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Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson battle a vs Zombies PDF #201 zombie outbreak that threatens to overwhelm London In a meteor streaked ac. Three and a half starsWhat’s a good literary cash cow if you can’t regurgitate it over and over and over again In this case you combine an evergreen literary icon Sherlock Holmes with the monster de jour zombies and viola Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies This was published in 2010 so maybe people hadn’t reached the shambling dead breaking point back thenThis one is an entertaining and uick read in a pandering obvious kind of way It hits all the Sherlock and zombie formulaic notes and doesn’t take itself too seriously Moriarity Mycroft England in peril London overrun with zombies and oh yeah let’s hit themshoot themdo the stabby to them In the noggin It's elementary kidsI say brilliant deductive reasoning and all thatBottom Line If you’re not sick of zombies andor Sherlock Holmes give it a goOh and don’t let Mrs Hudson near a loaded weaponWhat a fiendish turn of events The zombies speak English Bollocks and what Ho Cheerio

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Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies Victorian Undead #1Ross London’s skies bringing with it a zombie plague For twenty years Her Majesty’s Secret Service kept Sherlock Holmes Epubthe t. Tapping into the cultural zeitgeist Edginton and Fabbri effectively combine the popular genres of steampunk zombies and Sherlock Holmes in a clever tale of Victorian terror In March 1854 an alien ship lights up the skies above London Some thirty years later Scotland Yard calls on Holmes and Watson to investigate the odd occurrence of the dead who refuse to stay dead Edginton wisely populates his tale with classic Holmesian elements Mrs Watson Mycroft Lestrade and most importantly Holmes himself deducing the opaue and improbable Eschewing the trend to portray Watson as a buffoon in Victorian Undead the war veteran and respected physician functions as an valued ally and aide de camp Additionally unlike Tony Moore's cover artist Fabbri illustrates Holmes in the far accurate bowler and suit than the popular deerstalker cap and Inverness cape coat an ensemble never worn in the city As Holmes digs further he discovers a massive government cover up and a long dead foe's horrific machinations A visual delight the well written Victorian Undead Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies emerges as a welcome addition to the Holmes mythos

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characters Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies Victorian Undead #1 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [BOOKS] ✯ Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies Victorian Undead #1 ✴ Ian Edginton – Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson battle a zombie outbreak that threatens to overwhelm LondoHreat under control But now dastardly fi end Moriarty has begun using the zombies in an attempt to overthrow the Victorian Government. While skeptical of the series being able to capture the essense of Holmes with the added Zombification I took a leap and was pleasantly surpised by the seriesWhile the initial pages didn't draw me in completely by the end of the first issue I was hooked The pacing of the series is very much akin to traditional Sherlock Holmes full of investigative detective work slow reveals and wonderful dialog The writer captures the dialog of Holmes and Watson very wellI was also very pleased to see the inclusion of several other characters from the original works who will remain unnamed for the sake of those who have not read the series yet The art was good Not mindblowing but enjoyable and not distracting Even the zombie plot was plausible and not over the top extraordinary as it could have been At the end of the series I truly felt I had read a Sherlock Holmes mystery Definitely worth checking out