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Read Û Beyond the Bounds: Open Theism and the Undermining of Biblical Christianity ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê ✽ Beyond the Bounds: Open Theism and the Undermining of Biblical Christianity kindle Epub ❁ Author Wayne Grudem – EyltransferservUnderstanding of what is at stake when exhaustive divine foreknowledge is denie. Reading a collection of essays by a group of top notch Reformed scholars is a never failing treat and this book is no exception Each chapter is written by a different theologian on an aspect pertaining to Open Theism and its related themes like divine sovereignty and human free will Naturally we cannot expect all chapters to be eually good such an expectation may even be unfair for books written by a single authorI love how reading a theological work that attacks an erroneous position reinforces and defines my own beliefs This is especially true of Michael Horton s chapter Hellenistic or Hebrew Open Theism and Reformed Theological Method which explains really well the difference between the understanding of free will in Calvinism and Arminianism Such an explication sheds light on how Open Theism is nothing than the logical resolution of ArminianismThis book should be read by every Bible honoring Christian who loves theology Strongly recommended

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Heism is not the God of biblical Christianity Provides readers with a thorough. The Christian publishing scene is awash with poorly written shallow and uite frankly heterodox opinions and views Open Theism is front stage at attacking orthodox view of God and this book rightly shows the poor exegesis of the open theistic view It can be a dense read in places and you may need a good dictionary to help Kindle is very good here but this book is neededWhen we seek to worship a corrupted view of God we are not worshipping god at all but an idol of our own making If you are dabbling in Open Theology read this book have your mind renewed

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Beyond the Bounds Open Theism and the Undermining of Biblical ChristianityTwelve pastors and Bounds Open PDF #9734 teachers explain why the God of open t. Powerfulrespectful dismantling of nebulous Open Theory of Bible interpretation and aberrant Non evangelical philosophySTRENGTHS 1 Shows how sinceremisguided Christians Open Theorists can fall prey to Paul s warning to beware idle notionsand hollowdeceptive philosophiesself deceit via fine sounding arguments They depart from the Word of God and the God of the Word and the True Omniscient Uncorrectable Inerrant Jesus with every new Openist publication and pronouncement2 Establishes clearundeniable linkage of Open Theory to Charles Hartshorne s Process Philosophy of Bible interpretation see Hartshorne s Omnipotence Other Theological Mistakes Such unbiblicalProcess like worldview permeates Openist filtersand lensing when doing Theology See also Boyd s seminal Openistbook Trinity Process where he attempts a synthesis of Scripture Hartshornism Aberrant Hybrid Boydism a la healthy horse ill donkey sterile mule3 Demonstrates Boyd s antipathy to his own denomination s Affirmation of Faith regarding Bible teaching of INERRANCY Boyd is Theology Profat Baptist General Conference s Bethel College BGC official doctrinal position is INERRANT BIBLEIn Boyd s most recent book Across the Spectrum he categorically denies his own denomination s position with his essay titled Infallibilist View Boyd doesn t realize the definition of INFALLIBLE is incapable of error in any matterBoyd is teaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church His statement of faith says The Bible is Infallible Has anyone checked what he means by it See his essay in Across the Spectrum p14 21 to see what Gregory Boyd really believesWhy BGC President Jerry Sheveland and Bethel leadership maintain Boyd on clergy roster faculty is of concern to many in BGC who feel integrity would mean resigning in good conscience or public retraction of non evangelical Processist teachings that openly defy BGC church and college Affirmation of Faith4 Marshalling of Biblical evidence that shows how aberrant and beyond borderline heterodox many of Boyd s teachings areWEAKNESSES minimal These Scriptures would have been nice additions John 13 19 I am telling you now before it happens so that when it does happen you will believe than I am He Jesus has Exhaustive Definite Divine Foreknowledge of ALL free futures Boyd teaches Extensive Indefinite Forecasting or Divine Nescience Ignorance along with Theo Repentism and Infinite Intelligence in place of Evangelical Infinite Awareness Knowledge Omnipresent where when there then in ALL dimensions of space time LxWxHxPastxPresentxFuture Boyd teaches there are Bible errors using the example of Jesus command to his 70 sic missionaries about whether to take a staff on their trip First Boyd errs It wasn t the 70 but the 12 Second a fair reading of the Gospels indicates many mission assignments each with potentially different itinerary and packing instructions Luke 22 has Jesus telling them to pack a dagger knife Third one or accounts may be a composite of several trips while another may be a specific or representative mission Fourth this issue has been chewed on since before Augustine s time Reformers and recent scholars have put this to bed see JBengel s Calvin s and Matthew Henry s commentaries as well as Geisler s When Critics Ask and John MacArthur Study Bible notes on Lk9 3Fifth Jesus was saying carry only what you have with you sandals on your feet clothes on your back staff in hand don t procure go get extras or what you don t have now see Greek verbs used for take acuire procureobtaingetBoyd s scholarship and fairness to the apparent discrepancyis disingenuous and far from humble to say the least It s almost as if he can t help BUT to find errors of fact historynarrative rather than see the accounts as complementary or excerptive vs passing judgment the three accounts do disagree and thus cannot in any literal sense be labeled inerrant Spectrum p19Such is Boyd s aberrant view of Scripture BEYOND THE BOUNDS of Evangelical Essential Historic Christian Theology and contrary to his own denomination s Doctrinal Affirmation for Bethel College and all BGC churches including Woodland HillsThis book does an excellent almost embarrassing expose job of unmasking Gregory Boyd Clark Pinnock John Sanders and Open Theorists as Christian Yes Evangelical Sorry no Not if one takes their public false teachings and books at face valueThey are certainly free to hold their beliefs But self proclaiming they are Evangelical and fomenting openly or subtly for change from within is shown to be an empty claim and lacking integrity Process theorists don t claim to be Evangelical Why should Neo processist theorists By their fruit you shall know themTest the spiritsDear children keep yourselves from idolsScripture cannot be brokendo not go beyond what is writtenare you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God Buy extra copies and give them to friends pastors and start group studies about Who the Real Triune God and His nature and attributes are Be prepared for Bruce Ware s forthcoming book God of Greater Glory which along with Millard Erickson sChristian Theology will get the Bible student closer to the Bible Openism just gets farther and farther BEYOND THE BOUNDS