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doc ¼ reader Stalin’s Sniper ´ The War Diary of Roza Shanina Free ✓ Join or create book clubs º [PDF / Epub] ☃ Stalin’s Sniper: The War Diary of Roza Shanina ✑ Join or create book clubs – Roza Shanina was an exRoza Shanina was an exceptional legendary sniper during World War II a brave female soldier known for her beauty high moral ualities and shooting accuracy She was credited with fifty nine confirmed kills including twelve soldiers during theBattle of Vilnius And she also kept a diary – a document uniue in its content which reveals to the world the unknown side of warTranslated for the first time into the English language by a professional translator the war dia Stalin's Sniper by AG Mogan is a haunting and surreal historical novel based on the diary of Roza Shanina and commentary by those who knew her Roza Shanina grew up in pre WWII Russia Schooled by a strict Communist father she developed a passion to fight for her homeland and by the 7th grade she was already an accomplished shooter She battled her way through the patriarchal stanchions of Russian mediocrity eventually making it to the front where she fought courageously as bravely as any man next to her Her kill list of Nazis and the fact that she is part of a small regiment of female snipers turns her into a national hero a true warrior and nationalist And yet throughout the war she battles with something that is missing inside her and because she is a woman she is also objectified and treated as something to be used for sexual gratification Reading her words which are carefully and skillfully integrated in this novel gives one a sense of what it was like to lie in ditches during brutally cold winters the near brushes with death feeling what she felt each time a friend was killed and truly what it was like for a woman to excel in a world where men dominated the playing field An excellent read and eye opening

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Ry of Roza Shanina is a uniue piece of history since diaries were strictly prohibited in the Soviet military in an effort to preserve secrecy Not only can we glimpse into the past to a time when war and conflict shaped personalities and turned ordinary men and women into warriors and sometimes heroes but also experience the war through the eyes of a young sometimes impressionable sometimes sensitive sometimes ruthless girlThe diary also serves as the best descri This book was a difficult read in some respects Knowing this young woman would not survive the war was one reason The amount of sexual harassment she was subjected to was another I was hoping there would be explanations of how she selected targets and conducted stalks This is not that type of book It is a collection of her letters diary entries and family and friend reminisces It provides good insight into the mindset of a WWII Soviet Soldier

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Stalin’s Sniper The War Diary of Roza ShaninaPtion of Roza’s personality – a girl who decided to fight for her homeland to defend the honor and dignity of her country in the ruthless battles against the enemyBut Roza remained above all human – never giving in to the temptation of revenge capable of empathy having her own weaknesses and vulnerabilities All this is best revealed in her diary to which she entrusted everything and through which she unknowingly addressed all people – her unknown readers A G MoganI love the way you captured Roza’s emotionsThank you and I look forward to reading of your workZeke ContrerasMay 11 2020San Antonio Texas