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read mobi Ø Taliban Militant Islam Ñ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia ✑ Ahmed Rashid – Shrouding themselves and their aims in deepest secrecy the leaders of the Taliban movement control Afghanistan with an inflexible crushing fundamentalism The most extremeTral Asian republics He describes the Talibans role as a major player in a new Great Gamea competition among Western countries and companies to build oil and gas pipelines from Central Asia to Western and Asian markets The author also discusses the controversial changes in American attitudes toward the Talibanfrom early support to recent bombings of Osama Bin Ladens hideaway and other Taliban protected terrorist basesand how they have influenced the stability of the regio This was a fascinating account of how the Taliban was originally formed its members leaders and aims For me and this is personal I know it went over the same ground too many times from only slightly different perspectivesBut I learned a lot and would recommend it to anyone else who thought that after the Afghans had kicked out the British Army in the late nineteenth century we should have left them to their own devices

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E account of the Taliban and modern day Afghanistan available to English language readers Based on his experiences as a journalist covering the civil war in Afghanistan for twenty years traveling and living with the Taliban and interviewing most of the Taliban leaders since their emergence to power in 1994 Rashid offers unparalleled firsthand information He explains how the growth of Taliban power has already created severe instability in Russia Iran Pakistan and five Cen If you want to understand the history behind the Taliban then this book is for youIt takes you back to the warring tribal factions through the Russian invasion and the reasons why the Taliban was formed Then it explains how they 'governed' the country with there laws e g the executions removal of limbs The law that allowed the family of the murdered relative to either accept blood money or dictate that the culprit be put to deathThe foreign humanitarian system that tried to rebuild the country after the Russian withdrawl by eg rebuilding a football stadium to allow the youths to have somewhere to play to retrieve their childhood only for it to be used by the Taliban as a place of execution being shot between the goalposts with a stadium packed with people including childrenThis give a flavour of the book but it goes into detail about the Taliban's other activities and how it became so 'successful'

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Taliban Militant Islam Oil and Fundamentalism in Central AsiaShrouding themselves and their aims in deepest secrecy the leaders of the Taliban movement control Afghanistan with an inflexible crushing fundamentalism The most extreme and radical of all Islamic organizations the Taliban inspires fascination controversy and especially fear in both the Muslim world and the West Correspondent Ahmed Rashid brings the shadowy world of the Taliban into sharp focus in this enormously interesting and revealing book It is the only authoritativ New York Times best seller #1 The best thing about this book it had been written by Ahmed Rashid back in 99'; however this is the second edition This has an added chapter plus new updates to maps and also a brand new forwardprologue You'll not be disappointed with this bookThis book begins back before the Taliban was ever the Taliban Starting in the days just after the Soviet Afghan war I highly recommend this book and all the other books written by Ahmed RashidIf you are a student of central Asian affairs history studies or just a student of foreign affairs international studiesrelations buy this book Search here on Ahmed Rashid and purchase all '5' of his books No man has a better knowledge on the area A lot of other books I read recommend Mr Rashid's booksYou will not be disappointed