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EPUB À MOBI Socrates A Life Examined î A Life Examined ☆ JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS ☆ [Reading] ➬ Socrates: A Life Examined ➳ Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk One of the most influential thinkers in the history of the West was SocratesEnce and value of the soul as that aspect of his philosophical journey that animated and structured all his activities Navia also considers Socrates' relationship with the Sophists his stance vis à vis the religious beliefs and practices of his time his view of the relationship between legality and morality and the function of language in human life Finally he elouently captures the Socratic legacy whichthan twenty four centuries after his death is still so urgently relevant today Navia brings to life this perennially important philosopher illuminating the relevance of his ideas for our modern wor I did not enjoy this book The author continually jumps through time periods without any regard for continuity of flow or theme I found it to be rather boring

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One of the most influential thinkers in the history of the West was Socrates of Athens 469 399 BCE Literally thousands of books and other works of art have been devoted to him yet his character and the tenets of his philosophy remain elusive Even his contemporaries had very different impressions of him and since he himself left no writings to posterity we can only wonder Who was this man really? What ideas and ideals can be truthfully associated with him? What is the basis for the extraordinary influence he has exerted throughout history?Philosopher Luis E Navia presents a compelling portrayal of S This is a beautifully written work by a scholar who knows his subject thoroughly It is a work of genius Best of all it is written to be read by almost anyone After years of trying to grasp what was going on in Athens that helped produce a man like Socrates Luis E Navia has completed the picture for me He draws the man his friends and the city together in a way that makes sense If you're a scholar a philosopher a historian or a reader with curiosity about Socrates and the great Greek city state of the 5th century BCE this is the book for you There have been two books of the many I have read that have been the most pivotal for me in advancing my understanding of history The first was Julian Jaynes' masterwork The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and the second is Navia's Socrates A Life Examined

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Socrates A Life ExaminedOcrates in this very readable and well researched book which is both a biography of the man and an exploration of his ideas Through a critical and documented study of the major ancient sources about Socrates ― in the writings of Aristophanes Xenophon Plato and Aristotle ― Navia reconstructs a surprisingly consistent portrait of this enigmatic philosopher He links Socrates' conviction that the unexamined life is not worth living with Immanuel Kant's later concept of an innate moral imperative as the only meaningful purpose of human existence He highlights Socrates' unrelenting search for the ess An excellent book which offers real innovative insights into Socrates the man as opposed to Socrates the myth