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Trump's Democrats review ´ 9 ñ ⚣ Trump's Democrats Books ⚡ Author Stephanie Muravchik – Why did hundreds of Democratic strongholds break for Donald Trump in 2016 and stay loyal to him in 2020Looking for answers Muravchik and Shields lived in three such flipped communities There they disc Why did hundreds of Rs if needed Stressing loyalty they often turn to family to fill critical political roles Trump resembling these old style Democratic bosses strikes a familiar and appealing figure in these communitiesAlthough voters in flipped communities have often been portrayed as white supremacists Muravchik and Shields find that their primary political allegiances are to placenot race They will spend an extra dollar to patronize local businesses and they think local jobs should go to their neighbors not foreigners from neighboring countieswho are just as likely to be white and native b. An interesting and comprehensive study of how and why tradtionally Democratic communities flipped for Trump in 2016 written with clarity and enhanced with attention to detail and many illuminating ver batims from the interviewees That said while the authors are certainly entitled to inject their subjective views of Trump the fact that they do so with some freuency undermines the otherwise scholarly nature of the investigation and pushes the book towards the realm of a partisan political piece which is not a particularly welcome circumstance

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Orn Unlike the Proud Boys they takepride in their local communities than in their skin color Trump successfully courted these Democrats by promising to revitalize their struggling hometownsBecause these communities largely stuck with Trump in Biden won the presidency by just the thinnest of margins Whether they will continue to support a Republican Party without Trumpor swing back to the Democratsdepends in part on which party can satisfy these locally grown political tastes and values The party that does that will enjoy a stranglehold in national elections for years to come. Thoroughly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the appeal of Donald Trump to traditional New Deal Democratic audiences The authors who admit they are not Trump fans did extensive and very non judgmental interviews of residents of three traditional Democratic counties that went with Trump in 2016 as well as in 2020 One in Iowa another in Kentucky while the third in Rhode Island As the duo present the views of the fine decent people they talked to you will see that white working class Trump supporters are not racists or xenophobes or even folks who blame others for why their lives are less than their parents or grandparents but instead view Trump through local focused eyes based on their community experience When Trump says Make America Great Again they hear Make their community Great Again in a way that brings back better jobs so that the major community export is no longer talented young people The book also does a good job of explaining why certain Trump characteristics what we call narcissism and nepotism do not bother the white working class but in fact increases his appeal Fifty years ago Tip O'Neil said All politics are local and Trump Democrats infuses that term with even increased accuracy today

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Trump's DemocratsWhy did hundreds of Democratic strongholds break for Donald Trump in and stay loyal to him in Looking for answers Muravchik and Shields lived in three such flipped communities There they discovered a political culture that was Trumpy long before the th president arrived on the national political sceneIn these places dominated by the white working class some of the most beloved and longest serving Democratic leaders are themselves Trumpiangrandiose combative thin skinned and nepotistic Indifferent to ideology they promise to take care of their people by cutting dealsand corne. The book offers the results of the social scientist authors' in depth interviews with voters in three previously absolutely solid Democratic jurisdictions who turned to Trump in 2016 Many knowledgeable and intelligent people who lean left or right are woefully out of touch with the values and moral thinking of the American working and middle classes; for them this book is an eye opener These values include strong commitment to family and local community as opposed to the interests of globalist progressivismThe authors although clearly committed to leftist ideology are commendable for their ability to explore those values and moral thinking even though they are at odds with their own The book is marred however by their repeated pejorative characterization without supportive argument of President Trump's rhetoric and character Possibly they feared getting cancelled for writing a book that entered sympathetically into the views of Trump supporters notwithstanding their clear goal of finding out how the Democratic Party might regain the support of these voters