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The ShiningMoteand sinister And the only one to notice the strange and terrible forces gathering around the Overlook is Danny Torrance a uniuely gifted five year old uite simply put The Shining is the best horror story I have ever read It scared the hell out of meOver a period of time I have noticed certain standard motifs in horror stories One of these I call The Lost Child Such stories will typically involve a child who can see what the silly grownups cannot see or even if they do see don't acknowledge because it goes against reason and logic and who fights however high the odds stacked against him her are Danny Torrance is such a boyDanny can read minds He can see the frightening thoughts inside his Dad's and Mom's heads DIVORCE SUICIDE but is powerless to do anything about it Danny does not know that he has a gift; he takes it as a matter of course until Dick Halloran of the Overlook Hotel tells him that he shines onJack Torrance Danny's Dad reformed alcoholic and struggling writer is trying to put his life back together after a tragedy He gets what he sees as the ideal chance when he lands the job of caretaker of the Overlook Hotel for the winter In the snowed in hotel with only his son and wife Wendy Jack assumes that he will get enough uality time to be with his family patch up old uarrels and write that breakout novelBut the Overlook has other plans The hotel which feeds on and grows in strength from the evils committed on its premises wants Danny permanently to join its crew of ghostly inhabitants And to do that it needs to get to JackThe novel slowly grows in horror starting with mild unease moving up through sweaty palms and dry mouth to pure gut wrenching terror Jack's slow slide into madness is paralleled by the growth in power of the hotel's dark miasma and Danny's extraordinary capabilities We are on a roller coaster ride into darknessThe world of grownups is often frighteningly incomprehensible to young children these fears seldom die as we grow up but remain dormant in our psyche There are very few of us who does not have a ghost in our childhood somewhere It is when the writer invokes this ghost that story gets to us King does a masterly job of awakening that child and putting him her in the midst of childhood terrors through the alter ego of Danny Torrance lost in the cavernous corridors of the OverlookThere are a lot of passages which literally creeped me out in this novel the topiary animals the fire hose in the corridor the woman in the bathroom to name a few As King has said elsewhere the monster behind the door is frightening than the monster slavering at you this book is full of such monsters More importantly you will keep on remembering your own boogeymen while you are reading; and long after you finish you will feel the urge to look behind youHorror stories are a form of catharsis As King says the writer takes you to the body covered under the sheet you feel it and are frightened At the same time you are relieved that the body is not youA true masterpiece

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The Shining doc ↠ Paperback ↠ stephen king ↠ [Read] ➳ The Shining Author Stephen King – Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start As the off season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel he'll have plenty of time to spend reconnecting with Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start As the off season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel he'll have This was most excellent; I can 100% see why this is many readers favorite Stephen King novel Heck it's my favorite novel of his to date although I have a good number of his books to catch up on I've found myself overly critical of his work in the past possibly due to the fact that he's so well known but I feel it's been a fault on my end Previously I've picked up one of his doorstops at a time I wasn't prepared to fully invest in the time and energy it takes to immerse oneself into his world building and lengthy details This time I was ready Also this was only like 600 pages which felt like a novella compared to IT I'm finally able to understand why so many people hold the standard of traditional horror in comparison to this novel Sure it has all the creepy crawlies and spooky wookies to get your heart racing but it's so grounded in reality that I had a hard time rationalizing with myself that it's just a story The 150 page set up is well worth the reader's time as it lays the groundwork for much of the why behind the narrative and it also gave me a chance to bond with precious Danny before the shit hit the fan I may be the last person on the planet to have read this book but just in case I'm not I wanted to share some of the things that really hit home with me Just like IT is at heart a disturbing coming of age story The Shining was an impeccable tale of extreme cabin fever with a hefty dose of the destructive nature of alcoholism When you break it down like that the supernatural elements actually seem to take a backseat to the very real horror of what it's like living with someone struggling through addiction I've heard all the stories of how this book helped SK realize his own struggle with alcohol and I'm inclined to believe it's true as the writing here was heavy laden with emotion and depth I apologize for ever calling Mr King over hyped I'm grateful my previous experiences with his wordier novels didn't deter me from finally choosing to read this as it's a gem of a book and a classic in it's genre I still despise Sleeping Beauties though and refuse to change my opinion on the matter ; Highly recommended to any other below the rock dwellers who may not have happened across this one Now to watch the movie or not

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Plenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing But as the harsh winter weather sets in the idyllic location feels ever re Hi Hello Me again with another book you should consider picking up if you haven't yet read this gift to the world Easily one of my top three favorite books of all time The Shining is a true classic of horror literature I have read it a few times and it gets me EVERY DAMN TIME This is one of the most atmospheric books I have ever read with The Overlook Hotel ultimately becoming a character in its own right There are so many chilling moments from crazed topiary animals to haunted elevators and evil playground euipment Sounds intriguing doesn't itRead it Read it nowMeg's Advice Best read on a cold windy night when you are home alone and there is the slight possibility that you may lose power Candles burning are a must for this one