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Download The Twenty Five Deeds of Hanson Drake Mobi è 200 pages ↠ Briar kit esme Ð [Read] ➪ The Twenty Five Deeds of Hanson Drake ➲ Briar Kit Esme – 'It isn't all just kismet Some of it is serendipity Some of it is sagacity A lot of it is doi'It isn't all just kismet Some of it is serendipity Some of it is sagacity A lot of it is doing the right thing simply because we can The difference between those who don't and those who do is that those who do do It doesn't get any complicated than that' Hanson Drake ❊ ❊ ❊Nearly three years have passed since I wrote HANSON DRAKE Three years marked by a uarter of a million letters and emails sent from people around the world asking uestions about Hanson Drake's lifeWhat can I tell them? Tell you? Briar Kit Esme ❊ ❊ ❊Hanson Drake has five hundred million in the bank and a house on the beach overlooking the ocean As the writer of the world's favourite song he hasn't had to do a day's work in his lifeStung into action by a derisive article in a national newspaper Hanson Drake decides to change his life by becoming a volunteer at a country houseHe vows to do at least one good deed every day in the twenty four days leading up to Christmas in the hope of securing salvation and redemption for his wasteful lifeIn helping others he finally understands his place in the universe as he learns to celebrate the ordinariness and eccentricities of the people he meetsBut what does fate have planned for Hanson Drake?❊ ❊ ❊HANSON DRAKE tickles the soft underbelly of the British middle classes There's something reminiscent of Jerome K Jerome or P G Wodehouse in Briar Kit Esme's gently comic writingBriar Kit I loved your rich elegant and amusing style I liked your characters a lot and could even feel some sympathy for a rich person who tries to appear poor the exact opposite of me Thank you very much for this giftDeceptively simple It was only when I reached the final chapters that I realised just how deep and perceptive a novel HANSON DRAKE really isI laughed and cried sometimes on the same pageI'm not sure if I just read an advent story or a craftily worded philosophic treatise Either way I'll certainly be in line to buy Briar Kit's next novelI sat down to read one chapter Ended up reading the whole book Who doesn't want to meet a man like Han Is it better to give than to receive? Does one good deed deserve another?Just the other day I heard about a millionaire who gave at least a thousand dollars to waiters and waitresses as a tip He said it was his way of serving the Lord one tip at a time I believe this delightful novel by Briar Kit Esme is a wonderful and creative example of generosity doing the right thing at the right time and passing on the blessings that have been given to usYes it is better to give than to receive and no good deed goes unnoticedThis novel is lyrical and definitely something people can hum along with Is being rich a blessing or a curse? Is it genius or serendipity? Is it both? My friends there is a blessing in wisdom Having the wisdom to give is something that can make you richer than you could ever imagineJeannie Walker Award Winning Author I Saw the LightFighting the Devil A True Story of Consuming Passion Deadly Poison and MurderThomas The Friendly GhostThe Rain Snake A True Story of Love Faith and Trust

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Son Drake?I have just bought life membership to 'Public Treasures' thanks to your book A triumphWould it be possible for you to write a preuel to describe Hanson Drake's earlier life?I thought I knew exactly how the book was going to end I was so wrong about thatI could see the BBC making HANSON DRAKE into one of those serialisations that they usually do for Dickens' stories Would be a festive hitThe chapter about Talulah Bowles was so moving The spoiler removed in the final scene reduced me to tears I can't believe I cried just because spoiler removed But it seemed to be the least that I could doIs HANSON DRAKE a book about faith or the rejection of faith?My three children and I really enjoyed the story of Great Scott Any chance you'll be printing it as a separate picture book or even as a series of books?In our house the moral imperative uestion is now framed as What would Hanson do?Can you please settle an argument that has been raging in our family for the last six months and actually explain the riddle of the five north poles?I have read HANSON DRAKE six times so farI really am anxious to know about Haladdin and his familyI read to 'The End' of the book and then the 'Warning' I couldn't bear to read the 'Epilogue' or the 'Postscript' for fear of spoiler removedOne minute you're chuckling at Gordon and Gwen and are immersed in a highly benevolent vision of Middle England and the next you are thrown by the moving chapters about Talulah Bowles River Becken and the Fawn let alone spoiler removedThere's such an important message in the Fawn but I struggled to know if I should read it to my kids or not In the end I did and then we discussed the issues it raised Parents should read ahead and decide whether it is suitable for their childrenHANSON DRAKE is both a great novel that is simple and a simple novel that is great The kind of book that will still be read one hundred years from nowThe chapter about Noah Guilmard Mistry deals with the issue of spoiler removed head on If people only read one chapter they should make sure that it is that one A wonderful book on how kindness is all about the small acts and not necessarily Big Bang Reminded me of my Mom whose small acts of kindness made a huge difference to people around her An apt read for the holiday season

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The Twenty Five Deeds of Hanson DrakeI found myself crying along with Whitney and LeeannChristmas will never be uite the same again after reading HANSON DRAKEThree cheers for the acerbic Christopher Hitchingly He's the one who has got 'uite a tongue'I can only think of two things that would improve curling up on the sofa on a cold winter’s evening with HANSON DRAKE a hot water bottle and a mug of hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows of courseI so want to attend a 'Solstice Breakfast'I love 'wayle' it will make playing Scrabble so much easierI hated Vincent Virgo at first sight but grudgingly admired him by the end of the chapter Very clever writing Vinny and Alexis could have stepped out of the pages of a Dickens' novel uite a tongueAs an archeologist you can imagine how much I enjoyed the chapter about Amelia Platelli If only all archeological digs had a pig like Ethel The filthy car well that is accurateHuzzah for Hanson Drake we finally have a Christmas character capable of knocking Scrooge off his festive perchI'm proud to say that I was a London 2012 wayleJon Kerking The man's a legend AnsonA book that can be Enjoyed by All the family Rare enough These days I did Love GordonIs there a family anywhere on the planet that doesn't know someone exactly like Gwen? #OnMyMobileBabesLady Lucia she's the key isn't she?I read the book twice Laughed and cried a number of times Was going to email to plead with you to re write the Fawn because I found the chapter so distressing But then I read it a third time and realised that what Jon Kerking says at the end of the chapter is pivotal to understanding Hanson Drake and why in turn the Fawn chapter itself is needed It has a dark and terrifying beautyThere are waiters in hotels all over the country who are now carefully studying the faces of their guests as they eat their breakfastsIs the proverb that Mako uotes to Hanson actually a real Japanese saying? 'The philosopher sees the world in the garden The poet sees the garden in the world'Advent Six Great Scott I laughed so much I had tears running down my face and a stitch in my si Loved it A heartwarming funny story in a world full of bad things