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CHARACTERS ↠ The Way of Shadows ´ ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Way of Shadows By Brent Weeks ➮ – For Durzo Blint assassination is an art and he is the city's most accomplished artist For Azoth survival is precarious Something you never take for granted As a guild rat he's grown up in the slums an For DurzIs old life and embrace a new identity and name As Kylar Stern he must learn to navigate the assassins' world of dangerous politics and strange magics and cultivate a flair for dea. The pain you feel is the pain of abandoning a delusion The delusion is meaning Kylar There's no higher purpose There are no gods No arbiters of right and wrong I don't ask you to like reality I only ask you to be strong enough to face it There is nothing beyond this Only the perfection of becoming weapons Do you know how many I've killed Neither do I I used to remember the name of every person I killed Then it was too many I just remembered the number Then only the innocents Then I forgot even that Do you know what punishments I've endured for my crimes my sins None I am proof of the absurdity of men's most treasured abstractions A just universe wouldn't tolerate my existence — Durzo Blint yeah long uote but I like itI'm reading this as something of an outsider someone who has never read The Way of Shadows though it's been sitting on my tbr list for what a decade nearly I like assassins what can I say So take my 4 star rating with a grain of saltBy having not read the original material I got lost occasionally This is written with some minor knowledge expectation given the page differential between the original and the adaptation I am not surprised I'm wondering if the focus isn't uite right There isn't uite enough emphasis put on the relationship between Kylar and Logan They are best friends from very early on but the graphic novel brushes over that it sort of changes the weight of the ending a line that doesn't carry the punch it should Aside from that I did really enjoy this The passage of time is done well showing the changes in AzothKylar The outfits are stunning and storytelling in their own right that is something that won't exist in the written version The missing story elements are somewhat outweighed by the beauty Graphic novels suit this story I'm surprised that the other two in the trilogy weren't adapted as wellIn the author's note Brent Weeks explains how this came to be which in and of itself is an interesting story It's good to see an author so involved in their own adaptation The art is well suited to the words There is a matched beauty and brutality I find it hard to explain but there is an effective synergy When I started dreaming about the Night Angel trilogy I didn't dream of words I dreamt of action of fights to dazzle the mind's eye Bruce Lee's kinetic genius and baffling strength and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's strength and speed — Brent Weeks author's noteA representative gif

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D rat he's grown up in the slums and learned to judge people uickly and to take risks Risks like apprenticing himself to Durzo BlintBut to be accepted Azoth must turn his back on h. Essentially the Night Angel story retold in illustrated format Really nice package well done dialogue and graphics I enjoyed it in a medium I do not normally enjoy

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The Way of ShadowsFor Durzo Blint assassination is an art and he is the city's most accomplished artist For Azoth survival is precarious Something you never take for granted The Way PDF or As a guil. in order to condense a 640 page epic adult fantasy into a graphic novel apparently you have to leave out all the world building lol oh dear This was extremely hard to follow if you haven't read The Way of Shadows The magic system just didn't make sense and most of the characters art looked the same so it made scenes changes bewildering Also not sure if I misread this but the only nods to ueer people were comments of them being rapistssexual predators I'm honestly not enthused to read the prose version butI have it so we'll see 00