off with Caity and the shock sets the tone for their friendship going forward It's engaging romantic infuriating and delightful all at the same time I can't wait to see where their relationship goes nextI highly recommend this book to any reader who likes humor and adventure in their romance books Definitely read the first book before this one in order to fully appreciate the character development Thankfully we only have to wait until July to see what happens nextI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review