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Download å A Gambler's Anatomy 102 ✓ ❰KINDLE❯ ❅ A Gambler's Anatomy Author Jonathan Lethem – A New York Times top 100 Notable Book of the YearAlexander Bruno is a man with expensive problems Sporting a tuxedo and trotting the globe he has spent his adult life as a professional gambler His parA New York Times top Notable Book of the YearAlexander Bruno is a man with expensive problems Sporting a tuxedo and trotting the globe he has spent his adult life as a professional gambler His particular line of work backgammon at which he extracts large sums of money from men who think they can challenge his peerless acumen In Singapore his luck turned Maybe it had something A Gambler's PDF to d. A DNF of sorts It went disjointedly repetitive somewhere around the middleThe Berliners all spoke English and even when they didn’t the meanings bled through In Singapore the alien tongues of Mandarin Malay and Tamil had left him happily sealed in his cone of incomprehension cAdditionally I am probably also soon losing my life he added in pidgin telepathy just to see if she was listeningShe showed no sign of having read his thoughts He was relieved Alexander Bruno had forsaken thought transference years ago at the start of puberty Yet he remained vigilant cFlirtation so effortlessly accomplished Mention of the train had done it Train unspecified; they both knew which They’d ridden together and now shared the ferry and though a thousand identical to her might have strolled past his Charlottenburg café window in two weeks the shared destination worked its paltry magic And both tall This little was enough to excuse lust as destiny cI will never lie to you he promised silently again just in case she could hear Bruno had only encountered a small scattering of those in whom he observed the gift of telepathy he himself had renounced But you never knew cSince his discovery of backgammon at age sixteen the game had acted as a funnel on Bruno’s attention excluding the bafflement and seduction of a universe beyond the checkers and points cThe result was too good—too much too soon For the price he’d extract here tonight he owed Köhler an evening’s entertainment some back and forth a shred of hope not this catastrophe The situation exposed Bruno’s least favorite aspect of his profession At such times he became a courtesan of sorts A geisha boy massaging the customer’s vanity until he could make off with the loot Backgammon’s beauty was its candidness In contrast to poker there were no hidden cards no bluff Yet because of the dice it was also unlike chess No genius could foresee twelve or thirty moves in advance Each backgammon position was its own absolute and present circumstance fated to be revised impossible to falsify Each roll of the dice created a new such circumstance The game’s only true gambling device the doubling cube served an expression of pure will cI don’t want to be deep the child had thought I want to uiet the voices the crazy shrieking voices of all of you June included I want to be like that bird c

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Y and worse returning home To the land of ‘bullying psychosis and bad taste’ otherwise known as contemporary AmericaSpecifically the garish hash smoke streets of Berkeley California Here the unseemly Keith Stolarsky – a childhood friend in possession of an empire of themed burger bars and thrift stores – is king And he’s willing to help Bruno out But there was always going to be a price. Back in the day I read Motherless Brooklyn Jonathan Lethem's brilliant and emotionally resonant noir about a private eye with Tourette's Syndrome I always meant to read by this talented writer but never got around to it So when A Gambler's Anatomy began to be reviewed and I found myself with a copy of it in my hands I was excited to see what Lethem would do with the story of a high stakes backgammon player down on his luckThe book begins brilliantly with Bruno going to Wannsee just outside of Berlin to play backgammon against a man he has been assured will be easy prey Bruno needs the money; after the disaster in Singapore he's utterly without resources And those opening chapters are excellent with the small exception of the stereo typical younger and attractive woman who is drawn to the desperate and thread bare Bruno Bruno's descent coincides with a blot in the center of his vision one which reuires him to look at things through the corners of his eyes and may be related to the headaches and other health issues The evening in Wannsee does not go well From this promising beginning A Gambler's Anatomy turns out to be just another WMFuN where the world and especially the women in it exist to spotlight what's happening to the self absorbed main character Add a long stretch of men being interested in their own thought processes than anything around them and the utter relegation of women to helpers and sex and the book ended up being uite a bit less than I had hoped It's stylistically interesting in the way a novel by a prominent white guy who has read everything David Foster Wallace ever wrote usually is but at the expense of any heart whatsoever Also Mr Lethem it's 2016 Women are no longer merely props If you can't write them as people leave them outview spoilerThe all too common White Male Fuck up Novel There are already too many of these hide spoiler

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A Gambler's AnatomyO with the Blot – a black spot which has emerged to distort Bruno’s vision It’s not showing any signs of going away In fact it’s spreading and as Bruno extends his losing streak in Berlin it becomes clinically clear that the Blot is the symptom of something terrible There’s a surgeon who can help an elite specialist the only one in the world But surgery is going to involve a lot of mone. Jonathan Lethem’s new novel combines a little of the intrigue of James Bond with all the sexiness of backgammon The result is a literary game that’s shaken not stirred But that’s hardly the weirdest mash up in “A Gambler’s Anatomy ” the latest from this MacArthur “genius” who’s been splicing together disparate genres since his first novel appeared in 1994The story opens with another motherless hero a professional gambler named Alexander Bruno Raised on George MacDonald Fraser’s “Flashman” adventures Bruno was abandoned early by his mother and raised by a gay cafe manager who taught him how to “make his newly strapping body both unthreatening and fascinating” Now blessed with a face of “ruined glamour” he travels the world to strip wealthy men of their cash — and pretensions “Bruno had for his entire life associated backgammon with candor” Lethem writes “the dice not determining fate so much as revealing character” Polite and reserved he preys on others’ overconfidence He’s “a courtesan of sorts A geisha boy massaging To read the rest of this review go to The Washington Posthttpswwwwashingtonpostcomentert To watch The Totally Hip Video Book Review click herehttpswwwwashingtonpostcomvideo