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Behind the Bell doc ↠ Hardcover read É eyltransferservices ë [Reading] ➽ Behind the Bell By Dustin Diamond – For the first time Diamond presents the inside story of the young cast from Saved by the Bell that the viewing public thought were so lucky Learn the dark behind For the first time Diamond presents the inside story of the young cast from Saved by the Bell that the viewing public thought were so lucky Learn the dark behind the scenes story of the cast and crew's extreme lifestyle sex drugs and wild partiesPost Bell discover how Diamond used his natural comedic talents to overcome being t Why I read this book In case people don't know there's going to be an unauthorized Saved by the Bell movie coming up this Monday on Lifetime info here Yes I was one of those kids who watched the show faithfully cheesy as it was I figured now was a good time to see if I could dig up some dirt before watching a movie about digging up dirt15 stars I have to award an extra half point for the speculated insight on Neil Patrick Harris whether it was true or just a theory is another story This may be the one and only time in my life where I wish I could Facebook tag someone Ash come out of hiding But unfortunately there was too much missed potential There wasn't a ton of info dished about the cast What we did find out lead me to believe that Dustin Diamond is carrying a bit of a hard on for wanting to see his former cast mates fall on their faces Other than that nothing really happened Diamond got laid a lot Big deal? Most celebrities can get get laid I guess he must have felt the need to have to prove that he could being that he was typecast as a loser for all of those years? I will give DD some credit for being mildly funny at times Some of his snarky observations were amusing but a few good snippets do not make for an entire book of good recap either Although I have to admit that I laughed hard when Dustin recalled how the cast members all had their real life talents or interests worked into the show Tiffany was a former pageant ueen Mario a wrestler etc and this was how Mark was recapped Mark Paul buddy can you sing?NoCan you dance?NoPlay sports? Instruments? Can you juggle?NoDo you have any interests outside of showing up here and gelling your hair?Um I do have this cell phone that's the size of a loaf of bread I like talking into thatAnd so you shall my boy And so you shall I remember that damn phone way too muchThe cast in a nutshell Tiffani came off as easy Lark came off as a silent weirdo Mark Paul was not as much of a womanizer as I would have been expecting Elizabeth was forever stuck in Tiffani's shadow Mario was exactly how I figured and Dustin was the biggest whore of them all Fin I hope the movie is scandalous

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Ypecast as a child actor and how he reinvented himself through stand up comedy and reality TV Working in Hollywood might represent an American Dream but for many youngsters it is a true nightmare Dustin Diamond is best known for his character Samuel Screech Powers in the late '80s and '90s on the long running American TV teen s I couldn't help myself My guilty pleasure trashy celeb bios And it was my first one of the year Someone sent it to me so I decided to read it I loved SBTB when I was younger I heard this book was nothing but trash but I read it anyway I found it to be hilarious Dustin just complains whines and brags through the whole book He is a bitter bitter man I do believe that what he says has some truth in it But he definately paints himself in a favorable light which is somewhat unbelievable The references to his junk I could have gone without And I find it sad that so many girls slept with him just to better their career How Screech could do that for you i'm still clueless but hey to each their own He does a lot of ranting about people who really didn't need to be mentioned But it was celeb bio trash so of course I enjoyed it lolI didn't hate the book I didn't love the book I read it very uickly and couldn't put it down I wanted to but I just couldn't look away Believe me I tried His bullshit sucked me in

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Behind the BellItcom Saved by the Bell SBTB Diamond's new book gives readers the disheartening story of an ex child star Dustin faced serious challenges moving his career beyond his comic role as the smart funny and endearing nerd of Bayside High School on the show that made him an audience favorite Through his eyes we uncover Hollywood's myt 23 Word ReviewHolden Caulfield grows up and writes a book Actually it’s Screech and it’s not much of a book Best suited for MST3K fans Diamond’s book is less of an expose and of a modern day Catcher in the Rye Diamond fits into the role of a grown up Holden Caulfield uite well He’s angry embittered and surrounded by a world full of posers losers and dirty dirty fakes He of course rises above it all watching on with an air of self righteous superiority as everyone else goes about their grubby little lives That doesn’t mean Diamond is above the same behavior that leads him to label Mario Lopez a ‘man whore’ Lopez – along with every other cast member aside from Dennis Haskins aka Mr Belding – is described only briefly and treated as a bit actor in the story of Dustin Diamond’s reign of ‘Saved By The Bell’ Throughout the book Diamond inadvertently paints himself as a sniveling embittered petty narcissist which again dovetails perfectly with the profile of a grown up version of Salinger’s anti hero Holden Caulfield The stories Diamond shares are so obnoxiously over the top they beggar belief He brags about how many “chicks I’ve banged” on nearly every page His exploits seem to have started right out of the gate apparently thanks to his “monster wang” which he refers to no less than a dozen times throughout the book He focuses so intently on what a ladies man he was that it borders on the towns of Absurdville and Desperation RowWhile Dustin doesn’t seem too interested in giving up the details on his cast members he was clearly a bit desperate to fill the 311 large font widely kerned pages which make up the book He includes the entire prime time line up circa 1992 and towards the end entire paragraphs are reprinted right one after each other This might have been done by the publisher in a desperate attempt to stretch out the already thin material just a little but it just as easily could have been the result the editors just not noticing because I gotta be honest this isn’t an easy book to finishWhen it comes to the crew who managed to get SBTB on the air every week Diamond goes back and forth between what seems to be a genuine respect for their work and seeing them as little than props He recounts the details of camera placement and screen snaps for several pages but when he gets to the color key work done he sums it up by telling his readers “There’s probably some elaborate technical reason behind the job of color keying But I have no idea what that undoubtedly excellent reason might be” Clearly he also couldn’t be bothered to look it up Diamond wants to be seen as a nice guy stuck in an awful world forced into situations that left him jaded potentially spoiled by youthful fame and fortune but still a nice guy at heart Sadly he succeeds only at sounding like a whining self important prick He tells a story about having been wronged by an extra She insulted him in front of the rest of the cast and to retaliate he allegedly stole her purse and pissed in it while she was having lunch Because you know every girl leaves her purse behind in a common area where anyone could take it when she leaves for lunch during the work day That TOTALLY happensOne of his ludicrous claims is that he carried on and off and on sexual affair with Linda Mancuso who was at that time VP of children’s programming at NBC Like many of his tall tales the story begins almost believably – with a building sexual tension that is almost maybe if you’ve had a few to drink kinda sorta believable But then things take on the air of a late name Skinemax movie In an unspecified year Diamond is almost deliberately vague on his timelines several members of the cast and crew including Diamond and Mancuso were flown to an appearance in New York One evening Diamond saunters down the hall to Linda’s room Inside her mother is asleep in an adjoining room and she and a friend are sitting on the couch drinking wine and watching soft core porn I shit you not – that is seriously his story The friend apparently offers a giggly excuse and leaves the room leaving Dustin and Linda alone After a brief make out session Dustin leaves and the affair kicks off in full steam some time later He claims the affair carried on for years and until they simply and discretely “drifted apart” Some time later Linda was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2003 Diamond admits he didn’t attend her funeral and for the reader the entire story bears a striking resemblance to those boastful tales heard on the playground about a girlfriend or boyfriend a classmate has totally gone to third base with But you wouldn’t know them they live in Canada Or it happened at Summer Camp In its own way Behind the Bell a tragic tale and readers are likely to finish the book feel a small amount of pity for Diamond Then however they’ll turn the page to find he has included three appendices to the book• A Saved by the Bell Drinking Game created by someone else• To All the Chicks I Banged Before An Open Letter• A Fan’s Top EpisodesThis final appendix will erase any shred of sympathy you may still be clinging on to desperately Dustin’s admittedly “very unofficial” list includes 12 forgettable episodes meant to be a collection of “fan favorites” Missing from his list is the single most memorable episode in the history of the series “Jessie’s Song” which featured the infamous ‘I’m so excited” clip He could have picked any 11 other Screech centric episodes for his list but when you’re making a fan favorite list it might be a good idea to actually include an episode the fans have proven they love even 20 years after Bayside High closed its doors for good After finishing Diamond’s memoir of his time on SBTB I have to wonder if he may be have provided the real life inspiration for Kenny Powers The irony in this book is that being a part of a long running television show like SBTB is an impressive accomplishment Diamond has every right to be proud of what he his cast mates and the crew managed to accomplish over the 10 years the show was on the air The way he tells his story however diminishes his accomplishments In the end Behind the Bell is little than the incessant inner dialogue of a narcissist the world has forgotten